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Tips for Getting the Best Online Psychic Reading

Do you know how to get the best psychic readings online? We have tons of advice and tips for you!

Getting hassle free psychic readings is easy, but getting a great one takes work on your part. Not only do you need to find the right psychic for you based on your needs, but you also have to take time to prepare yourself for your psychic reading. Who knew that you needed to do more than just pick up a phone and call or work with a psychic on chat or video?

When experiencing a psychic reading online, you and your psychic will be sharing energetic space, and that space should be clear and open on both sides of that conversation. Accuracy and authenticity in a reading come from both sides, so it's essential to do your research first and come prepared with questions and a place of curiosity and willingness to receive information to move your forward in life. 

What Do Psychic Readings Offer You And Why Should You Care? 

Psychic readings offer you an opportunity to experience spiritual growth, healing, and clarity about your life.

For many, they can offer a sanctuary from their work or home life to discuss how to improve their lives and the steps they need to take to manifest a specific outcome. When speaking with a psychic, people aren't just looking to hear about their future. People prefer to talk to a psychic via a phone call to be heard and feel validated about things they feel are happening around them. They call to have their psychic intuition confirmed!

Some people call to heal themselves. They may be working through past trauma in this life or a past one. Sometimes they may be taking on a larger goal of healing and are healing their ancestral line. This is not easy work for anyone to take on, and working with a psychic can help carry that load and release karmic ties that hold them back and their loved ones.

When working with a higher vibrational psychic, some people want to experience enlightenment and channel interdimensional beings. Psychic readings can offer such opportunities. They can even share love readings or past life readings with a psychic who specializes in that field.

Psychic readings also offer a place for people to develop their own inner psychic. Our psychics can offer advice and spiritual guidance on big life questions or for those wanting to hone their abilities and eventually become practicing psychic themselves.

Many people love to work with tarot readers and have tarot card readings. It is very possible to do them over the phone, by psychic chat, text, or message. People who love tarot readings also love readings where they can learn about how to become a tarot reader themselves. Many are a psychic source to how to learn tarot readings and show them how to make big life decisions 10 minutes or less.

Key Points to Remember 

  • Psychic Readings Offer Clarity
  • Psychic Readings Offer Validation
  • Psychic Readings Offer Perspective
  • Psychic Readings Offer a Safe Space to Heal and Vent
  • Psychic Readings Offer Energy Healing
  • Psychic Readings Offer Spiritual Growth
  • Psychic Readings Offer Development of Psychic Abilities

How To Get the Best Psychic Readings  

Below you will find ten solid tips on how to get the best results from psychic readings. Whether it's an intuitive reading with a clairvoyant or a tarot reading with tarot readers, there are multiple tips here to help you get the best psychic reading possible on big life decisions from any reading sites.

Tip #1
Prepare Your Questions

Do you know what you want to talk to your psychic about in the first place? Many people call for a psychic reading by phone to discuss a situation or event that bothers them. Perhaps the behavior of a loved one is unsettling, and they are seeking answers. They have a general sense of what they want to talk about but haven't sat down and thought about the precise way to ask those questions to gain clarity from a psychic source.

One method is to journal out your feelings and thoughts first, so you get on paper what is going on through your mind. This clears your energy and makes it more clear to you what insights you are looking to find. Once you've written it down, review it a few times and take out the pieces that jump out to you that you can formulate into questions. You want to be prepared so you can get answers to life decisions 10 minutes or less.

For example, let's say you are curious about an ex's behavior, so your reading focuses on love and relationships. The thing that sticks out the most is the inconsistency of their communication and how they leave you feeling when you don't hear from them over long periods, and they get back in touch with you.

You will want to formulate an open-ended question to understand better what you need to do to best move forward. The two questions you will want to ask are: What is causing the inconsistency in his communication with me over time? What can I do to help myself not feel so depleted and confused when he doesn't communicate with me? The first one will give you insight into their behavior, and the second will help you cope or possibly move on.

Another example is that you are looking for career advice, so you've written down your worries and fears as well as any toxic experiences you've had in a work environment. Title your notes as a readings career path. As you review your thoughts, you see patterns that you want to break or understand why they happen. You gather your thoughts and write down these questions: How do I stop taking jobs that aren't in my best interest? How do I find a career that fulfills me and pays my bills? These two open-ended questions will give you plenty of insights and details on how to make the changes you desire.

