Sun Sign Compatibility  

Taurus' ambitious nature and need for stability challenges the Sagittarius who doesn't like to be tied down and is often reckless in their pursuits. Attraction can be fierce at first, but it would take much work to make this relationship successful as they are not naturally compatible. Dating may be challenging.

Both can appreciate the other for their ability to be straightforward, but Taurus wishes the Sagittarius would use a bit more diplomacy and grace in their approach when conflict arises. These two have different conflict resolution styles which will be hard to manage in any kind of relationship. They need to develop a sense of respect for each other and understanding of each other's true nature to build anything.

Modality Compatibility  

The fixed energy of the Taurus hits the fluidity of the mutable energy of the Sagittarius. These two can have sparks, but often the energy dissipates over time. Taurus helps to keep things status quo, but Sagittarius' nature is to question everything and that includes even Taurus' fixed worldviews. One approach to toggle this is to work with an outside source to help them understand their styles and worldviews.

Element Compatibility ​ 

This Earth sign doesn't mix well over the long haul with this air sign. This connection can be quite passionate, but often dies out over time. It's the mix of dependability blending with spontaneity that makes it fizzle out. Taurus loses interest in Sagittarius due to their lack of commitment and impatience.

Energetic Strengths ​ 

Stable and optimistic from the start, this connection only lasts briefly as Sagittarius' need for adventure will override the Taurus' need for dependability. In order to achieve genuine stability for the long haul, Taurus will need to become very flexible to the free spirited Sagittarius, which is not their natural strength. It's possible that Taurus' desire to understand others will help them grow to love the Sagittarius' ways, but not likely.

Energetic Challenges ​ 

Whereas Taurus can see the forest from the trees, Sagittarius gets lost in their bluntness and sometimes loses their way because they can't see the relationship path as easily as the Taurus. Worldviews and approaches to life will be at constant odds. Each would need to walk in each other's shoes to gain perspective. Working on a project together that forces each other to lean into their weakness may be one approach to help them see each other more clearly and with appreciation.

How to Create Astrological Balance​ 

In a relationship, these two are doomed to fail. They just don't have the stamina to keep each other's interest so they will part as friends, if lucky. If these two had children, their parenting styles would also drastically conflict, but Taurus would go out of their way to create harmony for the children's lives. These two best achieve balance by maintaining distance and learning to appreciate each other for being different from them.

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