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Is He Your Destiny? A Psychic Knows!

Did you meet someone recently, online or in real life, who just seems too good to be accurate, but you can't stop thinking about them? Are you dreaming about them during the day and while you sleep at night? Maybe you're wondering if it means anything or if you're overthinking about it.

We all meet people that trigger us in specific ways. Sometimes they excite us or confuse us, leading us to want to know more about them. These triggers can sometimes be from old wounds that need healing, or they can be a calling from within, letting us know that we need to pay attention. Our intuition might be telling us that this person is essential, and we need to let them into our lives.

There is a sentiment that people come into your life for one of three reasons: a reason, a season, or a lifetime. Although there is much truth to it, it is often more complicated as these may overlap. 

Is he a life lesson? 

Someone who has come into your life for a life lesson might be destined to meet you. You are brought together for a reason, which is to satisfy a need that both of you require. This need could be for inner growth, support, or to release the karmic debt of some kind. Life lessons are what you complete during your life path to help you in spiritual development, and you will often have more than one lesson in your life. So, in other words, if he is a life lesson, he may be one of many to come

Do you have matching karmic debt? 

When you have matching karmic debt with someone or compatible debt, you are meeting for a reason, and that reason may last a season in your life. Seasonal relationships are ones you share with people during a particular time of growth in your life that is a common interest or event. Take, for instance, a high school boyfriend or a college romance. Some of these relationships aren't meant to last, but they are meaningful and help you grow. When karmic debt is involved, it is usually a karmic relationship agreed upon before birth to benefit the both of you. Still, some karmic relationships may come from decisions you've made previously that didn't turn out well. We can sometimes manifest new relationship threads that become part of our destiny due to our own free will and actions.

Is there a push and pull feeling to the relationship? 

If you feel a pull towards him and also want to run away from him, then that is a sign this person may be a twin flame. Twin flames are often destined to meet within their lifetime, but they aren't always of a romantic nature. The relationship dynamic is challenging but can also be very healing as you are releasing karmic debt and exploring life lessons together as part of your agreed-upon journey. Twin flames, after all, are a mirrored soul that help one another reflect each other. It is this mirroring that creates the intensity that you feel. A twin flame relationship may be wildly off and on again as both of you ebb and flow within your spiritual growth. Once the two of you meet, the swirling relationship will generally unfold over a lifetime and be uneven.

Do you have synergy together? 

Synergy is the feeling of oneness you get when you meet someone you truly connect with on a soul level. Sometimes we are destined to be with this person, and sometimes these relationships are built over time. We call these relationships our soulmate relationships, and they can both be destined and created within our lifetime. A destined relationship that is with a soulmate will feel more like old souls reuniting and will often begin in your youth. A new relationship that becomes a soulmate relationship will start after you've both completed a lot of your personal growth. These types of relationships don't begin until after a first marriage or in your thirties at the earliest.

Not sure if your person of interest is your destiny? Call one of our relationship experts today for a psychic reading and find out! 

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