You can also ask your psychic for a possible timeline, but remember that timelines are not set in stone. They will, however, give you an idea of what to expect and how to plan for the future, especially if you hope to change it.


  • Write out a pros and cons list
  • Journal it out to gain insights
  • Be clear about wanting timelines (if you desire that option)
  • Ask open-ended questions.

Tip #2
Ground Yourself

Don't go into a psychic reading online in a highly emotional state. Take time to release any tension in your mind and body. Breathe, walk around, take a short nap, eat if you need to, and use the bathroom. Do whatever you need to do to ground yourself and fully feel yourself in your body. You want to be exceptionally present and mindful during your reading.

If your energy is scattered, your psychic is going to receive your scattered energy, and that is what they will pick up. You don't want a tarot reading like this because the accuracy may be all over the place, and they are more apt to pick up residual energy from other people you've recently had interactions with, and this will cloud their insights.

When you are grounded, your psychic source will be able to receive information more readily as well. You will be in a space where you can connect with your higher self, and they can help guide you while the psychic informs you of the insights and spiritual guidance on big life problems you are seeking. This will help you receive an accurate and trouble free psychic reading from any reading sites.

Tip #3
Research The Networks, Practitioners, and Marketplaces

Not all psychics, networks, or reading sites to receive psychic guidance are the same. There are pros and cons to each, and you need to decide what offers you the best advantages.

Psychic Networks

Online psychic sites offer you many opportunities to work with real psychics. Most quality networks like MeetYourPsychic will have a wide variety of available keen psychics to choose from that meet your standards and needs.

Make sure the network you choose offers a variety of formats to receive worry free psychic readings as well as live customer service.

With online psychic readings available 24 hours a day here at MeetYourPsychic, many psychic sources are available. We are BBB certified, and not all psychic networks can say that about themselves. You will want to book with someone like us that has a customer satisfaction guarantee and tests their psychics before contracting with them to make sure they have the best psychics.

Solo Practitioners

Psychics typically have their practice and will work with a network or a marketplace to provide their keen psychics services. This is both so they can gain experience, grow a clientele, and expand their financial opportunities with clients online.

When it comes to researching a psychic, you first need to review their profile and read reviews. Do their skill sets match what you are looking for in a keen psychic? You may read their bio and decide you like them only to find out their psychic reading style isn't your preference. All of these things are good to consider when selecting your psychic.

If you decide to work with a psychic source who isn't with a network, it comes from pros and cons. You will always receive personalized service, but you will only receive one perspective. Also, you will have to wait for them to be available to you on their timetable and not yours.


When it comes to a marketplace for psychics, you're usually looking at brick-and-mortar stores or spiritual centers where psychics can rent spaces. You may even be looking at events or fairs.

The quality of these places will vary widely depending on the level of authenticity and experience of the people running them. In a marketplace, psychics are typically vetted like they are on a network. Ongoing businesses want to make sure they hire qualified people and not just someone trying to scam or take advantage of you. This is especially true of places like spiritual centers or new age bookstores where you will find various tarot card readings from a reputable psychic source.

Fairs and events have a broad spectrum of quality, so you will want to review the organizers and the people who are scheduled to be there. It will give you an idea of what to expect and how much love psychics will be charging you. If you see advertisements about fortune telling, you may want to steer clear as scam artists and not legitimate professionals.

Tip #4
Know Which Format is Best For You

Every type of psychic reading format has its pros and cons. Understanding all the options will help you make the best decision in determining which is best for you and how to make an action plan to receive your best care free psychic reading.

Phone Reading

Speaking to a psychic on the phone allows you to have a more direct conversation and allows for enough intimacy to feel comfortable. Most people prefer phone readings when they can't read with a psychic in person, and they are an excellent way to receive a worry free psychic reading online. They are typically charged per minute and can be budget-friendly if you are managing your time correctly.

**For new members only, take advantage of the 3 free minutes in your first 20-minute psychic phone reading session with us.

