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Psychic Visions Explains "It's All About You"

While the gifts of Sages, Saints, and Intuitives are profound Divine tools that can help all who are willing to listen, nothing can substitute for "Right-Mind" living.

Right-Mind, despite having obvious negative connotations, has absolutely nothing to do with politics or authority. Instead, Right Mind has to do with your behavior based on what you believe is true and creates value; e.g., you find something valuable on the ground. Finders-Keepers say it's yours. But your moral code says otherwise.

How you handle this has nothing to the spiritual realm but has everything to do with your Karma. Keeping the object without looking for the owner creates value only for you as someone else has lost something. However, taking a moment to try and find the owner or turning it into a lost & found creates value for all involved.

You may even get to keep your new prize minus the guilt. Right Mind thinking isn't spiritual or mystic - it is purely human. Your guides aren't telling you about this; your Ancestors don't care - been there, done that. Because these are the primary lessons, we all must learn ourselves.

There are no spells or rituals to teach you to be a decent human - you just have to be one. We all have an internal compass that leads us right from wrong and, we can palpably feel it in our gut.

How you choose to act based upon that compass is how we create our Karma. So while there is most definitely a place for consulting the Great Mysteries, be they in the form of the Tarot, Oracles, or Inututives, make sure you're doing your work in the here and now to be the best person you can be. 

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