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Understanding Spiritual Connections

Hello and warmest greetings to all.

This week's topic is that of the understanding of spiritual connections.

As we approach the holiday dedicated to lovers (Valentine's day) It is key to know what type of a connection you and your partner, or love interest harness between one another to have full knowledge and understanding of what it is that makes you feel different than with any other.

As you may know, there are different types of spiritual connections that can exist between two people, sometimes there can be multiple connections between two people as well really making the connection strong and unique.

The ways to tell you to have a spiritual connection at all to someone are these signs as follows.

1) You can not describe the main reason as to why you are so attracted to the person in question.

2) Random thoughts of the person, even when they were not a part of your mindset at all initially.

3) Sudden change of mood. Example: One minute being carefree and happy to feel sad. (This is because you can feel the mood of the other person you are connected to)..

4) Feeling familiar with the person like you have known them for a long time when you don't know them very well.

5) Feeling an Indescribable feeling when you are both together in person, not knowing if it is good or bad.

The first type of spiritual connection I will go over is that of Potential Soulmates. 

You may be thinking "why potential soulmates? Isn't someone we are meant to be with suppose to be a soulmate?" In one's physical lifetime you never meet or come across an actual soulmate because there can only be One. In a physical lifetime you have a stronger opportunity by gaining a soulmate through one of the potential soulmates you meet in your life since there are multiples granted to one another inevitably. Spending the majority of your lifetime with a potential soulmate when both parties leave the physical Earth, both spirits are reunited and then gain the true title of Soul mates. Potential Soul Mates are only of a lover's Connection and Can be the same gender or opposite gender.

The Second type of spiritual connection I will go over is that of "Twin flames."

A Twin Flame connection is two identical halves of another's soul creating a whole by meeting the person you share the twin flame connection too. Twin Flame connections can be shared by opposite genders and the same genders, it can be a platonic connection or a lover's connection. Since both one another's souls are identical copies making both of you one another's an exact match in the ways both of you think, feel, act, and sense.

If you meet your twin soul, one of you will be the female half and the other will be the male half, no matter what gender each of you has, meaning one would be more dominant, and the other will be more supportive.

When you meet your twin soul, you will be forced to face your Self.when twin souls meet, they will be drawn to each other, no matter what gender they have. This means that sometimes the male and female halves of the same soul meet and both of them will feel connected making them feel as one. Which is similar to Twin siblings thus the meaning of "Twin Flame"

The Third Spiritual Connection I will go over is that of "Kindred Spirits"

A Kindred Spirit connection is that of two people that share similarities in beliefs, feelings, and physical actions with one another. Although Similar to "Twin Flames" they are actually quite different. Kindred Spirits share similarities more on a physical and mental level with one another yet both have different souls, as opposed to a "Twin Flame" connection being Identical in every way and being two halves of one soul.

A Kindred Spirit connection also differs from others because it can also be gained physically. It can be gained by two people creating a bond by sharing an experience with one another that brought both with either feelings of Trauma or Happiness making them relate to one another. It can also be gained by two people having a similar situation in their pasts separately from one another to where they can relate to one another to gain a connection.

This type of spiritual connection is normally found to be platonic, but it can also be romantic if there is an attraction between the two people involved. It can be the same or opposite gender.

The fourth connection I will go over is that of a past life connection.

A Past life connection could be found anywhere and through anyone. For now, we will just go over a past life connection between lovers.

If you come across someone you are attracted to on every level and feel some kind of familiarity like you know this person, yet is a stranger then this is a past life connection. This is shared when you both have been spiritually connected as one of the 3 listed above and were not able to be together due to a fatal reason leaving unfinished business to  cross over with one another so the inevitable brought a second chance for both of you to be together again.

The 5th and final connection is a Karma Connection.

Karma, put simply, is cause and effect, or action and reaction. the influence of past over present and how actions in a past life, predetermined the conditions in your present life and character, each life we live shapes our character and our future destiny in a way we seem to have little control over but are entangled with inescapably.  This usually comes when you meet someone to key in your past or present that leads you to the Inevitable spiritual connection you were mean to be with. This type of connection could be the opposite or the same gender and it could be brought through  business, finance, or love. When it comes to love it is not who you are meant to be with, but meant to be with till you meet the right person. This is usually found between two people that have shared a long term commitment and ended up finding someone they shared a stronger connection with.

This concludes my theory of spiritual connections to better help you understand what type of relationship you would want, or what describes you and the current person you are with or interested in.

I hope this helped you. 

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