Chat Reading

When privacy is needed because you are not alone, then a chat reading may be more of an option for you. Chat readings allow you to speak with a psychic in a chat-based program and have a conversation over the internet. You can still receive the same quality you would like in a phone reading, but you don't have to worry about others overhearing your conversation.

**For new members only, the first three minutes in your first 20-minute psychic chat reading session with us are free.

Text Reading

If you are looking for a less expensive psychic reading option and only need brief answers, then a text reading is perfect for you. These readings allow you to ask one question and receive one direct response. However, text love readings or tarot readings can become costly if you keep asking for more detailed answers. If this is the case, you may want to reconsider and see about allocating time for a chat reading or phone reading instead.

Message Reading

Only available here at MeetYourPsychic, message readings offer a way to receive a detailed reading from your psychic virtually through your online account with us. They offer you privacy, are budget-friendly, and give you the ability to receive your psychic guidance on the go. Message readings are usually completed within 24-48 hours, and they work well even with tarot readings. 

Tip #5
Know Which Type of Psychic is Right For You

Not all psychics are equal, and some may be new to their practice. Psychics usually identify themselves by their strongest skills and may have other skills they use as well. You can even find love psychics who identify themselves with being in each of the skill sets listed below or just a few of them.

Type of Psychic By Skill

  • Clairvoyant - a psychic who perceives images
  • Clairaudient - a psychic who receives messages by listening
  • Clairsentient - a psychic who feels messages by physical sensations
  • Empath - and intuitive psychic who feels and experiences the emotions of others
  • Channeller - a psychic who channels messages from higher beings through spontaneous or induced communication
  • Energy Healer - a psychic who can channel and transmute energy for healing and releasing negative feelings and entities
  • Medium - a psychic who can communicate with spiritual realms and spirits

Clairvoyants are typically known as the strongest of psychic skills, so most people lean towards these types of psychics. Clairaudients are very good with any kind of Spirit Guide or Angel Guide communication because they are open to receiving messages in the forms of tones and ringing and not just verbal communication. Clairsentients are excellent with interpreting situations as people physically experience them so they can sense danger or excitement. When it comes to tuning into other people, especially in relationships, Empaths are strongly suited for this. Some Empaths are strong enough they can interpret the emotions of an entire room of people at an event or gathering.

When it comes to working with higher vibrational psychics, you will want to lean towards people who are channellers, energy healers, mediums, or a combination of them. These kinds of psychics have done their work and have gained years of experience helping people on various levels. If you're looking for wisdom and insights from non-corporeal entities and need healing, these are the people who can help you with that. Most of these psychics will have already developed their clairvoyance, clairaudient, and clairsentient skills long ago.

Type of Psychic By Speciality

When psychics identify themselves by skill, they also let you know what areas they have the most experience in dealing with from past clients. It's also a place where they may have done a lot of personal growth themselves, so they come from a place of inner knowing and wisdom from past personal experiences.

  • Love & Relationships
  • Soulmates & Twin Flames
  • Career Advice
  • Financial
  • Family
  • Life Purpose
  • Growth and Development
  • Pets
  • Lost Objects

If working with a psychic who practices Tarot, you may ask them for specific spreads for your tarot reading in one of those categories.

Tip #6
Know Which Psychic Style is Best For You

How we like to receive information depends on our personality and the place we are in emotionally at the time. Sometimes we want someone to be very straightforward for us. Other times, we are looking for kindness and empathy.

Taking the time to understand a psychic's style will help you determine suitability for you in your current situation.

Blunt and Direct - a psychic with this style, will be straightforward with you. They will not sugarcoat or speak in metaphors about your situation and what they see. These psychics are not for the faint of heart, so if you need someone to talk to you with gentle overtones, a blunt and direct style psychic is not for you. Psychics of this style also tend to be very quick and can get into the reading very quickly, so if you're looking for quick and can appreciate their directness, they may be a good pick for you. They are very good at helping people with making an overdue change in their lives.

Compassionate - a psychic with this style will gently assist their clients in receiving information and messages. They may use metaphors or storytelling as part of their way of imparting insights so that clients can hear and integrate at their own pace. If you're dealing with a serious situation and not ready for change but need support, a compassionate psychic is the best choice for you. They are excellent at offering emotional support and are nonjudgmental.

