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Swipe Right To This! How To Use Numerology In The Dating World

Dating websites like Tinder and Match may seem to think they have everything figured out in the world of dating when it comes to matching you with the perfect person for relationship compatibility. Still, Numerologists have their own tricks up their proverbial sleeves. It's not just figuring out your date of birth that leads you to the best romantic mate, but the information it gathers to help you decide. Many free websites will help you determine your compatibility with a simple quiz with articles, but a psychic can offer you so much more information with detailed numerology insights.

For example, each of us has our own lucky number. Some of it is a preference, but some is actually a part of our numerical design from our date of birth. Relationship compatibility may not always be easy to determine from your birth date, but it can give you an idea of how their world compares to your world.

Applying Numerology is fun and easy! Once you understand how a life path number or a personality number reveals a person's personality to you, it opens up possibilities for that relationship to blossom into their world and your world. Dating doesn't have to be a chore. It can be rewarding if you look at things from the proper perspective.

Numbers play a crucial role in determining our potential mate if we pay attention to the information at hand. Looking at a person this way may seem too analytical or strategic. Still, a good dating practice involves strategy and being able to see a person's true personality and life goals. It may not seem sexy and romantic, but it's practical and can be challenging to your intellect. For example, using Numerology can avoid making mistakes in spending time with people who aren't a good match for you and vice versa. It's all about opening yourself up to the world rather than closing yourself off. 

Using Life Path Numbers as a Guide 

Life Path numbers can give you an idea of what a person's personality is like as well as their goals. Not only is this practice good to use for yourself, but it is relevant to apply to a possible love interest as long as you know their birth date. Let's look into how fun this can be!

If you're looking for your soulmate, you will want to be aware of your potential person of interest's life path number and how well it connects to yours. Not every life path number is a good fit for each other, but it can give you an idea if you're in the ballpark and what obstacles you may be facing. We all live in a world of our own making, so it is best to find someone who can fit in with yours. Finding out a life path number is as easy as 1-2-3 and free!

Using Jennifer Aniston as an example, we will add up her date of birth to obtain her life path number. She was born on February 11, 1969.

2+1+1+1+9+6+9 = 29 … 2+9 = 11

Life Path 11's are Master Numbers. People with master numbers are not ordinary, so they have their own unique destinies and are often a role model. It's not surprising to note that she is also Aquarius, and they usually listen to the beat of their own drum. It's safe to say that Aniston's career and life have inspired many women in her lifetime. However, they will often find difficulty finding the right life partner as their energy and life path are dynamic.

Let's look at the more common Life Path numbers and how they may be compatible. You may find much helpful information out there on websites, but you should learn by doing and not just putting your data in a browser to calculate. Part of the magic of Numerology is doing the work.

Ready to have your world rocked? Please read all the information in this article to grasp the advice and guidance we are giving you about the world of numbers. Keep in mind that even though one Life Path number may be good for you, the opposite could be true for them.

Life Path Number 1 

For Life Path Number 1, you are a born LEADER. This leadership comes in all forms, including your relationships with other people. In the dating realm, you are most compatible with Life Path Number 3, COMMUNICATOR, and Life Path Number 5, FREEDOM.

A Life Path Number 3 allows you to understand the importance of communication in your relationship and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation for their ability to communicate. A Life Path Number 5 enables you to grow any way you choose to with their support and creative guidance following suit. Either gives you a different perspective, but can strengthen your sense of purpose. However, a 3 may be more of a long-term partner, whereas a 5 is suitable for casual relationships.

Life Path Number 2 

For Life Path Number 2, you are a natural DIPLOMAT. Your relationships will always be in harmony as long as you commit to them. In the dating realm, you are most compatible with Life Path Number 8, CEO of MANIFESTING; Life Path Number 6, THE NURTURER; and Life Path Number 9, HUMANITARIAN.

A Life Path Number 8 will help you manifest the life of your dreams, whereas a Life Path Number 6 will give you the relationship of your dreams. A Life Path Number 9 will teach you to become a much better person and rise to your potential. You may find yourself choosing relationships with all three for meaningful relationships throughout your life.

Life Path Number 3  

For Life Path Number 3, you are a gifted COMMUNICATOR. When it comes to starting conversations on your date and listening to your potential partner, you excel wildly. In the dating realm, you are most compatible with Life Path Number 1, LEADER; Life Path Number 5, FREEDOM; and Life Path Number 7, THINKER.

Life Path Number 1 allows you to grow while following another person's lead. This type of relationship helps you understand how to work in sync with your partner. A Life Path Number 5 allows you the freedom to discover who you are and create a unique path together. This may be exciting and stressful at the same time. A Life Path Number 7 will give you a life of security and comfort. The chances are that you will enjoy dating a 5, having your first real relationship with a 1, and then settling down with a 7.

Life Path Number 4 

For Life Path Number 4, you live to be THE BUILDER. For your relationships with others, this means you work hard at building and maintaining the connections for a strong foundation.
In the dating realm, you are most compatible with Life Path Number 7, THINKER; Life Path Number 2, THE DIPLOMAT; and Life Path Number 8, CEO of MANIFESTING.

Life Path Number 7 provides you the intellectual stimulation and security you deeply desire. A Life Path Number 2 allows you to grow outside of the relationship as it provides you harmony from within. A Life Path Number 8 allows both of you to build a life of abundance. Depending on what you want to build in your life, each offers an opportunity to grow and evolve.

Life Path Number 5 

For Life Path Number 5, you yearn for FREEDOM. Dating may be spontaneous and random to you, and you like it that way. You enjoy being free in all ways. In the dating realm, you are most compatible with Life Path Number 3, COMMUNICATOR; Life Path Number 1, LEADER; and Life Path Number 9, HUMANITARIAN.

