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The Secret Behind Determining Your Lucky Number

There is power in numbers. Some consider the number 13 to be unlucky. The number 11 is seen as very spiritual and a sign from the angels. Of course, many people even have their own lucky lottery numbers that they swear work for them. Around the world, the numbers 7 or 8 are considered lucky, especially when you see them in multiples. In many cultures, the number 21 is considered to be a power number. And, of course, 666 is often regarded as ominous and perhaps, evil.

Understanding Numerology 

Numerology is the practice of calculating various aspects of your life and personality based on the sole digits added up by your birth date and full name at birth. It's also the value of words and ideas. Numbers are often considered a universal language by numerologists and give us many answers in plain sight.

One digit may be related to another in complex ways. Any digit number in numerology can give in-depth information needed to make plans or decisions in one's life. Consulting a numerologist to understand the correlation of these numbers related to one another is a well sought-after skill and practice.

A significant basis for the belief stems from earlier work from Pythagoras, who believed in the mystical power of numbers. Numerology has existed, though, in many forms in all cultures around the world. Latin, Arabic, Jewish culture, Chinese, and Indian numerology have existed for thousands of years and may take a long time to master fully. For example, modern-day numerologists may practice one subset of these methods or be widely trained on many branches from each culture.

What Is A Lucky Number, and How Do You Calculate It? 

A lucky number is the same as your Life Path number, which is calculated by adding up all the numbers in your date of birth. Some numerologists also calculate it by using your Life Path number plus the number behind your full name. Lucky numbers help you to obtain abundance and wealth and show you how to find luck in your life. Any numerologist can help you find your lucky number and offer advice on putting that wisdom into practice.

What Does Your Lucky Number Say About Your Life? 

Your lucky number will provide you with direction on where and how to find your luck. Using it in coordination with other types of numbers like your destiny number, inner dream number, or soul number can help give you the insights you need to make better decisions in your life and tell you about your personality.

Lucky Number 1 

With a lucky number of 1, you will be lucky in what you set out to achieve. Focus on goals that will help you manifest your dreams into real life. Use this number as a way to bring luck to your accomplishments.

Lucky Number 2 

With a lucky number of 2, you will be lucky in finding resolutions to your problems and others only if you persevere and do not give up. This number foretells being able to create harmony wherever you go. Use the number 2 as a part of your ritual or pattern.

Lucky Number 3 

With a lucky number of 3, you will have the most luck in areas surrounding communication and creativity. As long as you express yourself, the number 3 will provide you with guidance on how to guide and activate your imagination and complete expression of yourself.

Lucky Number 4 

With a lucky number of 4, you will find the most luck in organizing anything. Focus on making sure you have the correct details and time to set yourself up for success. Using the number 4 with your organizational mindset will help you manifest and bring luck forward to you.

Lucky Number 5 

With a lucky number of 5, you will find the best luck if you embrace and engage with uncertainty actively and mindfully. Use number 5 as a symbolic guide to set you into motion. Allow it to be your certainty in times of uncertainty, and it will lead you to success.

Lucky Number 6 

With a lucky number of 6, you will find the most luck in your family and household. Whatever you are nurturing into the world is where you will thrive. This includes pets and plants as well.

Lucky Number 7 

With a lucky number of 7, you will find luck in solving the most difficult questions and pursuing the mysteries of life. The more your question, keep the number 7 in mind as it will lead you to the answers you seek.

Lucky Number 8 

With a lucky number of 8, you will find luck in the act of manifestation itself. You have an innate ability to bring new ideas to the world and create remarkable changes. Use the number 8 as a guide to help you manifest your own desires, and then see how this provides you with luck in helping change the world.

Lucky Number 9 

With a lucky number of you will find the best of luck in following your purpose. If you don't know what that is precisely, you will want to use the number 9 to help you find out! Having this as your lucky number allows you to help others find their purpose and bring their light into the world.

Have any questions about your lucky number? Contact us today to speak to a numerologist that can help you better understand your unique numbers. Provide your psychic with your full name and date of birth, and you may find the answers you seek. 

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