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Psychics Will Teach You To Love Yourself First

Sometimes before we embark on the journey to discover a loving relationship, we need first to take some time and learn to love ourselves better. We can occasionally get caught up with life and lose sight of the importance of self-care and the value of putting ourselves first. If we are too generous, we will not be able to give in our relationships. We may also be reluctant to receive good love when it is given.

There are times also when we become drawn into relationship patterns that are unhealthy for us without even realizing it. It can start slowly in a friendship or romantic relationship. It can also happen with the link you have with your job or continuing education. When we become too involved with one connection, we can become imbalanced. One of the biggest life lessons we learn is the necessity of boundaries.

Learning healthy boundaries is how you learn how to love yourself first before you love others.

Boundaries are all about love and respect.

When we give ourselves space and allow others space, we permit new growth and new awareness. We need time to replenish ourselves so we can bloom. If we are in a constant state of giving or receiving, we are not respectful to ourselves or others. When we allow ourselves time, we learn to respect that and understand the value that time gives us.

Consider the growth of an acorn that eventually becomes a tree. It needs sunlight, air, water, time, and nourishment. It requires a solid foundation to grow up strong and healthy. It needs space to plant roots and stretch out its branches. It needs time to experience real growth and time to let go of all that no longer serves it.

Boundaries need to be mutual to be healthy.

Sometimes people have a hard time saying no. This is a boundary issue and can cause problems leading to disrespect and hurt feelings. If you have a hard time saying no, get clear with why and work through it as saying yes to too many things will cause you unhappiness. There is no shame in setting boundaries with people, including yourself.

Limits are there for a reason. There are not about withholding, but about us being able to give ourselves entirely and be present. Healthy people can say no without guilt. Healthy people also respect when people say no to them. If you have issues with either end of the spectrum on this, you may want to spend some time doing some inner work before getting into a relationship with another person.

Boundaries come from a need to be whole and not divided among many.

If you split yourself among too many obligations, then you are not maintaining healthy boundaries. You will be less present with whomever you are with, and you will most likely disengage on some level with every task and event. When we stretch ourselves too thin, we are not just unkind to ourselves, but we are unloving to our family and loved ones. If our attention is divided, we will not be whole. If we are not complete, we will not be in a loving state of mind. We will be in a ball of stress, and that is not conducive for creating any kind of relationship, romantic or otherwise.

Boundaries teach us how to love.

When we learn healthy boundaries, we learn the value of love and respect. They teach us that they are mutually inclusive and are essential for our happiness. By respecting each other's boundaries, we come from a place of unconditional love. We allow them to be who they are, and we allow ourselves to be who we are. These boundaries create an aura of openness, which may seem paradoxical. It's not.

Boundaries teach us to value our time. They provide us with the knowledge that we have to own our mistakes and take responsibility for our actions and feelings. They are a guide for understanding the worth of every being on this planet. We all deserve to be loved for our unique qualities and appreciated for what we bring to this life.

We can't love someone else until we learn to love ourselves. We can't learn to love ourselves without learning healthy boundaries. Healthy boundaries are at the heart of loving who we are in living in the vibration of acceptance. We have to accept ourselves fully and appreciate who we are before we can step into a relationship loving someone else, or else we will reflect our issues onto them.

At the heart of it, the boundaries we set show people how to love us, so we better set healthy ones.

Psychics will often struggle with issues of self-love when they start their spiritual journey and interwork. Reaching out to real psychics to work through any boundary issues, you have may help you get on the right track. They have insights about self-care and can help you with writing your affirmations. A psychic keen on energy work can help you release trapped emotions with Reiki or Theta Healing. Many psychic sources can offer you personal development to further increase your feelings of worth and value. Regular psychic online readings can give you the clarity you need and the skills you desire to live a full life. 

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