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Why Are Timelines Hard To Predict?

Many times when we reach out for psychic readings, we are looking for absolutes in our answers. The problem with that is the world isn't black and white, but varies in complexities. Life is fluid and full of ideas and not set in stone as any real psychic will tell you.

Our desire for certainty often stems from our anxieties and needs that we force upon others, including the forces of the Universe. To be entirely honest, nothing in life is ever certain. Believe it or not, every day, we take a leap of faith that everything in our lives will remain the same and the way we prefer it to be. The reality of that is what unsettles us as the opposite is true. Our lives are filled with tiny moments of rebirth and transformation that are so subtle we may not be paying attention to our singular vision. And, then there are significant events that change the world for everyone suddenly or over a short period of time.

Part of our desire for certain stems from impatience. For example, we are so eager to get from point A to point B without thinking of all that went in to get us there and everything that could happen in between. If we took a step back and looked at the historical world from a different perspective, we would see how many things intertwine to make just one moment in time happen. In the end, we need to get better at standing still and appreciating every moment as they come to us and not pass us by. 

What are timelines? 

Timeline predictions are just that … predictions. They are a possible event in time that may happen or may not depend on many factors. There is no secret formula or insightful forecast to predict the outcome of life, only possibilities. All psychics understand the ideas behind this concept. Timelines are a process and a tool to help forecast possible future for now or even 20 years from now.

Every individual has a timeline. There are also timelines in the environment and timelines for organizations, groups, and businesses, etc. Each timeline possesses a complex array of possibilities that connect and split off from each other. This complexity models the breath to life and offers many options and opportunities.

When people only consider their timeline as individuals, they forget about the community and environment they live in and how that affects everything in their lives, including population forecasts. When speaking with a psychic about your life and asking for absolute predictions, they are typically only looking at your existence and attaining glimpses of the people in your life. There is no way for them to see all the variables, especially things that are bigger than themselves.

Free Will 

Free will is the be-all and end of all of why timelines are hard to predict. Our ability to make individual decisions and choices in our lives affects and shifts our timeline as well as others involved in those decisions, directly or indirectly. We can, however, receive forecasts and insights about things that may come to happen.

Our free will affects our fate, for free will can actually override or delay our intended paths or destiny. Anything that derails our goals or causes us to fail in life can result from free will playing out. Free will gives us the ability to take control of our lives and our paths, but it can also make us feel that we are the only ones who can direct our futures.

One example is how free will affects your future career paths and the process of it. Let's just say that maybe you used your free will to decide where you wanted to relocate to for a job or a new adventure. Other people's free will creates the ambiance of the environment and the possibilities for employment and leisure. Population and growth also play a role. As a result of moving to this new place, many good things happen and then suddenly you meet someone you really like, and now they have to move somewhere else for a career opportunity. Is it fate or free will that created that situation? Most likely, a little bit of both.

Free will can be boiled down to three basic categories for more clarification, insight, and understanding. There is your individual free will, the free will of others, and shifts due to massive events that affect large groups of people in an environment. Here are the examples further explained to help you get ideas about timelines and free will.

Individual Free Will  

Your own free will is something that you can invoke every day with your vision and process. We do this without thinking of the consequences of our actions most of the time. Free will from ourselves is primarily automatic and has evolved over time from our own personality traits and trauma.

Yes, trauma dramatically affects your free will. Let me explain.

If you have unhealed wounds, you will play them out in your decisions until you face them and heal them. This is why it is important to be introspective at times and review our own patterns. Our patterns will reveal themselves to us if you are paying attention.

Most people don't realize that cyclic patterns are a part of free will because we allow them to continue. It's our free will that we don't resolve them. Make sense?

So, if you look back at the history of the actions that have caused you and others pain, you may be able to see how to address them in yourself and do the soul work you need to do. Psychics can also help you tune into this and help you release these patterns, especially when they are connected to past lives and intergenerational trauma that you may not be aware of at all. Many of the answers that we seek may be found in our history and not in our future.

Free Will of Others 

Now that you have an idea of how your own free will affects your life, you can see how the free will of others functions, or perhaps dysfunctions. Everyone you interact with may have unhealed trauma and be affected by others whose decisions stem from unhealed trauma. All of this gathers together in our communities and shared groups on a daily basis.

Families are the most significant factors that affect our free will and our destiny because most of the time, our family members are our soul group. Some may even be soulmates or twin flames, so relationships are complicated and can inspire and discourage each other in various ways. These types of relationships shape us and make us into the adults we eventually become. Often, we can't predict how these relationships will change over time because of the individuality each family member brings to the table.

When it comes to groups that grow into a shared consciousness, there is a push and pull between free will and destiny at play here, more so than individual lives. A groupthink will push others into acting or reacting in specific ways to meet a particular need or agenda. Consider religious groups, political groups, or corporations that create a particular feeling or ideology in their members. Destiny brings them together, but free will decides how that will play out on all levels of our human existence.

Shifts in the Timeline Due to Mass Events 

When we make decisions that affect large groups of populations, such as policy changes, and make recommendations on environmental findings, we are predicting the future to a certain degree. We are putting into motion a cycle of reactions and actions that affect everyone, which we may or may not know the actual outcome of in the future. There's also unpredictability that factors into mass change on a global scale. Looking back on our shared human history helps us understand this better.

Mass events that we cannot foresee through research, data, and science methods will often surprise us. Sometimes science is predicting human-created events such as the climate crisis, but we are just not listening to the advice we are being given for various reasons. We may not be able to predict the future on everything, but sometimes the future is uncertain in ways science is unable to predict accurately or at all.

