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Using Sage, Candles, and Visualization for Cleansing and Protection with Psychic Genesis

As a psychic medium on Meet Your Psychic, I am often asked how to sage or use candles for the purpose of cleansing and protection. First, I believe it is a good idea to use cleansing daily in some fashion because we are all energetic beings vibrating and connecting to other energies.

One of the fastest methods to self cleanse is to ask the Divine Light of the Holy Spirit to cleanse your energetic field. Visualize a beam of light from above, showering you with white light. Visualize it permeating your aura and body and feel any negative feelings of anger, doubt, fear, or ill-ease washing off of you into the earth below you.

For more effective methods of Performing and Cleansing, I recommend Saging and using White Candles (which I will get into secondarily). White Sage can be purchased in most metaphysical shops and even on Amazon. The practice of burning sage for purification and cleansing is called smudging. You will need a sage bundle, fire-proof bowl, shell, or plate, and a lighter.


1. Light your sage.

2. Face the corner of each room you are in and use your opposing hand to gently wave the smoke from the burning sage wand held safely over a fire-proof plate or bowl, towards that corner and say, "All negativity, fear, anger, and illness are removed from this space. Perfect balance is restored." Turn to the next corner of the room and repeat the actions and phrases. Go from room to room in your house, repeating this process (and do not forget your garage and vehicle). When complete, stand with the bowl before you and gently wave the smoke towards yourself, up towards your head, and down towards your feet and say: My body and energetic field is cleansed of all negativity, fear, anger, and illness. I am restored to perfect healthy balance."

3. Place your still smoldering sage on the fire-proof bowl or plate and let it got ours on its own.

4. It is fine to re-ignite your sage if needed during the smudging exercise.

Candles for Protection/Purification Fire has always been used for purification, and white candles are used for cleansing, purification, healing, blessings, and protection. You will need a white candle in a fire-safe candle holder or glass plate, your energy, and a lighter.

1. We have energy chakras in the center of each palm. These chakras emit energy. To activate them rub your hands together for approximately 3 minutes very quickly. Then clap them along ten times rapidly. Now rub them together again for about 1 minute. NOW separate your hands with your palms facing each other about 7-10 inches apart. You should be able to sense your energy field at this point. Pulse your hands by moving them closer together, about 4 inches apart, then back to 7-10 inches apart. If you cannot sense energy between your palms, repeat the rubbing and clapping process. Once you sense your energy field, hold the unlit white candle in both hands, and let your energy flow through it for approximately 3 minutes.

2. Light your candle in a room dim enough to see the halo around the flame. The place does not need to be dark.

3. Now, looking at the halo of the flame, close your eyes and imagine/visualize it expanding and filling the room you are in, then expand it a bit more to fill the home you are in, now expand it to the exterior of the building, then your neighborhood and beyond. If you can picture the city you live in and state, you can extend the protective and healing halo of the candle to spread throughout this area or any distance you can visualize. See it spreading through the homes and streets healing, protecting, and cleansing all areas and beings within its halo. Now, begin to bring the halo of the candle flame back, retracing your visualization steps until the flame's halo is just above your lit candle again. Now open your eyes. Extinguish your candle. Please do not leave it burning unattended. The same candle can be used over again, repeating this process daily or weekly.

I am a natural psychic reader, clairaudient, and clairsentient. I use these essential skills in synergy with my Tarot Card Reading, Oracle, and Lenormand Card reading skills. I have helped clients with psychic readings for over 20 years find answers to their questions with accuracy and compassion. I am a highly experienced real psychic and use my natural abilities of clairaudience and clairsentience. I am a channel for information that spirit wants to convey to you regarding your current situation and the path you should take. I am always honest and candid in my readings. As a Master Energy Healer, Reiki Master, and Ordained Minister, I can guide you to a place of peace, harmony, and confidence and help you move away from self-doubt and fear. As a Life Coach trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), I can help you to recognize repeating patterns in your life, assess your self-dialogue that could be sabotaging your success and help you write a new script that will be on track with your desires. Let's work together!

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