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Understanding Your Ruling Planet In Your Birth Chart

Have you ever been curious about your ruling planet and how it affects you? Your ruling planet is how others see you in the world, which may not reflect how you see yourself. Understanding this is to be self-aware of your impact in the world and be more at one with yourself overall. If self-growth is essential to you, then learning more about astrology should be a priority in your life.

Each zodiac sign has its ruling planet, and some share planets, and even one has two planets ruling over them. It is vital to understand the energy and ideology each of the planets (or, more accurately, celestial bodies) bring into your birth chart. Understanding your ruling planet will also help you gain an understanding of how that planet's energy affects you in other ways when it resides in different places in your natal chart and other astrological charts.

In learning about ruling planets, you will also learn how you see other people and how their ruling planets guide, direct, and challenge their energy and yours. The more you know about astrology and the ruling planets, the more likely you will have healthier and happier relationships with others in your everyday life. 

The Sun, Ruling Planet of Leo 

The energy of the Sun, Leo ruling planet, is one of individualism and optimism. The way we express ourselves is literally shone by the position of the Sun in our birth chart. Of course, the Sun is the Leo sign's ruling planet, and it shouldn't be a surprise as Leo is the light in the room.

For this celestial body, the zodiac sign of Leo resides. Leo's do best when they own up to their heightened sense of self and purpose as long as it doesn't dim others through ego. Leo's warmth radiates from the positive vibe of the Sun as well, but not vice versa.

The Moon, Ruling Planet of Cancer 

The energy of the Moon, Cancer ruling planet, is tumultuous and moody. However, the Moon captures our feminine side and defines our vulnerability in relationships.

For this celestial body, the zodiac sign Cancer flows with the Moon's ebb and flows as long as it is in tune with their nurturing instincts. The more a Cancer fights with expressing and feeling their emotions, the more volatile their moods and relationships become with their ruling planet.

Mercury, Ruling Planet of Gemini and Virgo 

The energy of Mercury, Gemini ruling planet and Virgo ruling planet, is both chaotic and yearning for perfectionism. This energy creates a duality that both Gemini and Virgo struggle within their unique ways.

For this celestial body, the zodiac signs Gemini and Virgo can either lean into or fight against this contradictory energy pulling at them. For the Gemini, leaning into the chaos will help them learn more about themselves and how they affect others. It will also help deepen their communication skills which Planet Mercury is known for. But, for the Virgo, Mercury's influence on how information is categorized and organized allows them to be more in tune with the Universe.

Venus, Ruling Planet of Taurus and Libra 

The energy of Venus, Taurus ruling planet and Libra ruling planet, learn the value and necessity of love in our lives. These two signs are the heart of the zodiac.

For this celestial body, the zodiac signs Taurus and Libra will express and experience love differently. Taurus will seek out objects and opportunities in the physical world. They will need to connect with love via things or a sense of permanence. However, Libra seeks love through the intangible, which may or may not be defined even in relationships.

Mars, Ruling Planet of Aries and Scorpio 

The energy of Mars, Aries ruling planet and Scorpio, is driven by a more masculine and demanding nature. Passion and intensity are at play for both these signs in this ruling planet of Mars.

For this celestial body, the zodiac signs Aries and Scorpio will be driven by their desires. Aries will be driven physically to fulfill accomplishments, goals, or conquests. On the opposite side, Scorpio will be driven internally and seek answers to the unknown and mysteries of life. Both signs will often struggle with managing and releasing anger.

Jupiter, Ruling Planet of Sagittarius 

The energy of Jupiter, Sagittarius' ruling planet, is one of excess and good fortune. In Roman mythology, Jupiter was named after the King of Gods, and the title is apt. Huge, expansive, and possibly lucky, Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.

For this celestial body, the zodiac sign Sagittarius embodies the need to travel and enjoy all that life has to offer. Sagittarians never stop hungering for more in their life, which is both a pro and a con, depending on how you balance your energy and live in harmony with Jupiter.

Saturn, Ruling Planet of Capricorn 

The energy of Saturn, Capricorn ruling planet, is one of discipline and structure. Saturn helps us realign with our growth and maturity. It helps define our relationship with others and ourselves.

For this celestial body, the zodiac sign Capricorn gains clarity, focus, and determination to complete any task they set out to accomplish. The power of Saturn is relentless, as is the Capricorn, which has both positive and negative impacts on health and wellbeing.

Uranus, Ruling Planet of Aquarius 

The energy of Uranus, Aquarius ruling planet, is one of forward thinking. As for Uranus, Aquarius enjoys the challenge as it applies to the status quo and allows for inspiration to come and go as it pleases.

For this celestial body, the zodiac sign Aquarius loves the sudden change and variety to life that Uranus' energy offers. It allows the Aquarius to live life freer and less traditional and will enable them to show a new way of life that challenges the old.

Neptune, Ruling Planet of Pisces 

The energy of Neptune, Pisces ruling planet, ebbs and flows with imagination, empathy, and the spiritual realm. Neptune is clearly the best planetary ruler for Pisces, the most vital water sign.

For this celestial body, the zodiac sign Pisces lives to explore the depths of their creativity and human emotions, which includes other realms. Even with the ungrounded nature of Neptune, Pisces find themselves swimming alongside their dreamworld and illusion in a way that works for them.

Pluto, Ruling Planet of Scorpio 

The energy of Pluto, Scorpio's ruling planet, dives into the underworld with the burning desire for transformation and knowledge. Scorpio is fortunate to be ruled by two planets in their chart, but it adds to their complicated duality.

For this celestial body, the zodiac sign Scorpio digs beneath the surface to seek answers to their mind's investigation. This obsessive need's positive and negative sides can unleash solutions before their ready and devastate relationships due to paranoia. What is a gift is also a curse.


If you are looking to understand your ruling planet better, take time to learn about the energies and philosophies behind each planetary body. When you have a more in-depth understanding of what each planet brings to its corresponding sign or signs, you begin to see the bigger picture of how astrology plays into our everyday lives. 

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