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3 Simple Love Spells You Can Do (With No Karmic Worries!)

Last week I posted an article about love spells and why most people should not use most love spells. The truth is that many of the things people list as love spells are in fact, attempts to impose one person's free will on another's.

However, there are a few love spells that you can do without causing damage to yourself or someone else. All of these are simple acts of energy work that my guides taught me when I was younger. These are things you can do without fear of causing negative karma.

There are 3 simple rules to remember about these spells:

1. They always work when done sincerely.

2. They invoke only angels and guides, there is no black magic, no creepy stuff. :)

3. You can't do them 'wrong' unless you doubt them or direct them at someone other than yourself.

The first love spell you can do is to bring new love into your life. You will need a black obsidian stone, a clear quartz stone, and a rose quartz stone. (Crystal magick is some of my favorite because there is nothing frightening or difficult about it. Stones are like pieces of mother earth's personality.) Say a quiet prayer to your guides and ask them to be there with you. Speak to the first stone, and ask it to use the energies of the earth to help cleanse you of all negative energies relating to love and relationships. Next, speak to the quartz and ask it to help you see clearly what is right for you. Lastly, tell the rose quartz to bring you new, true romance. Keep these three stones somewhere that you will see them daily. Yes, this sounds incredibly simple. But it works.

The second spell you can do is more of a nightly ritual before you sleep. Take two bay leaves, which have the energy of psychic perception bound into them, and anoint each one with a drop of lavender oil. Lavender oil helps your mind to relax through aromatherapy as well as energy. Tuck the leaves inside your pillow case or set them near your bed where you can smell them as your sleep. As you go to sleep, say a prayer to your guides to help you hold the intention of bringing true love into your life. Your guides will bring the right mental images and intentions into your mind. Be open to any phrases or pictures that suddenly enter your mind. The bay leaves and lavender help your natural psychic abilities to open and you can use these leaves over and over until they lose their scent.

The last spell is one of my personal favorites. I call it the Love Light Spell. It's so easy and so wonderful to do.

Get yourself a nice, large pink candle. It can be in a jar, or a good sized pillar candle. Either one will work. Pink has the energy of pure love, just like a rose quartz crystal. Bring the candle home and set it in the sunlight for about 15 minutes. Ask your guides to help you think of an intention for bringing love into your life. Some good examples might be "I manifest true love and romance in my life." or "I am happily and healthily married" or "I am in a relationship with my ideal mate". These guides will help you find the one that is right for you. (Never, ever use a specific person's name in an intention. This spell won't work for that.)

Write the intention you are given on a small piece of paper, and stick it under the candle. Every time you are in the room where the candle is, light it and let it burn a little. (Never leave a burning candle alone. Fire safety first people! )

As the candle burns, it will remind you of the magical intention you and your guides wrote. The light of the candle and the memory of your intention will help you to manifest that love into your life.

All of these are really simple, inexpensive, and easy to do love spells. Ask your guides to let you know if you should use one and if so, which one. :) 

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