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The Surprising Differences Between Mediums and Channelers

Many people could wonder about the differences between using a medium and channeler, but few research or ask. There are several people who don't think there is much difference between them as some psychics can do both, but there are stark differences and similarities between these specialties.

Not all psychics can state that they have these skills or the capacity to develop them. Most mediums become awakened by a life-altering experience, whereas others are just born with the ability to be a medium. Channeling is similar, but unlike Mediumship, a psychic could raise their vibration high enough to learn how to channel during a reading.

Those who are a psychic medium or a channeler are commonly referred to as higher vibrational psychics. 

What is a Medium? 

Mediumship is a specialized type of psychic skill that allows a person to walk between the state of the living and the deceased to communicate with spiritual beings.

There are several different types of mediumship styles. The most widely known are mental, trance, and physical. Mental Mediumship is the most commonly used among modern-day psychics. Trance and physical mediumship styles tend to be unfortunately associated with scams and trickery.

Even though there are various types of mediums, all mediums are always psychic.

How Do Mediums Connect With Spirits? 

Mediums connect to spirits through one of four "clairs"; clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance.

Clairvoyant Medium

A clairvoyant medium receives images and flashes from the spirit realm and interprets those messages to the client. This is the most widely used and known Mediumship style.

Clairsentient Medium

A clairsentient medium can feel messages from spirits and will experience sensations in the body. These messages will often include clues on how they died and inform them of any emotional pain or physical pains they know their loved ones are experiencing.

Clairaudient Medium

A clairaudient medium receives messages through listening, and this type of Mediumship is often confused with channeling. Mediums with this skill can hear messages from Angels and Ascended Masters when engaging with the spirits, much like channelers.

Claircognizant Medium

A claircognizant medium will receive messages by developing the technique of automatic writing. Claircognizance is the psychic ability to clearly know something without having any previous knowledge and naturally lends itself to automatic writing. 

How Does Mediumship Help You? 

Most people who work with psychic mediums do so to work through past issues such as an unresolved relationship of a loved one. They may also work with psychics mediums to assist with transforming the karmic debt of their ancestral line, engage with the angelic realm, or help them understand their own physical mentality and purpose in this life.

Mediums work by tuning into your energy first during your reading and getting a sense of nonhuman beings' presence around you. This helps them engage in interactions with loved ones who have messages for you and maybe watching over you for whatever reason.

Unlike channelers, mediums only connect with one nonphysical being at a time when they are reading with you. This is because mediums are generally engaging in lower vibrational beings, which takes a higher level of vibration to withstand and hold.

What is the Purpose of Mediumship? 

Mediums have different goals than channelers. They communicate with the spiritual and angelic realm, comfort the living, and help the living understand the value of life. They help heal the pain of loss people experience and assist in removing the blockages of resistance to change and transformation.

Many people will engage with mediums to help them come to terms with their own mortal existence and spiritual beliefs than they will to speak with their deceased loved ones. As we grieve, most people need validation that they are doing the right things by moving forward, and mediums can give them that insight and spiritual counseling.

What is a Channeler? 

Generally speaking, a channeler is someone who can communicate with nonphysical beings.

The most famous channeler was Jane Roberts, who channeled the voice of "Seth" and wrote the Seth texts. These sessions made the psychic ability to channel more widely known, and more psychics began to harness the power of channeling to communicate with various realms. Several books have been written on channeling since then.

How Do Psychics Channel? 

Channeling is created in one of two ways: spontaneously or induced. A channeler doesn't always get to choose the style in which they receive channeled information, but they either come in the form of an incarnational trance, a light chance, or voluntary possession. Most psychics who channel for their clients are using a light trance as it is the most conducive to psychic readings.

Channelers engage as translators of nonhuman language from various realms. They will receive sensory images and feelings, visions, and dreams from the beings they have connected with overtime. They must learn to translate what they are seeing into human terms.

Like mediums, they can converse with the spiritual realms, but they can also communicate with non-corporeal beings in other various realms such as interdimensional realms and otherworldly realms. Psychics who connect with the Akashic records are channeling. Channelers are not confined by space or time and will generally view time as nonlinear.

