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Sun Sign Compatibility  

These two strong personalities are blinded by each other's light and darkness. Some Sun signs bring out the worst in each other and these ones definitely do. Although they may have intense attraction in the beginning, this relationship will go sour fast.

Scorpio's idealism shines a light on Leo's entitlement issues in an unattractive way. During this relationship, Scorpio will always challenge Leo to be better and Leo will walk away feeling unappreciated and unloved. There is growth to be had here, but neither will be willing to learn their lessons and be more compassionate towards each other.

Modality Compatibility  

Maybe it's the fixed energy that both bring into their connection that is so charged that they may have chemistry at first, but in the end, find it all comes crashing down with heartache. Determination works against them here as they are both determined to be right and prove the other one wrong. Not even therapy or a third party can help these two see eye to eye.

Element Compatibility ​ 

This Water sign and Fire sign clash. Leo's need to be in the light and Scorpio's need for privacy and quickly put out the fire to any sparks from the beginning. Both of them yearn for devotion and though they may give each other that for a while, it will wane. These two have a healthier relationship being honest with each other and remaining frenemies from a distance. All their friends and family agree that they are not a good fit for each other.

Energetic Strengths ​ 

The strengths these two share is passion and intensity. They could be passionate lovers for a time. Scorpio's sensuality will definitely captivate the ambitious Leo when it comes to foreplay. Determination is a strength for them so if they are both stubborn enough to make the relationship work then it may last for a while. It may turn out to be toxic, if neither partner is unwilling to do their own soulwork and growth.

Energetic Challenges ​ 

Stubbornness and pride will get in the way of this connection. Also, each has polar opposite ego issues that make communication between these two scarce and unhelpful. Fights are commonplace and these two will have the tendency to do things for each other in spite instead of out of love. Seeing how their relationship affects other people outside of their relationship may be the one thing that pulls them back from going too far especially if there are children involved.

How to Create Astrological Balance​ 

Maybe for a quick affair, these two can have a blast, but there is little to suggest their relationship is for keeps. Leo's egocentric pride will get in the way of Scorpio's passive-aggressive need for attention. Love is not meant to last between these two, but will definitely be memorable. This is a relationship that leaves scars that become or release karmic lessons.

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