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Signs in Tarot That Show Commitment is Coming : Insights with Psychic Raven Heart

If you are waiting and dreaming of a certain someone to surprise you with a marriage proposal or other long term commitment but are unsure or in the dark, a psychic tarot card reading is one way to find out what your lover's true intentions are!

As a tarot card reader specializing in all things love, I am very familiar with the pain and the questions that come when a love relationship seems to be stalling and going nowhere fast. Most of us like to know the direction we are going in all aspects of our life and, most significantly, with our love relationships!

By far, one of the most asked love questions for a psychic tarot card reader is, " When will we get married?"

So today, I wanted to share with all of you MY top COMMITMENT cards and explain what they often mean when I see them in my love readings! "First comes love, then comes marriage, and then comes the baby in the baby carriage! " I think many of us chanted this as a child, and we were right!

It all needs to start with LOVE!

1. Look first for CUPS! In the tarot, the cup cards are the most EMOTIONAL. These cards signify FEELINGS and are essential to see in any LOVE reading.

My favorites are Ace of Cups and Six of Cups as they are SOULMATE cards and often very karmic. Two of Cups is another important one as it usually signifies marriage or the coming together of two into one. These lovers just " fit," and they know it.

And let's not forget the Page of Cups, like this card, in combination with other commitment cards, can mean a PROPOSAL is coming! The BIG one is getting the TEN OF CUPS, as this card signifies MARRIAGE, family, and the ultimate fulfillment of your dreams in love. This card shows that the lovers in question already FEEL as though they are family!

2. Those poor Pentacles! The Pentacles are often viewed as boring and practical cards or based around money or material things in the tarot. Most people are surprised to learn that these cards are VERY important commitment indicators in the tarot!

It doesn't take a psychic to know that MONEY and STUFF play a big part in any marriage or committed living arrangement. But this is not the only reason why we like to see Pentacle cards in a love reading.

As a psychic tarot card reader, I even prefer them to the cups cards. The reason is simple. Commitment to another requires a promise to work hard and devote an honest effort toward another person. Commitment is love, but it is also a promise. And frankly, because it is HARD to uphold for many people, I personally get very excited about my clients' suitors if I see a lot of Pentacles in their love readings!

My favorite commitment cards are Ace of Pentacles, Eight of Pentacles, and the Ten of Pentacles. The Ace of Pentacles, because it often means that you and your love are taking things to the next level. I love the Eight of Pentacles because it shows a willingness to WORK and COMMIT and a desire to PERFECT a relationship! And the Ten of Pentacles is a massive indicator of the long term practical success, marriage, and the joining of money and property.

3. The Major Arcana has several important love and commitment cards.

Most people would assume that the LOVER'S card is about LOVE, and they would be right! But even more importantly, this card is about CHOICE! This card indicates an IMPORTANT choice in a love relationship must be made. This CHOICE is nearly always about deciding to step up and CHOOSE someone or NOT.

By choosing, I mean committing and all that goes along with that. Other cards in the Major Arcana that can scream MARRIAGE are TEMPERANCE and the WORLD card.

The TEMPERANCE card is often about two opposites working toward merging as one entity. This card also has spiritual connotations as an ANGEL is always found in between the two lovers and is said to be directing their " Heavenly union" from behind the scenes. This card is also about compromise, which is an essential requirement between any two people.

The WORLD card is about maturing and taking those GROWN UP steps. It is seen quite often in love readings where the parties involved feel as though they have found the perfect person to move on and up into the WORLD with!

Last... I love to see the Four of Wands in my love readings! This card often speaks of lovers who feel at HOME with one another and wish to MAKE A HOME with one another! This is one of THE biggest marriage cards and always a BONUS to the above cards that I mentioned. This card makes me hear WEDDING BELLS off in the distance! So if you are wondering and waiting to know WHEN or IF they will commit, wait and wonder no more! Just ask an excellent psychic tarot card reader!

I am available right here at Meet Your Psychic and would love to help you learn more.

❤- Psychic Raven Heart 

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