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Virgo : Character Traits Explained

To be a Virgo (23-Aug thru 22-Sep) is to be taken on a lifelong journey for the pursuit of perfection. The need for order and practical solutions is the driving force behind Virgo's existence. It is the need for a structure that helps to provide a sense in everyone's world. They excel and provide the best example of the importance of staying grounding and thinking with clarity, as that is what they strive for in themselves.

Astrology dates for Virgo are August 23rd to September 22nd. Many famous Virgo includes Beyoncé, Keanu Reeves, Michael Jackson, Evan Rachel Wood, Kobe Bryan, Zendaya, Melissa McCarthy, and Prince Harry.

In the signs of the zodiac, Virgo is represented by the goddess of wheat, a maiden or virgin, and is governed by the planet Mercury. 

What Does It Mean To Be Virgo?  

Ruled by the planet Mercury, Virgo is a mutable Earth sign. They are the most detailed out of the astrological signs, so they are sure to see everything very clearly, which is both beneficial and overwhelming. Their memory serves them well but can also be detrimental when trying to achieve peace of mind within complicated relationships.

Their approach to life is one of pinpointing problems to correct them. This both a selfless and selfish act for the Virgo. As much as they want to help others, they also want to release the sense of anxiety and worry that others create for them when they are in disarray, according to their Virgos mindset. When a Virgo is balanced, they carry a sense of calm and intelligence that subtly changes people to bring out the best in themselves.

Even though they struggle with the lack of perfection, they see in others and the world, they can be incredibly patient and grounded. They only want the best for people, including even themselves, as it is their excellent and caring nature to want everyone to raise their standards and vibration.

Traits of Earth Signs  

Earth signs are mostly grounded, patient, and practical. They can be mutable or fixed.

A mutable Earth sign for Virgo means they have what it takes to stay centered even when disorder challenges their personality and values. Virgos do need to take special care of themselves, emotionally, physically, and spiritually so they can deal with the stressors of the world around them.

Like other Earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn can become sticklers in their ways and have a hard time creating positive, long-lasting changes in their lives. However, this sense of stubbornness also contributes to their complicated nature of practicality that Earth signs are famous for bringing to the table.

Personality Traits of Virgo 

When it comes to Virgo's personality traits, they tend to cross the spectrum of orderliness to introversion to loyalty. All of these traits can be considered both strengths and weaknesses depending on the Virgo's maturity and how serious they are about fulfilling their life purpose to free themselves of karmic debt.


Virgos are famous for their attention to detail. It is perhaps the one trait that makes them stand out the most among the rest of the zodiac signs, including the other Earth signs. The beauty of their detail-oriented personality is that it helps them appreciate as well as see patterns. Combined with their excellent memory skills, Virgos can use this skill to keep themselves (and others) organized. The downfall is too much focus on detail can make them anxiety-prone.


No one loves perfection more than the Virgo. Having everything in its place gives them a sense of peace in a chaotic world. This trait is both a pro and a con for any Virgo as it can create tensions in relationships and help them accelerate their careers. Virgos must learn the balance between perfectionism and going with the flow to bring wellbeing into the front and center stage.


Virgos love to analyze! It is here where they also take that attention to detail and shine a light on figuring out how things work together and how they can work better together. Hard work and discipline come naturally to the Virgo, but they need to also bring in some light-hearted fun and playfulness to remind themselves of what's essential in life.


One of the most practical of the zodiac signs, Virgos, are economical to the core. They know and understand the purpose of money and how the material world works. They use this to their advantage to help them create a sanctuary of their advantage to relax and recharge from the stressors of everyday life.


Most Virgos lean into introversion and introspection. They love spending time alone, and you don't have to talk them into self-care and to take time for themselves. They are on top of it, and it shows when they aren't. When a Virgo has time to refill their inner well, they will come back into the world relaxed and at peace and bring their light with them.


Because they are so analytical and detail-oriented, they tend to be more intelligent than other zodiac signs. All the time alone in contemplation gives them time to read and reflect. It's also maybe a little bit of anxiety that pushes them to learn about everything they can so they can reduce any uncertainty in their lives.


Virgos tend to be overly involved in a myriad of ways. Whether it's their complex thinking or worrying or obsessing about judging others a bit too much, Virgos tend to overdo just a bit. Yet, they are incredibly loving and one of the best and sweetest people you will ever meet and have as a friend. This extremism makes them a bit complicated to understand at times, but when you know that all Virgos are driven by a need for themselves and everyone around them to be centered and grounded, it begins to make more sense.

Critical of others and self

If left unchecked, Virgos can quickly spiral into negative thinking and obsessive thoughts. Being mindful and showing themselves self-compassion is key to helping them evolve and be kinder overall. Virgos should take time every day to count their blessings to always be in a state of gratitude.


