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The History of Halloween and Psychic Importance

When it comes to Halloween night, everyone in America believes the holiday is all about trick or treating. But, over the last century, we have truly lost touch with the original Irish holiday. It has gone from a spiritual holiday to one with cheap Halloween costumes meant to fill us with amusement and an overabundance of candy.

The history of Halloween is riddled with misunderstandings and contradictions. The life of Ireland before the interference of Christianity was much different than the country of today. Trick or treating was not a part of any pagan ritual, but only a tradition that came about due to pranksters trying to fight back the loss of their religious and spiritual practices. Halloween has much more power and significance culturally than we will ever understand.

The original celebrations centered around marking the end of the harvest and included many ancient Celtic rituals, some of which have been lost over time. Many believed that the day we now call Halloween night was a liminal time between the living and the dead. All of our current practices stem from this belief in both spiritual and fearful ways. 

The Story of Halloween 

Halloween started originally as the festival of Samhain, a pagan celebration. Samhain marked the end of the harvest season for the Celtics just as the winter season began. The festival was considered a liminal time, meaning the veil is supposedly thinner between our world and the world of the Spirits. In modern times, psychic mediums will tell you that the veil is always thin as things have been shifting for a number of decades.

Christianity adapted Samhain to meet their needs and not the needs of those who initially practiced it. Instead of celebrating the harvest, people were now focusing on the other part of the tradition, which was honoring the dead. People would honor the dead during Samhain by dressing up in costumes, but instead of keeping their loved ones, Christians converted the idea to wear costumes to confuse the spirits so they wouldn't bother them. What was once a highly spiritual holiday started to devolve into one filled with fear and horror. It no longer marked the end of harvest, but made people fear the possibility of their spirituality and intuition.

For many, especially in the United States, the original story of Halloween is lost behind trick or treating, carving pumpkins, and scary decorations. The tradition of carving pumpkins evolved from Christianity and not Samhain. The church told them that the carved pumpkins were to scare off spirits and remind the Irish that celebrated Samhain to fear the holiday and their guidance from their ancestors as a sign of the Devil or evil doing. It was never meant to truly celebrate the holiday, just to replace the one they previously had been observing.

Trick-or-treating spun out from Irish and English pranksters who liked to destroy the carved pumpkins to push back against the holiday. It followed with other tricks and pranks, and the role of treats was introduced as a way to bribe the young pranksters to stop them from pranking their neighbors hopefully. Basically, the pranking was an act of rebelling against having their traditions taken away from them and replaced with new ones. An estimated 8 billion dollars in the United States alone is spent celebrating Halloween in its current form.

Where Does The Legend Behind Halloween Originate? 

Halloween was originally a pagan holiday that was eventually turned into a nondenominational costume party. Christianity, specifically the Roman Catholic Church, played a significant role in adapting pagan practices to more mainstream Christian practices. The legend and accurate history are lost on most who celebrate the day.

They somehow turned rituals with meaning into something fearful and gradually turned it into fun and playful. However, many Christians still believe that Halloween is evil and a time when the Devil and his demons come to plague humanity.

To be clear, evil was never glorified in Samhain. It is not part of the festival, but the church felt it necessary to make the holiday meaningless and feared. They were basically dismantling paganism and presenting the message in a way that made it easier for them to control their congregation.

It was during the Proclamation Reformation that the Catholic Church turned Samhain into All Saint's Day and All Hallow's Eve so it could now be their holiday and bring more followers to their beliefs. The methodology behind this was to convert pagans to Christianity and encourage them to leave their traditions behind. Over time, the original meaning of the festival was lost, and pagans either hid the practices that remained with them, or they simply stopped practicing and forgot about them entirely.

Costumes and Practice of Halloween in Various Cultures 

October 31st was previously known as All Hallow's Eve, while the following day was celebrated as All Saints' Day. This occurred after the holiday was taken from Samhain and redesigned by Christianity. Many of the practices from the ancient celts were transformed into something more tame, meaningless, and fearful to push pagans away from their ancestral beliefs and encourage them to turn to the views of the church.

Costumes were a way of masking our human selves among those who had crossed over into our world. For some, it is a sign of respect, and for others, it is a way to confuse them and evade any spiritual or psychic attacks on their bodies and souls. We may never honestly know the original intention behind wearing costumes, as there seems to be a lot of confusion from the time of Samhain to the 16th century and forward to today's practices.

There are those that believe the costumes were meant to honor the dead or scare away the dead. Some believe it is a way for the living and the dead to meet up in this liminal time. Others believe it has a connection between the faery world and other deities. Regardless of their beliefs, Halloween today is a watered-down and diluted version of what it once was, and we may never fully regain or understand its original intended meaning.

