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Psychic Alice Relays Signs from Spirit

There are many ways loved ones can try and reach out to us with the help of Spirit. This blog discusses the common ways Spirit might pop into your experience.

The first significant sign that a loved one or Spirit is trying to make contact is finding coins on the ground without knowing where they came from. Dimes, in particular, are the most common coin that appears. Spirit can inspire coins to appear in totally random places when you least expect them. When you do find coins on the ground, it is essential to pay attention to consistent patterns and discuss what you find with a reader for interpretation.

Another common way to notice that Spirit is trying to get your attention is through animals. Pets can often see the energy in the room, and you might notice them starting at an empty space in the room when they sense Spirit is near.

Another cool way that Spirit will try and get your attention is with certain smells. Clairalience means clear smelling in the psychic realm, and some readers can smell things during readings. As a reader, I once was doing a tarot reading for someone and said out loud, "Why do I keep smelling German chocolate cake?" only to have my client send me a picture of her and the grandmother I was channeling, holding a German chocolate cake.

People have reported smelling cigarette smoke when no one in the residence is smoking or even the smell of fresh baked goods a loved one once made.

Many people are familiar with Spirit messing with electronics as well. Often a cell phone will light up with no calls or notifications, which is a sign of Spirit trying to connect. Blown light bulbs and other electrical malfunctions can be another common way spirit is trying to get your attention. This can range from power outages to a radio turning on to a sentimental song a loved one once played for you.

The universe tries to give us signs all the time in unexpected ways, such as seeing the same numbers repeated often. Those numbers are known as "angel numbers" and have a specific message meant just for you. If you see a number repeatedly (like on the clock, on your bank statement, on a price in a store, etc.), it is crucial to reach out to a reader for interpretation or do some online research to find out what the message is.

Spirit may try to connect with you through dreams as well, sometimes having loved ones come to us in dreams. Dream interpretation is another service I offer my clients, as it is vital to understand the messages that come across in dreams. There are many, many other ways Spirit might try to get your attention, whether that be actual signs (seeing a billboard that says something like "what is holding you back?", things like that) or beautiful formations in the sky like fluffy white clouds in specific shapes or even seeing something like a rainbow after the storm.

Spirit wants you to remember that you are an eternal being having a human experience and not vice versa! Keep your eye out for unique messages from Spirit every day, and reach out to one of our talented readers to clarify what these messages mean. 

Psychic Alice can be reached at extension 1500 at MeetYourPsychic. 

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