You never have to worry about the loyalty of a Virgo. They will always be true to you and don't seem to suffer from holding grudges or betrayal. Virgos understand the value of long-term relationships and will go out of their way to ensure the relationship is stable, even if it is toxic to them.


All Virgos have a big heart, even if they don't show it consistently. They can be emotional at times, but this trait makes them charming and valued by the other zodiac signs. Virgos come from a place of authentic caring for themselves and others. They want the world to be better and will go to great lengths to make sure that others care as much about it as they do.

Self-Care Tips for Virgo 

  • Born to love Nature, so embrace it.
  • Make sure to get plenty of sleep.
  • For emotional health, relax with essential oils.
  • Practice affirmations to stay grounded.
  • Write daily in a gratitude journal.
  • For mental health, reading mystery novels or working on crosswords.

Life Purpose for Virgo 

The intricate mind of the Virgo brings forth to the world ways to make the world better. It is all in the details, the Virgo will tell you.

Their ability to elaborate and expand on what can work better and review what's not working can help improve efficiency at home and in the workplace. Virgo's are born to get others to rise to their fullest potential and bring attention to the precision needed to reach a state of perfection that all Virgos love and appreciate.

Best Careers for Virgo 

Virgos work best in careers that are suited to exactness and identifying problems. Anything that requires analysis or having systems in place helps a Virgo thrive and fulfill their inner passions.

Some Virgo's love numbers and careers that offer them the opportunity to itemize these details may make them very happy. Working as an Accountant, Researcher, or Auditor maybe some of their best career options.

Virgos that are a bit more extroverted may enjoy working more with the public in a limited capacity and utilize their particular skill sets and strengths. You may see some Virgos thriving as an office manager or nutritionist where they can use both their appreciation of numbers and designing a meal plan or office system to complete a day's work.

Some Virgos enjoy taking their skills into the teaching profession, but the outgoing nature required of this profession may need more self-care as it will affect them more than the average person.

One career that a lot of Virgos thrives in is working in the editorial field. This field allows them to be analytical and occasionally creative, so there is some sense of playfulness. It also allows them to work with others and independently to choose their level of interaction with others in most work environments.

Virgo in Relationships  

Virgo tends to be extremely supportive of others in relationships, making good friends and family members.

When it comes to working with them, they tend to rely more on their analytical skills than their emotional skills to make big life decisions. This can be great in the workplace but can take a toll on their personal life in various ways.

Their loyalty can also turn into obsession or an inability to accept proper boundaries, so be mindful of this. Most Virgos mean well, but if they are imbalanced and not having their needs met, they can be very draining for others to be in a relationship of any kind with especially romantic.

Best Compatibility for Virgo 


No other zodiac sign compares to the union of Taurus and Virgo. These two Earth signs feel at home and respect each other for their differences and similarities. When these two match up, they can reach their higher selves than they would if they were apart from each other. The term to describe their relationship is complimentary.


Virgo's characteristics blend well with any Cancer. The key to this successful pairing is intimacy and devotion. They can feel free to be themselves and experience support and have a nurturing relationship that won't hold them back. When in a relationship, these two can have a successful relationship long term. They also work well together and can make lifetime friends.


This water sign mixes well with the earth sign of the Virgo. Virgo's ability to be calm can help in any argument, but ultimately what will decide the long-term success of this union is whether or not each individual can overcome their shadow aspects and learn to love themselves as well as each other. This duo can make an excellent long-term coupling if they are centered around personal growth.


These two earth signs also make a great combination though Capricorn can be a bit of a stick in the mud, and they can get stuck in pessimistic patterns. These two rise up together through the values they have and their ability to remain calm during any troubles. Entering a relationship with these two, expect success only if both of you are looking for a long-term commitment, especially with the foundation of friendship at its' core. Any short-term relationship based on romance only will flame out as it doesn't have the juice to keep the flame going.

Worst Compatibility for Virgo  


It's the indecisiveness and lack of attention to detail that does it for the Virgo. These two signs don't play well together as they are two opposite in a lot of ways and too much alike in bothersome ways. This is especially true in a workplace environment where they are coworkers. They are a troublesome match.


This fire sign doesn't mix well with the earth sign of Virgo. Virgo's introversion goes into hibernation when triggered by this personality. Maybe it's also the spontaneity that bothers them as well. Either way, this combo doesn't play well together.


It's the ego and needs for attention that's the dealbreaker for the Virgo. It's also the overly emotional tendencies both will have when together. Not a good mix, especially romantically. There will always be communication problems, especially with any self-esteem issues. This combo can be toxic or karmic.


Virgo's offer much to humanity in terms of elevating their ability to excel and create stress for others for their need for perfection. When a Virgo shows up in your life, know they have your best interest at heart and are asking you to raise your vibration with their presence in your life.

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