These kinds of expected and unexpected mass events cause a cascade of changes throughout everyone's timeline. One mass event we can all understand that has disrupted everyone's timelines is the pandemic. The pandemic changed our way of life and thinking and forced us to re-evaluate our relationships and values. All of this has affected many in their career aspirations, financial goals, and relationship goals.

The future is hard to predict, but our human history is clear. Our past can actually give us more understanding of our future and its outcome than a timeline prediction, as our behavior is what sets everything in motion.

Even doing research in specific areas of social structure, economic shifts, environmental data analysis, and understanding human nature will only give you so much valuable data. The future events, especially on a large scale, are impossible to know, although some psychics, specifically seers, may be able to tap into catastrophic events.

How Can You Manage Timeline Changes? 

As you can see, being able to understand free will overall and how they affect timelines shifts is crucial in managing your own life. Part of their management is your emotional mindset and attitudes of love and acceptance of yourself and others on this planet. Being more open and teachable are vital skills to cultivate within yourself in helping to manage unexpected events and unexpected change.

Using psychics to help ease your anxiety about the future is only an example of a short-term fix to a long-term problem. Your goal should be in using timelines as an approximation and not an absolute. For example, instead of focusing on an outcome set in stone, focus on the feelings and energy you want as a result of a specific change. This will help you develop more in alignment with your life purpose and your true self.

History often has a way of repeating itself, and if we don't learn from our mistakes in this life, then we are doomed to repeat them until we do. Instead of focusing on the past, we would do better to reexamine our history and see what patterns and outdated beliefs we need to let go of in order to move forward and grow.

Take action to achieve goals. 

When you call a psychic and give you the various steps you need to take to achieve a specific outcome, you need to listen and follow their instructions. Of course, free will may still come and affect the outcome, but doing your part will help you lead you to a better result. Working with psychics regularly or learning how to speak and communicate with your spirit guides and higher self will help you navigate daily and unexpected shifts in the timeline.

Tune into your higher self and spirit guides for guidance. 

Again, yes, open and build that relationship with spirit. This will help you deal with any anxiety or need you to have with certainty. Going with the flow comes from building a relationship of trust with your guides and your intuition. Even though events may cause changes in your future, learning to ground yourself in the now while simultaneously centering yourself spiritually will help you manage the stress of uncertainty and help you shift your mindset into wellness.

As you allow the Universe to show you your path, you will be able to shift without communication as it will be natural and instinctual. When unexpected events happen, you will feel less worried as you know your guides will have your back, and there will be a path created for you to follow to align you with your soul journey.

Learn to go with the flow and embrace uncertainty. 

One of the best personal growth skills we can cultivate is being adaptable to change even if we are naturally very stubborn and stoic. Flexibility and being open-minded helps us grow into feelings of universal love, understanding, and acceptance. Nothing in life is permanent, which means that timelines are amenable to change. Allowing yourself to be in tune with the Universal flow will help you ease any anxiety or worries you have about the future that is hard to predict.

Meditation and soul work can help you better build your relationship with the flow of the Universe. Getting in touch with our body and our breath allows us to be more mindful of the present instead of being obsessed with the future and worrisome about events we can't change that we know coming. When we relax, we become open to solutions we may not have thought about otherwise. Relaxation is the key to helping us build better relationships with others who can help us weather the storms of the future.

Get involved in your community. 

Here is where your individual free will and ability to manifest comes to play! If you want to build a better life for yourself and control your future, get involved with your community. Your community needs people who want to change the world for the better. Positive action creates shifts that lead to more positive actions. Think small and work on what you can. The Universe has a great way of responding to these actions, and these actions inspire others to take action, especially if and when they feel powerless to create change.

Free will is most powerful when enacted upon our communities because it can create meaningful change for everyone in that community and the best part of that is that it spreads. Sometimes thinking outside of your own life can be exactly what you need to change your life. The world doesn't revolve around us. We are an intricate part of a larger community, and our individual actions and reactions have both positive and negative effects on everyone's lives. Make wise choices and do your best.

Study astrology as a way of understanding how to use your energy. 

Astrology comes with many ways to access your energy and know when to use it and when to pull back. It is a guide based on research data and observations that predict how the future will unfold with some level of certainty. The choice is how you emotionally engage with that knowledge and work with that energy and against that energy.

You can use astrology to its fullest extent to help you fully understand what it means to go with the flow and comprehend the consequences of actions, especially your own individual ones.

Call a psychic. 

Psychics have a way of tapping into your timeline and seeing the future. Through experience and wisdom, they can help you navigate potential setbacks and changes and give you strategies to cope or make alternative plans. They can also help you remove blockages and see what you may be doing to prevent a timeline from unfolding. Free will may interfere with what you want to happen, but it can help you see possibilities and plan for the best outcome. Timeline predictions aren't an exact science. There are nuances and tools that can help you navigate your understanding of the future. Psychics are sometimes your best option in trying to predict the future without data or methods of science. Do your research and find the psychic who is the best fit for your needs and not your need to understand the future.


Free will is complicated and makes any psychic predictions of the future amenable. Real psychics who understand the nuances of this are better able to give you accurate possibilities, but life has no absolute guarantees of playing out the way you want it to in the end. The best strategy is to hope for the best, put forth your best effort to achieve the best outcome, and be open to opportunities that may not be exactly what you expected. Life is full of surprises, and the moment you start shifting your mindset to possibilities from limitations, you will manifest a life worth living. 

Do you still need help understanding timeline predictions and how they impact your life? Call us to connect you with one of our best psychics today. 

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