Other cultures around the world celebrate similar holidays. Pangangaluluwa, celebrated in the Philippines, is a Tagalog tradition celebrating the holiday on the 31st and then November 1st. In Hong Kong, they have The Hungry Ghost Festival, which is celebrated in mid-August. Day Of Dracula is celebrated in Romania on May 26th. Kawasaki Halloween Parade is celebrated in Japan on October 31st and is more than a mile walk with spectators and participants. In India, there is Pitru Paksha, which is celebrated from September 20th through October 6th. It is a very spiritual Hindu festival, where people pray and offer food and water to their ancestors to help them transition into heaven.

The Day of the Dead, or Dia de Los Muertos, is a two-day ritual that originated in Mexico and is now celebrated in many countries in Latin America. It is a mixture of the European celebration of Halloween and indigenous traditions. The festival celebrates the life of loved ones who are deceased and feast on food and drink and anything the departed enjoyed while living. Like the original Samhain festival, it celebrates the life and features food and prominently spending time with loved ones.

However, Dia de Los Muertos is not considered an actual Halloween practice in the European or American sense, but it is celebrated traditionally on November 1st and 2nd, right after Halloween. Loved ones honor the holiday by visiting the graves of their loved ones, bringing food and drink, and building an altar for offerings. For many, this is a spiritual practice and not a greeting card holiday event. It is a community festival that goes back generations and is one of value and meaning.

Spiritual Practices on Halloween 

For many cultures and religions, Halloween holds an important place in worship and ritual practices.

In the United States, many people who are Wiccan or pagan practice renewal rituals during this time of year. These rituals vary based on their beliefs and what their personal needs may be at the time. Some of these traditions include releasing negative energy or patterns, whereas others honor the cycle of life in general.

One such tradition is altars. Many practicing Wiccans will create altars on Halloween or for the entire month of October and parts of November to honor the season. They may also create altars to remind themselves of their own personal progress and growth. Also, they will sometimes create altars for their ancestors and engage in more candid dialogue with them using Tarot, dreams, journaling, and other methods.

Halloween can also be a time of great introspection for many practitioners. During this time, psychics and mediums will review their life and give thanks and appreciation for their growth while also performing rituals of release and renewal. Some of these rituals may include herbs and candles and take place near or around water. Most rituals will consist of elements of nature with crystals or stones being in the center. Orange calcite is a great energy cleanser for the Fall and is often used as a centerpiece in altars.

Another tradition that is typically associated with group settings is bonfires. In more modern times, bonfires take place around a fire pit or in a woodland area. Sometimes they are modified even further around a fireplace or grouping of candles, depending on the setting and weather. The purpose of bonfires is meant to purify and release. They are a form of transformation and, back in more ancient times, a way of also lowering the veil between the spirit world and our physical world.

Many artists use Halloween as a ritual to work with Mandalas and other patterns of nature to give appreciation and connect with the Universe on a deeper level. Although not necessarily traditional, artists are known for their ability to communicate with the collective unconscious and bring in spiritual messages whether or not they are aware of this. A lot of the time, this practice aids their shadow work and the collective shadow work of us all. A great example of these types of work is an art that is created in honor of the Day of the Dead, as well as the creation of personalized art Tarot decks and Oracle decks.

Connecting to your subconscious mind and confronting your shadow self plays a large part in modern Halloween rituals and practices. Many psychics will use this time of year for self-growth in this capacity. Rather than offering tarot readings, they may step back and journey inward to improve their craft and renew their spiritual beliefs. Many of these activities may include a renewal by bathing and include candles. Engaging in self-healing practices such as Reiki or working with music and tones such as binaural beats or crystal bowls help to realign their energy and accept their strengths and weaknesses with love and compassion.

Some will do shadow work with others for the greater good of humanity. These practices may include a bonfire or simply meeting in a small or large group with a night of festivities or for multiple days. Activities may consist of meditations and group hypnosis. The focus may be on several areas of clearing negative energy as well as connecting and honoring the spiritual world on a multitude of levels.

There are also those who practice more traditionally with Celtic rituals and deities. Many new-age practitioners will meditate and try to connect with their spirits, but many witches will have particular rituals and practices to communicate with the Spirits of Samhain. The Morrigan, Hecate, Persephone, Pan, Raven, and Spider are a few of those people who practice Wicca feel drawn to during October. When trying to connect with these spirits, it is best to find a practitioner who understands these practices, especially from lineage, and can offer you some insights on good and bad practices.

