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Tarot Cards & Zodiac Signs : A Brief Guide

Have you ever wondered how your zodiac sign is connected to the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana of the Tarot?

Below is a brief guide of the top tarot cards of each zodiac sign. It doesn't matter if your sign belongs to cardinal signs, mutable signs, or fixed signs, as they will have equal representation in both areas of any tarot card deck.

Using Tarot cards alongside your zodiac sign helps you dig deeper into your life path and lessons assigned to you from your natal chart. It can help serve as a guide to help you with creating life balance and achieving your goals. 

Tarot Cards for Aries: The Emperor and The King of Wands 

For Aries, tarot card connection comes from many of the wands due to their strong fiery energy, but the two that stick out the most are The Emperor and The King of Wands. To see Aries The Emperor is relatively straightforward and direct. The embodiment of this tarot card is straightforward and aggressive. This is a card of strong leadership, and Aries is that. Another strong leadership card is The King of Wands, which is reminiscent of Aries' need to control while pushing forward momentum.

Tarot Cards for Taurus: The Hierophant and The King of Pentacles 

Taurus, The Hierophant card, deals with traditions and beliefs. Taurus tend to be conformists and love a traditional family life and values, so that you will find Taurus represented by the Pentacles. For any Taurus tarot cards offer insights into the stable nature of their life and wealth. The King of Pentacles is about security and discipline at its core, but also a warning of the stubbornness that comes from being a Taurus and within the mindset of this card.

Tarot Cards for Gemini: The Lovers and The King of Swords 

Gemini, The Lovers tarot card, is a transparent representation of Gemini's duality and loving nature. The King of Swords seems less clear but has everything to do with a Geminis philosophical mindset and their incredible gift of communication. Geminis can use both sides of their brain to engage in healthy conversations with anyone their interact with, including their internal dialogue. Mind and heart are balanced, which is what both these cards also represent.

Tarot Cards for Cancer: The Chariot and The King of Cups 

Cancer, The Chariot card in Tarot, is about the growth Cancer's must go through in their lives to learn to regulate their emotions and thoughts. It can also symbolize Cancer's ability to triumph and be successful in bringing harmony in their lives. It should also be no surprise that this water sign has The King of Cups in the Minor Arcana representing its' emotional nature and ability to balance.

Tarot Cards for Leo: Strength and The Queen of Wands 

Leo, Strength card in the Tarot is about Leo's connection to their Lion nature. Leo's fearless, ambitious, and temperamental personality traits, which is why they must strive for balance within their emotions or else it will get the best of them and others. The Queen of Wands speaks to Leo's ambitions and encourages them to dream big and push forward. There is joy and fun within the power of the Queen of Wands.

Tarot Cards for Virgo: The Hermit and The Queen of Pentacles 

Virgo, The Hermit card in Tarot, is an obvious representation of Virgo's need for alone time. It's no secret that Virgo's enjoy spending time with themselves and often prefer it to the company of others. The Queen of Pentacles in the Minor Arcana represents the opposite of that in her caring nature for the welfare of others. With this tarot card, she tells Virgo to use their big heart to take bold action, and they have everything they need from within.

Tarot Cards for Libra: Justice and The Queen of Swords 

Libra, Justice card in Tarot calls to Libra's need for fairness and justice. Like the Justice card, Libras speak of the weighing of karma and balance for the outcome of individual and social situations. The Queen of Swords mirrors that call for justice and urges Libra to rely on their practicality instead of their emotions to make decisions for the betterment of humankind. Both tarot cards of the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana inform Libras to use a higher level of thinking and avoid rash reactions.

Tarot Cards for Scorpio: Death and The Queen of Cups 

Scorpio, Death card in the Tarot, represents the Scorpio's ability to transform as part of its soul lesson and life journey. They aren't afraid to rid themselves of negativity and toxic people after learning lessons and begin anew. The Queen of Cups tarot card reveals the Scorpio's deep connection to their intuition and emotional insight. They can vigorously protect themselves and experience deep healing. They can also dive deep within themselves to bring out their unconditional love of others and heal many.

Tarot Cards for Sagittarius: Temperance and The Page of Wands 

Sagittarius, Temperance Card in Tarot, is all about seeking enlightenment and adventure. The Tarot card Temperance embodies the need to balance one's pacing in their journey. For Sagittarius, this means learning to work with their ideas productively and fruitfully. The Page of Wands is all about creative action and movement, which is perfect for Sagittarius. Tarot for this sign informs them of their need for new beginnings and how to work with that flow in both the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

Tarot Cards for Aquarius: The Star and The Page of Swords 

Aquarius, The Star card in Tarot signifies their need to stick out from the crowd and bring inspiration to everyone they encounter. The need to bring humanity a sense of hope and a different way of looking at life is critical, and it is both symbolized in unison with the Star and Aquarius. Tarot, representing the Minor Arcana, for Aquarius, is represented by The Page of Swords. The Page of Swords brings to light Aquarius's need for quick, bold action and Aquarius' lack of subtlety.

Tarot Cards for Pisces: The Moon and The Page of Cups 

Pisces, The Moon card in Tarot expresses the connection between Pisces and their profound intuitive powers and emotional depths. Pisces lives between our physical reality and the greater unconscious mind that connects us all. Moodiness can be a part of this as it signifies the ability to travel back and forth between our seen and unseen selves. The Page of Cups represents a need for balance within these two realms and how Pisces need to take action to make their dreams come true. For Pisces, Tarot can help them see themselves more clearly and how to manifest their inner worlds into being.


Each zodiac sign has many Tarot cards that reveal specific traits and aspects of their lives. It is easy to see the connections between Tarot and astrology, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana, to every sign in astrology. 

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