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Qualities of a True Soulmate: Wisdom from Psychic Shira

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As a psychic reader, I have done thousands of psychic readings online, many of them about romance. The good news? Your level of success in your career and lifestyle do not have a prejudice when it comes to feeling insecure about when you will find "the one." Everyone, whether CEO or blue-collar worker, has the same insecurities regarding romance and finding your soulmate. That particular person to walk with during this life, sharing all of your journeys. Before we dive in and look at the qualities of a true soulmate, let us look at what a soulmate is.

A soulmate is someone that you chose before you were born into this incarnation that you decided to connect with for the purpose of a romantic pairing. Now, this contract can have the clause of getting married, having kids, or simply being in a committed partnership.

Perhaps you have in your Soulmate Contract to travel together, and to veer away from a traditional home. Maybe you have in your agreement to be a military spouse or to have an ordinary home life with two kids, a house, two cats and a dog, and one of you as a stay at home parent. You had the agreement that if you were both working on your soul's calling, that you would connect and have a life together as romantic partners. Ah! Now we are down to it, friends! You had the agreement that IF you were BOTH working on your soul's calling or life purpose, that you would connect and have a fulfilling life together as romantic partners.

Let's say that you are, but your soulmate is not actively engaging with their soul's purpose, do you still get along? Not necessarily. You see, the soulmate contract divinely states that both parties are on the path to the best versions of themselves (ethical, honest, loving, compassionate, abundant, passionately exploring their life), in order to come together in this lifetime.

Now that you have a rudimentary overview of the soulmate contract, let's look at the qualities of a true soulmate:

1. They put your relationship first: They consider in making decisions on how this will impact the two of you as a couple, and if you have kids, as a family.

2. They place your happiness above their own: They think of how they can put a smile on your face and show up for you in a way that is meaningful to you.

3. They create time for the two of you: They not only create time, but they bring a sense of their personal magic into your time together.

4. You celebrate together: Kids won the soccer tournament? Celebrate! You had a personal breakthrough? Celebrate? You celebrate small and big things in life together.

5. They never miss an opportunity to say and show you they love you: Cards in your lunch, a surprise bouquet of your favorite flowers delivered to you, a round of golf for you and your friends at your favorite club. It is the thoughtful things that you do for each other that help to keep the romance alive and say that I love you. When challenging times arrive, you have the strength of the daily loving acts to get you through together.

6. You can talk about anything: Even if it is a financial crisis, you can sit down and talk about it. Having a life partner that runs at the first sign of trouble is a huge red flag. If you find yourself dealing with crises on your own consistently, this is not in the contract with your soulmate. If you are with a soulmate that is actively engaged in being their personal best, they do not run at the first sign of trouble.

7. They keep their promises and do not take them lightly: When they make a promise to you, they keep it. When they are hesitant to make that guarantee, do not push, a true soulmate will be mindful of the promises they make.

8. They are faithful: Even when tested, they remain loyal to you. They committed to you, and that is more important than any transient attraction they might have to another.

9. There is reciprocal energy: You are not the only one contributing to the relationship; you are indeed in it together. You work together to get things done.

10. You laugh and have fun together: Did you say date night? Yes, you have fun together, trying new things, laughter is the best medicine.

11. You have excellent communication: The loving text messages continue, the phone call to check in with you, the love letters continue long after the beginning romantic overtures have passed. You are sweethearts for life.

12. You make time for intimacy: Intimacy is an essential part of a loving romantic relationship, and each of you makes this connection a priority. Actively hugging, kissing, holding hands, and keeping the affection alive between you.

With your real soulmate, someone that is ready to be 100% into the relationship, 100% committed, your relationship becomes sweeter with time. Your love deepens and surpasses even your wildest dreams. If you are with someone that is more invested in themselves, the thoughtful actions drop away gradually until you wonder if this is the same person that you fell in love with at all!

Take your time to get to know each other. Time will reveal whether or not this is right for you. Thank you for sharing this time. I love you, and I believe in you.

In Divine Truth and Love,

Psychic Shira

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