Here is one such insight:

The Witch's Wand

There is nothing more compelling than a witch and her wand.

A witch's wand is a crucial player in her fortress. This tool is typically placed on her altar, prepared to elaborate on her deepest intentions.

A 'magickal' wand's purpose is to protect the user's focused energy at a specific object, much like in fairy tales when the witch points her wand at a prince, 'poof' he becomes a frog. Of course, it doesn't work like that, but the purpose of setting intentions and directing your energy at an object is much the same.

Wands are connected to the elements. They are specific tools for specific purposes.

An Earth witch might use a wand with a handle made from wood, it is a natural material and the type of wood she would use also depends on the purpose. For example, you could use your favorite wood because of what it smells like or because of the properties it holds. Cedar is an excellent example of durable and resistant wood (hence what closets and chests are made of). Although cedar is a softwood, it still holds fast to nails and screws, and because of its durability and resistance, a wand made from cedar would be used for building strength and courage, while it is also grounding as the scent calms the senses.

In addition, cedar has many knots; knots are tied to marriage (love & relationships). A wand made from cedar could be used to set love intentions and casting.

Creating a wand for specific purposes can run deep. For example, the handle of the wand is already made from cedar, and you could attach the cedar to any alchemical metal such as silver, gold, or copper, to name a few. The metal you choose also has its purpose. Suppose you want to build upon the strength, courage, and calming powers already infused in the cedar; gold can be used to activate the third eye and crown chakra. In that case, it is also known to attract money, and abundance in various forms as well as alleviate stress and tension, stabilizing the emotional system. This is sure to amplify positive feelings. For even more specific intentions, the gold can be engraved with a favorite mantra!

As a finishing touch, add a favorite gemstone, whatever calls to you, such as amethyst, to give the wand a little extra grounding, strengthening, intuition, and psychic connection intentions. Any decoration can be added; making it personal is the point, no pun intended.

Finally, familiarize yourself with the wand. You can meditate while holding the wand, place it nearby to absorb your energy, and be sure to cleanse it after use.

Happy Casting!

The Witch's Wand is one of many rituals and practices celebrated on or around Halloween. As you can see, many practices center around the idea of setting the intention and manifesting what you desire into being. Sometimes this intention can simply be letting go and releasing negative energies and patterns. Renewal is the cycle of life, and occasionally visiting the past and connecting with our ancestors can be the one thing we need to move forward with our lives.

Working with Psychics and Mediums on Halloween 

For many psychics and mediums, Halloween and the entire month of October can be a hectic month for them. Whether people seek out their psychic services for a party and fun or connect with those who have crossed over, people's curiosity and interest in working with psychics are heightened during this holiday season. However, not every psychic loves to do tarot readings or energy work on Halloween as it can be very demanding with people inexperienced with working with real psychics.

Many skeptical people about psychics and what they can offer clients get their first psychic reading on or near Halloween. Although working with new clients is typical for any psychic medium, dealing with heightened levels of skepticism can be emotionally and spiritually draining. This is why many psychics working the holiday are very experienced and understand how to work with all levels of people and vibrations. If you wish to experience a psychic reading during October for the first time, be respectful and be open to the experience. You may be surprised as to how it can be life-altering in positive and insightful ways.

Live psychic readings tend to be in higher demand this month, but so do phone and chat readings. Mediumship readings overall are more common as many people wish to speak with those who have crossed over. It is important to note that not all psychics are mediums and offer this ability, but all mediums are psychics.

Top 10 Best Practices on Halloween  

  • Be respectful of how people celebrate the holiday.
  • Keep black cats indoors for safety.
  • Clear and protect your own energy.
  • Attend a ceremony or group meeting outside of your own experience.
  • Ask meaningful questions.
  • Engage in a gentle meditation for renewal.
  • Light candles to honor loved ones and the spirit world.
  • Show appreciation to your psychics by offering an extra gratuity.
  • Leave your skepticism at the door when working with psychics for the first time.
  • Be safe and mindful of your intentions and others.


The power of Halloween is most fully represented in our beliefs of what the day signifies rather than any actual spiritual connection. Most who celebrate the holiday today lack the understanding of its original meaning or belief it is an evil day. The only bad thing about Halloween is how the power of individual and community spirituality was stripped away from the people and transformed into something else. Practicing witches, mediums, and psychics today understand this and use the day to bring back and renew their power to themselves and others. Many psychics know that connecting to your ancestors is one way to receive the guidance you need in this life to heal and fulfill your life purpose. 

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