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Do You Feel The Freedom Of Love? Advice from Psychic Shira

Bright Greetings Dear Ones,

Welcome to my new and returning readers; it is a joy to connect with you. Thank you for liking, sharing, subscribing, and following. If you are new to me, I write blogs that are channeled to bring encouragement and guidance from Spirit. Let dive right in!

The value of loving reciprocal relationships is priceless. This is love at it's optimal best. Being there for each other regardless of circumstances is 100% committed, and in it to win it. This is not merely addressing romantic pairings, but friendships and family affiliations as well.

If you look at the attention drawn from the workplace, it is more common to get attention when you have messed up or in some way violated the matrix of the business. Secret demerit systems, getting written up, and mainly feeling like a moving target can be intimating, frustrating, and demoralizing. With the move toward Virtual Reality synchronizing with mainstream social media, you and I are placed in even more of a subjective landscape.

Society has given up humanity for the assignment of a number, or a non-personal demarkation. This has been happening for some time now. The ability to text and message, and more the point, the expectation that you need to respond immediately (do it NOW!), can leave you and I feeling chained to our mobile devices. I hear this script frequently "why don't they just text me back!" The crux of the issue comes down to who controls your time.

If you are in a romantic pairing where you are expected to respond immediately, pick up every call from them, and have a window to return (or face the wrath of your controlling mate), even in your free "me" time, can feel and is unreasonable. You need space to process, to know that your time is precious as well as respected.

Relationships where you are considered at the whim of another (in your personal life, work is different), and you are slowly losing your autonomy, is disempowering. The need to control and be in control is a survival mechanism that is part of each of us. Do we succumb to it, or can we live a better life than feeding the insecurity of knowing you and I can control another adult? I want to think that you and I can so take charge in each of our lives that the need to control others, micromanage, and hover, is eliminated.

Yes, you can be a touchstone when someone needs help, but please give them the space to ask for it, rather than have your opinion dropped on or in front of them. Babies sit up, learn to crawl, walk, and then run. Yes, we keep on eye on them as they develop, guarding their margins. At some point, though, these once children will be adults, off on their own, and having to navigate on their own.

Being paired with someone that trusts, loves, and appreciates, you are liberating. They are not texting every five minutes or disturbing you during a game of hoops with your mates or spending time with your best friends. A big red flag in a friendship, a relationship is when you feel micromanaged from the very beginning. It might be cute that he or she wants to connect with you all the time, asking what you are doing, where you are, or who you are with. Over time it grows old, and you realize that you have let yourself in for being accountable to someone else having given your power over to another.

Here are a few landmarks for a controlling relationship:

*They are jealous if you spend time with other friends

*They micromanage your time from the beginning with getting gradually worse.

*They guilt you into doing what they want with your time (At least you have time to see your friends, I am always working)

*They become more critical as you exercise your independence.

*They drive by your home or check in to verify where you are geographically speaking.

*They call and ask for favors that eat up your free time.

*You are required to spend more time with their family and less and less time with yours.

*They give you the silent treatment or freeze you out if you do not toe their line,

*They go through your phone or personal belonging without your consent

Signs of a winning relationship:

*They celebrate your creativity and independence.

*They check in because they are thinking of you, without expecting an immediate response.

*They are there when you need them.

*They let your downtime be dictated by you.

*They friend only the friends of yours on social media they have met. *They encourage your friendships and trust you.

*They make time for you so that you can build a loving relationship. *They listen to you and do small things to show they love you. (love pays attention and knows when to offer support).

*They leave work at work.

*They don't try to fix you but support you in your processes (you are not broken!).

*They respect and value your privacy.

*They create time for you and remember special occasions.

If you have balanced and loving relationships, congratulations! You are part of the 15% that has figured out how to have healthy boundaries together and support each other minus judgment. If you are part of the 85%, please know that you can reset, and move into a healthier dynamic. Be prepared to have things shaken up for a little bit, and do not settle for less than your envisioned relationship. There is a healthy space between you, where you can interact and experience the beauty of life together. This space represents your creativity, personality, and evolving self.

Thank you for reading and sharing this time. I love you, and I believe in you. May you each shine brightly.

In Divine Truth and Love,

Psychic Shira

Shira has been offering psychic readings for over 35 years and works with Spirit to bring you clear and loving guidance into living the bright life you deserve. She works with abundance blockers, healing relationships, career, financial, family, legal, and in the evolving soul. As a real psychic and psychic medium, she offers compassionate honesty from a place of loving non-judgment and holds space for you to feel and be yourself. Shira has a large number of online psychic readers and clients that look to her channeled guidance to rise to the best version of themselves. Shira practices what she preaches, having a daily meditative routine and living a healthy lifestyle. 

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