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Loving and Romantic Relationship: Insights from Psychic Shira

Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my new and returning readers. It is a joy connecting with you.

If you are new, I offer information that I bring in through Spirit to guide each of you in leading a life filled with an abundance that will go well beyond where you are now in your life. Take what resonates with you, and bookmark the messages that are not pertinent to your current status.

Reciprocal Relationships come in many varietals. You have the RRs in the career sector, where you network, share and grow together. In the personal realm, there is friendship, parenthood, romance, and personal growth. Let's address reciprocity in romance. I need to look at the Law of Attraction as it ties into what is actually being returned to you. Law of Attraction: Based on your intention, state of mind, and even your past traumas.

You are what you choose to devote your mental energy to essentially! For instance: If you are a rescuer, you will attract people that necessitate or give off the "911" vibe. Help me, and I cannot do this alone. I need help! Whether it is a financial bailout (don't see it as a loan but as a gift), helping out with a car or household chore, people with addiction issues ( I know that I can be the one to change them! EGO enters), or even taking them in UNTIL they can land on their feet again.

The rescuer will usually attract the victim or gravitate to them, as the relationship feels right. If you find that you are playing rescuer repeatedly in your life, it is time to focus on your own healing to attract healthy relationships. You hear about the importance of self-love, but have you ever really had a personal experience with it? Taking the time to get to know YOU, love and accept you where you are now, and being mindful of your actions, deeds, thoughts, and what you do see manifesting are key.

In order to evolve in self-love, you must start with your thinking. You and I each have an inner-critic that looks for opportunities to say, " I told you so!" You are programmed from the time you are young to be criticized and to criticize. The average child by the age of 3 has heard no 18,000 times! This staggering number is reflected in adult stress levels and a divorce rate that, according to recent statistics, is a staggering 50% in the United States. Fifty to sixty-five percent of all romantic pairings in the United States experience infidelity and 50% of these couples will stay together, citing that it is for the sake of the children.

The divorce rate after the kids are out of the house and raised is a growing phenomenon. SO how does this tie into loving RRs? You must first know who you are, love yourself, and see what you really want in a romantic partner. Being very clear about what you want is paramount to attracting Mr or Ms. Right!

Here is a common list of attributes:

Single, Free, and Available



Free of any addictions

People that are not "in recovery"

Financially Stable

Great Credit Score



Great Communicator




Good dating history: No Crazy exes or baby mama's or daddy's

Keeps their promises

Creates time for Relationship Maintenance

Same Religious or Spiritual values

Is in the relationship 100%, 100% of the time.

Equality in chores

Can dialogue and work through difficult times

Same page with having children

Good Mental Health and Hygiene

Keeps your relationship business private (not a gossiper)

Is not only intelligent but has an Emotional Maturity Quotient that is close to their physical age.


My personal list contains 300 defining characteristics! When you shoot for the sun and ask for what you want, you will find that loving Reciprocal Relationship. Set timelines aside and live your life in such a complete and abundant manner that you are on course to meeting and attracting the one that will share your life. The one that checks the significant items off your list and respects you. The one that supports you as you keep them.

All too often, when you are feeling discouraged about the time it is taking to attract them, you will lower your standards to that which is attainable now. Ultimately you will find yourself regretting having lowered your standards when Mr or Ms. Right does come along, for you may not be free to pursue this fantastic relationship.

Set your mind to abundance, encourage yourself, and each day strives to be better than the day before. You will find that you attract the kind of romantic interests in keeping with your highest goals. You can have that romantic, loving Reciprocal Relationship, where each day is a reiteration of your love and unwavering support for one another.

Thank you for this time together. I love you, and I believe in you.

In Divine Truth and Love,

Psychic Shira 

Shira has been offering readings for over 35 years. It is her greatest joy to share messages specifically for you from Spirit. Shira can be reached at extension 1093. 

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