Conversational - a psychic with this style understands the importance of being heard and validated. They will listen to you and offer your spiritual guidance and psychic insights that will help you feel confirmation about the hardships you are going through. Because they are there to help bear witness to your truth and the truth of the situation, they may offer you discernment if they sense you are open to receiving that guidance.

Spiritual - a psychic with this style comes from a religious or spiritual belief system. They will often use tools such as Tarot cards, Oracle cards, runes, numerology, astrology, Akashic Records, and past lives to impart wisdom and guidance to you. They will often access Spirit Guides and Angel Guides, and other non-corporeal beings during your readings.

*often, psychics will have more than one style. Some will have all four and flex in-between what they feel their clients need at the moment.

*tarot reading is not a style but a divination tool.

Tip #7
Figure Out Your Budget and Time Allocation

Two critical thoughts one must consider when getting the best hassle free psychic reading online is to understand how much money you want to spend and how much time you have.

When it comes to your budget, you should consider how much you can or want to spend on a psychic reading. Some reading formats are less expensive than others, and some are more costly.

Time is also critical. If you are low on time, you may want to consider having a message reading or a text reading. These formats allow you to receive psychic guidance in a format that is more on your schedule and tends to be less priced than phone or chat readings overall.

If you have many questions, a phone or chat reading will provide you with the most value in terms of time and budget. You can ask as many questions as you like during the time you have purchased, and you can have the option to extend for an extra ten minutes during your reading. This allows you to control your spending and time but also gives you flexibility.

It would be best if you also considered how the psychic style you pick would affect the length of your reading. A psychic with a conversational tone might be what you need, but it may be a more extended conversation. A psychic who is blunt and direct will more likely be quicker but may have a too harsh style for you. Taking all this into account will help you decide how to find out how much you can spend on the strain free psychic reading that is best for you.

Tarot readings are often best suited over the phone or chat but can work for message and text readings if the questions aren't overly complicated.

Tip #8
Be Open

The best way to receive your best online psychic reading is to be open-minded. If you come into the reading with a desire to argue with your psychic and disagree with everything they say, you will not have a good experience.

If you are open to receiving information to help better your life, then you will receive the right information even if it is hard to hear. When we struggle with our own opinions and perceptions of how things should be, we aren't allowing ourselves to be objective. We must remove ourselves from a place of judgment when we are receiving information from an online psychic reading or tarot reading.

Prepare for the unexpected. Please don't go into your reading with a preconceived notion of what you feel you will get out of it. The opposite is usually true. Psychic readings have a way of opening you up to possibilities and healing wounds you didn't know you had.

Tip #9
Listen Deeply

This tip goes hand in hand with being open. You must listen very carefully to what your psychic tells you, even if you feel they are interpreting your life wrong. They see layers you don't because they can pick up on past events and other people around you in your life.

Sit back and allow yourself to just listen to what your psychic is saying and refrain from reacting at the moment. Remember that this isn't fortune telling but spiritual insight and guidance. Just take it all in and sit with it for a while. Sometimes we need to give ourselves time and patience to hear things. Deeply listening isn't just about listening at the moment but also allowing it to settle within you so you can enable it to integrate into your consciousness.

Many times you may need to take the information and meditate on it for a while. Allow it to bring daily messages to you from your Spirit Guides, Angel Guides, and even your higher self.

Tip #10
Take Notes or Purchase a Recording or Transcript

In the moment, it's possible you may not be able to remember everything your psychic tells you. It's always a good idea to take notes or purchase a recording or transcript to refer back to later.

Often, you will be in the heat of the discussion while the psychic is giving you lots of information and details about your questions and concerns. You may even find yourself returning to the recording or transcript months later to hear things that didn't quite sink in that have now occurred and be amazed at the reading all over again.

It's good to have a record of the psychic reading so that you can listen back to feedback or if the psychic was teaching you something like how to meditate, induce self-hypnosis, or work with your Spirit Guides. Having this information on hand to refer to afterward makes the psychic reading you just had more valued as an experience, and you get the most for your money and time.


There are many suggestions you can use to make the most out of your psychic reading online. Working with psychics is more than just picking up the phone and making a purchase to speak with them. If you want to make the most out of your time, take these suggestions to heart and do your inner work. After your reading, make sure to take time to pause and reflect. 

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