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The Plight of the Vulnerable Narcissist: Insights from Psychic Shira

Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my new and returning readers. It is a pleasure to connect with you.

Today's topic; The Plight of the Vulnerable Narcissist.

In my extensive professional experience as an intuitive, I have had thousands of cases involving narcissist—either the narcissist or their supply. If you are unfamiliar with the term narcissistic supply, this is the person(s) used for their energy and assets and as a source of blame.

Narcissists take everything from their money to their reputation and self-esteem by plying people with charm and hooking them into their lives. The aging narcissist, once the patina of youth has begun to erode, may find their appeal wearing off as quickly as the wrinkles appear. They begin to experience bitterness, loneliness, and a sense of desperation in clinging to any remnants of their more prosperous past. But it is not enough to merely be bitter and miserable themselves, and they want everyone around them to be at least, if not more unhappy!

They slowly begin to poison the well for everyone connected to them, even to the place that their families start to have lowered immune systems, depression, and pathologies that, over time, can be debilitating.

So what are the signs of a narcissist?

*They blame you for all of their problems.

*They become hyper-critical. Nothing you do is ever right.

*They make your home an inhospitable place isolating you from friends and family.

*They resent your happiness, and it is their mission to seek and destroy it until you are as miserable as they are.

* They make it difficult for you to live your life, diminishing your contributions in the relationship.

*They try to make you accountable to them, only to run you down.

*They are progressively more distrusting and accusatory.

*They isolate themselves unless they need something from you, then you are bullied into getting it.

*They ignore your emails, phone calls, text messages, but chastise you if you do not respond to them.

*They are unwilling to do anything other than their hobbies unless it benefits them financially and immediately.

*They are looking for their next supply. If you are in a relationship with the aging narcissist, this is right about when they are looking for their next victim. Essentially, YOUR replacement.

Healing Strategies: This part is key to dismantling the relationship and going into recovery.

Come up with a plan for leaving them or disconnecting from your life. Be prepared to block not only them but family and friends (whatever they have left!). I know this sounds harsh, but they will have still have a good percentage of them fooled and are not to be trusted. It would be best if you had a clean and final break.

Have a recovery plan-what will you do in terms of therapy? This is much like an addiction support group in dynamic, or a cult for the narcissist learned to control your mind and to think even when you were NOT together. They changed your filters.

Refrain from another relationship for at least six months. Focus on your recovery and getting your health back. When you finally start dating again, please be cautioned that you are likely to be attracted to narcissists that are possibly even worse. This is an escalating pattern. If you do not take this break, you move up the ladder of intensifying malignant narcissists.

Don't blame yourself. They were charming in the beginning, even going out of their way to be overly kind and considerate. Time reveals the narcissist!

Restore your lost social life and relationships. Without shame, you can now socialize again, having freed yourself from the orbit of the narcissist in your life. You may feel distrusting and vulnerable, so start with those you trust the most and gradually incorporate new people into your life.

When the narcissist does want you back, it is a firm no and goodbye. You are more energetic and healthier now and will not return. *Do not negotiate to get any of the money or resources you lost. If you must, work with an attorney to eliminate contact with them, regaining your losses.

Narcissists do not apologize; they justify. The closure comes from you and the work you do to regain your life. I have witnessed the transformation from Narcissistic Supply to a healthy self with countless clients over the years. Each step is significant, hold that step, stick to your changes, and each day you feel better and more durable.

If I can be of support to you, please call me, and let's get you liberated. Your new life awaits you! Today could be your first step towards freedom, I love you, and I believe in you.

In Divine Truth and Love,

Psychic Shira

Shira has been in the intuitive arts for over 45 years and holds certifications in (to name a few): Vibrational Healing, Tarot, Reiki (Master Teacher in several systems), Animal Reiki/healing, Bodywork Counseling (Reiki + Process Work), Matrix Energetix, and holds several degrees, including a Master's Degree in Health Care Administration. She is gifted in Dream Interpretation and offers crystal clear insight into all areas of the human perspective. Shira is a Psychic Medium and has been connecting to life-after-life since the age of 5. She offers loving, direct, and compassionate readings. Shira believes that your ability to manifest is unlimited. 

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