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I am Seeing Orbs! What Do The Colors Mean?

Orbs come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. Do you see them from the corner of your eye? Do you see them when it's dark? Are they showing up in photos? What do they mean?

Orbs can come from an arrangement of things: Spirits, ghosts, angels, negative entities & manifestation, human energy, earth, and elemental energy and residual energy. How do we detect which orb belongs to what? Orbs are not the same thing as human auras, however, humans can give off orbs depending on their state. Use this post as your own dictionary for figuring out orbs. I will also give suggestions below on how to remove negative orbs.

Key To Remember: Brighter or more neon colors resemble positive energy, while darker colors with a murky/muddy undertone suggest negativity.

If you are wanting to learn about body aura colors and their meanings, stay tuned for my next blog post on your aura's meaning!

Black With Light Outline: This type of orb that sort of looks like a lunar eclipse, with an outline of white and black in the middle suggests that you are in need of psychological protection and strength.

Solid Black: If you see a solid black orb with no glow, this generally means that a negative entity has manifested. In the case that a human is giving off these dark black orbs, this means that they are having less than desirable thoughts or plan to act on something negative.

Bright White: This color orb suggests that divine energy is with you. This could be energy from the heavens surrounding you when you are worried, sad, scared, or grieving. God sends this light when you need it the most.

Murky White/Grayish White: This white orb with a murky undertone, or grayish white, can suggest that there are lost souls (ghosts) nearby. They're looking to find their way home and believe you might be able to help. If you are feeling malaise from these orbs, this means that the ghost is feeling negative.

Gray: Gray orbs are simply residual energy from almost anything; humans, animals, trails left by entities. They're simply "dead" energy and they serve no purpose.

Silver: Not to be mistaken with gray energy, these orbs have a shiny, white outline. This resembles strength, courage, and also serves as congratulatory. If you accomplished something good in your day, you might see these orbs as a way to thank you and congratulate you for your excellent work.

Gold: Gold energy with a shiny white outline means you have been rewarded or great things are coming your way. This could also suggest prosperity and stability.

​​Bright Red: A bright red orb usually pops up when you're lacking energy, or your aura needs to be cleared. This orb also pops up when you're in need of protection. I call this energy "the light of a warrior". It guards you when you are feeling scared or weak.

​​Murky Red/Dark Red: This is usually an indication that a bad spirit is nearby, or a spirit is angered, depressed, or weak. They're up to no good, or they don't feel good, and they want to terrorize or bring down the people and manifestations around you, including you.

​​​Bright Orange: This is an indication that a good, protective spirit is nearby. Perhaps they've befriended your spirit and are there to pay a visit, or they are there protecting you. These spirits with bright orange spirits are good ones, and you have nothing to worry about.

Murky Orange/Dark Orange: This orb is just pure energy that serves as a warning. It is not a ghost, spirit, or energy, however, it is a manifestation to warn you about certain events or places you shouldn't enter. It can also be somebody's aura to tell you whether or not you should be associating with this person. Sometimes, spirits carry this aura when they're having a hard time, and things may turn negative for them.

Bright Yellow: Bright yellow is a great orb of energy. This energy serves the purpose of strengthening your body, your mind and energize your aura. If you see yellow orbs that are bright and nearly neon, they're there because you're in need of replenishment.

Murky Yellow/Dark/Mustard Yellow: Think of police tape, because these orbs serve cautionary warning. If you see these in a particular room, this means do not enter. If someone's aura is showing this color, it means to steer clear.

Bright Green: These orbs pop up when you're in need of healing. Think of green as a "doctor" of energy orbs. If you're feeling unwell physically or mentally, you might see these orbs bounce around.

​Murky Green/Dark Green: These orbs aren't necessarily bad, however, these orbs pop up when humans and animals release negative energy or are healing from an illness, injury or a bad time.

Bright Blue: This is another form of healing energy, only it focuses mainly on your mental health and cleanses your soul. Think of it like rain. It's refreshing and energizing.

Navy Blue: This orb suggests that an authority figure is nearby to give you guidance. It could be one of an angel or a spirit guide. Think of a police officer.

Sky Blue: This orb is energy left by cupids. The cupids know when you're in need of love, self-assurance, and give you the "OK" when thinking of pursuing a new love interest, or that your love life will simply improve.

Violet Purple (solid color): This means that a once human angel is nearby. This could be your loved one paying you a visit.

Violet Purple (white outline): Your guardian angels are nearby. They are nonhuman angels that pop up when you are in need.

Deep Purple: This energy resembles loyalty. You will see these orbs pop up if a loved one loves you so much, one of them is thinking about you from a distance, or you can tell when someone cares about you.

Burgundy: A burgundy orb can mean one or two things, prosperity is on the way, or greed is nearby. A materialistic spirit or person may give these orbs off to make their presence known. Otherwise, the orbs may pop

Fuchsia/Hot Pink: These orbs bounce around when you're in love, feel loved or love is simply in the air. It is strengthening to your soul, your confidence & your hope.

Murky Pink/Dark Pink: These orbs come out when you are feeling hopeless about love, or you are letting your insecurities get the best of you.

Light Pink: These orbs generally pop up when there are children around, children's residual energy, or maybe you've got baby fever! If you are pregnant or expecting a new child, these orbs will also pop up due to your excitement.

​Indigo: When these orbs surface, you have many warrior guardians protecting you. These differ from your guardian angel. They are special nonhuman angels that come by when protection is needed or prevent negative events from happening.

Removing Negative Orbs:

Step One: Relax and be calm. Meditate if you need to. If you worry or are scared, more negativity could manifest.

Step Two: Close your eyes, and imagine a giant bright white orb growing in the middle of the room.

Step Three: Imagine the negative orbs being sucked in through the giant white orb.

Step Four: Say a prayer, for example "I ask for my guardians and the divine to absorb what is negative around me, and offer me your protection.

Step Five: Imagine that all the negative orbs are being sucked into this orb until they are all gone. Imagine brightly colored orbs raining down over you.

Step Six: Thank your protectors for their protection. Take a few minutes to relax and unwind.

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