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Staying in the Flow During Crazy Times: Advice from Psychic Yehudit

People are a little nuts right now, and we've all seen it. Hoarding toilet paper, clearing out shelves, and generally panicking. I've listened to my 86 year old Mother going through every stage of panic imaginable, and now the residents at her care facility are locked in their rooms and only allowed to be out for 2 hours at a time, or they will be quarantined for two weeks – sick or not.

Everyone in this country is experiencing some form of lockdown on some level; whether physical, like my Mom or being laid off with no steady income or mentally like my friends sending conflicting messages about the Coronavirus on Facebook with clashing advise on what to do to prevent getting it and even whether it's real or not. So much fear is everywhere and fear is the worst contagion of all.

It creates panic buying in stores, depression, and PTSD in the vulnerable and significant pressure on addicts in recovery to use drugs or obliterate their pain with booze. Fear is the greatest enemy we have and it is that which will destroy us if we let it. On the other side of things, I've seen neighbors sharing toilet paper and rice, people calling their loved ones daily instead of once every six months, and artists posting performances online that they are prohibited from sharing in real life. It's inspiring, really!

I am seeing the power of humanity helping one another in a time of high stress, and I'm grateful that we, as a civilization, are stepping up. Even so, I believe in the power of creative manifestation and it's up to us what we manifest in life. I have worked in the public sector all of my life and at the ripe old age of 65 I'm healthy, optimistic and my heart is full of the knowledge that the infinite Source of us all takes care of me and provides for me down to the smallest detail.

In meditation, I connect with that Source and again and again come to the words "Don't worry, Everything is going to be fine! You are cared for, safe and loved, don't worry!". Negativity breeds negativity. Staying in the positive is a full time effort and the results will blow your mind! All my needs are ALWAYS entirely met.

If you are struggling to be in the positive, let me help you. I have 50 years of experience doing psychic readings and offer the wisdom of a lifetime to bring your heart and mind back to peaceful alignment. Please reach out for online psychic readings. I'm here for you as your real psychic reader. Blessings!

Psychic Yehudit 

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