They are mostly known nowadays for channeling messages from Ascended Masters and Archangels. Seth is considered to be an Ascended Master.

Experienced channelers understand who they are working with because not all beings who can channel to humans have their best interest at heart. Psychics who begin the journey of learning to channel have often studied books on the subject and benefited from the mentorship of other channelers, so they understand the risks and rewards of this psychic skill.

Some channelers have learned specific meditation techniques and self-hypnosis techniques to help them induce trances to work with clients. They will often use energy cleansing rituals before and after each session to ensure their energy is clear and grounded.

Specialized Channelers 

Psychics who work with pets are a special kind of channeler. They can assist in communicating with living pets as well as deceased ones as our Spirit Guides will often incarnate as our pets during our physical life cycle to help us during trying times.

Another specialization in channeling is those who can channel large groups. These channelers can sense a larger context from a group of beings. You will see most of these channeling messages from groups of aliens from the past, present, and future.

Messages from Channeling 

The goal of most channelers is to help heal humanity and raise everyone's vibration. They do this by channeling lectures and messages that help us reflect on the reality that we have created and how to make positive changes in our lives. One primary message from channelers is the importance of loving ourselves and each other.

Another vital message that channelers try to impart to humanity is that we are living in a multidimensional universe, so we need not to get caught up in the small stuff in life. Our lives can be altered by taking action in this life and during personal growth on our own part. This growth will affect us not just in this lifetime but in the past and future as well.

When working with channelers, they will focus on the importance of messaging and how to reprogram yourself to live a better life. Affirmations are often received and transmitted to and from the psychics who channel as it is an easy way to reach and transform the subconscious mind and create actionable and long-term changes.

How do they differ from each other? 

Mediums and channelers are higher vibrational psychics that assist clients with psychic services. Both of them need to make sure to clear and cleanse their energy between each session and daily as not to hang on to any residual energies that can harm them or their clients.

The ability to control and maintain energetic boundaries, continual deep meditation practices, and energy work are what separates them from regular psychics. These psychics can interact with higher vibrational beings. Still, only mediums are consistently working with lower vibrational beings during sessions with their clients and have a more increased need for self-care.

Both mediums and channelers work with spirits and angelic realms, but channelers work with otherworldly and interdimensional realms that are typically out of a medium's interest or skill set. These two differ in how they help their clients in their daily lives and life purpose.

Key Points to Remember 

  • Mediums communicate one-on-one with non-corporeal beings.
  • Channelers communicate one-on-one and in groups of energetic beings.
  • Mediums receive information in several different ways, primarily via the four clairs: clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairsentience.
  • Channels focus on sensory images for communication that they must interpret or translate from nonhuman languages.
  • Mediums communicate with spirits.
  • Channelers communicate with spiritual realms, interdimensional realms, and otherworldly realms without confines to space or time.
  • One principal purpose of a medium is to assist the living with their mortal existence.
  • One principal purpose of a channeler is to elevate the vibration of living beings.
  • Mediumship helps us reflect and look back to heal.
  • Channeling moves us forward with messages of hope and enlightenment.
  • Both mediums and channelers are higher vibrational psychics.
  • Both mediums and channelers can experience automatic writing.
  • Both clairaudient mediums and channelers can hear messages from the angelic realm.
  • Both mediums and channelers need to maintain grounding routines and energy cleansing regularly.
  • Both mediums and channelers can become potent energy healers.
  • Both mediums and channelers can communicate with pets.
    • Psychic Mediums can connect with them in the spiritual realm after passing.
    • Channelers can communicate with the living and deceased pets.

Which is Better? 

The question you need to ask yourself when deciding who would be better for you at the moment: do you need closure and information from the past, or do you need the information to help you gain forward momentum?

Believe it or not, working with psychic mediums will help ground you, whereas working with channelers will open your third eye and crown chakras, which may leave you ungrounded if you aren't prepared.

Are you interested in working with a medium or a channeler? Call us today to speak to one of our higher vibrational psychics. 

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