A Life Path Number 3 helps you learn to communicate with others more effectively while also feeling understood and seen. A Life Path Number 1 provides you with stability and the ability to learn to be a good partner. A Life Path Number 9 allows you to grow to your fullest potential. Each comes with its own set of challenges, and chances are you will toggle between these life paths until you settle down or decide to go solo for good. You are free to choose the love you want in your life.

Life Path Number 6  

For Life Path Number 6, you exist to be THE NURTURER. It is easy for you to give in relationships and allow the other person to grow. In the dating realm, you are most compatible with Life Path Number 1, LEADER; Life Path Number 2, THE DIPLOMAT; Life Path Number 9, HUMANITARIAN.

A Life Path 1 will help give you security. A Life Path 2 will give you the harmony you crave, and a 9 will help you evolve to the person you need to be while also giving you a nurturing environment.

Life Path Number 7 

For Life Path Number 7, you relish being a THINKER. In relationships and dating, you may tend to overanalyze what you say and what others say. In the dating realm, you are most compatible with Life Path Number 5, FREEDOM; Life Path Number 4, THE BUILDER; Life Path Number 9, HUMANITARIAN,

A Life Path Number 5 will allow you to be yourself at your best and think creatively. A Life Path Number 4 will build a life with you. A Life Path Number 9 will love you unconditionally and help you reach your full potential. Whatever energy you choose, you will be content with any of these life path numbers as a partner.

Life Path Number 8 

For Life Path Number 8, you excel at being the CEO of MANIFESTING. Dating and relationships may come naturally to you as long as you are in sync with your manifesting skills. In the dating realm, you are most compatible with Life Path Number 2, THE DIPLOMAT; Life Path Number 4, THE BUILDER; Life Path Number 6, THE NURTURER.

A Life Path Number 2 will give you the balance and harmony you need to accomplish your goals. A Life Path Number 4 will build alongside your plans to manifest an abundant life together. A Life Path 6 will give you the support you need during any difficult times. Each provides a valuable contribution to a relationship, but a 2 may bring you the best harmony for life balance.

Life Path Number 9 

For Life Path Number 9, you are here to be the HUMANITARIAN. Universal love is part of your path here, and you seek a partner to share that love and idealism with for life.

In the dating realm, you are most compatible with Life Path Number 6, THE NURTURER, although you could realistically be partnered with any life path number. The choice is really up to you and how you want to spend your life.

Using Personality Numbers as a Guide 

Personality numbers help us understand the traits of a person more in-depth than a life path number. A person may have a specific path in life. Still, their personality may be entirely slightly different from what a Life Path number states as Personality numbers are more detailed and nuanced. You may even find that personality numbers correspond to your ascending sign, which is how others see you.

Using a method of assigning value to each consonant of the alphabet (y is tricky and varies) and then judging their personality based on either the numerical combination of those numbers reduced to one number from your full name or just using the first letter of your first name as the basis. For ease, some people go with the first letter of the first name, but a reduced numerical combination will give you a more accurate reading.

Number for Each Consonant:
Personality Number 1: J, S
Personality Number 2: B, K, T
Personality Number 3: C, L
Personality Number 4 : D, M, V
Personality Number 5: N, W
Personality Number 6: F, X
Personality Number 7: G, P, Y
Personality Number 8: H, Q, Z
Personality Number 9: R

Add each number to one total. Then reduce it down to one digit. For example, let's say you're looking at the name Jennifer Aniston.

1+5+5+6+9+5+1+2+5 = 39 … 3+9 = 12 … 1+2 = 3

Personality Number 3's have very much Libra energy going on, and this is true with her. Although Aniston is an Aquarius, she is a Libra ascendant in her natal astrology chart, which rings true as ascendent as this is how others see her.

 Personality Number 1 

Vibrant and dynamic, Personality Number 1 gives off Aries energy. Goal-oriented and stubborn, this person will make plans for any date though they may change their mind about what the both of you are doing at the last minute. Be prepared to experience spontaneity and wild fun with this personality.

Personality Number 2 

Friendly and approachable, Personality Number 2 gives off mild Pisces energy. Although they are willing to change and adapt for you, they may not always express their dislike of anything. You may sense an underlying tension that could end the dating relationship, so be wary and learn to get them to communicate with you to establish a bond.

Personality Number 3 

Optimistic and full of energy, Personality Number 3 shines with Libra energy. Although they can be very personable and great listeners, they can also be a bit of a gossip. Learn to trust them first before telling them your life story. Otherwise, these types are very fun to date.

Personality Number 4 

Oozing confidence and stability is Personality Number 4. Giving off some natural Capricorn energy with a hint of Virgo, these types are very business-minded. Their career is on track, but love and romance may not be. They may be looking for casual or finally looking to settle down. Trustworthiness is their core so that you can relax around them.

Personality Number 5 

Independent and in need of constant change, a Personality Number 5 beams with Gemini vibes and a dash of Scorpio. This type quickly goes with the flow, but may not always be reliable. Always looking for adventure, these personalities love to date and will show you a good time, but may not be looking for a relationship any time soon.

Personality Number 6 

Very family-oriented and self-sacrificing, Personality Number 6 exudes Cancer energy. When they are dating, they are looking for a commitment so that they may be serious from the start. Loving and nurturing, this type parodically doesn't like sharing feelings, so it may be more work for you to bring their inner feelings to the surface.

Personality Number 7 

Secretive and intellectual, Personality Number 7 pulses with subtle Scorpio energy. Conversations may be very thought-provoking, and you may find dating to be more intense than with other personality types. At times, they may appear to withdraw from you and seek private time alone to recharge and process thoughts and feelings.

Personality Number 8 

Balanced and materialistic, Personality Number 8 emits serious Taurus energy. While dating, this type will be very straightforward about what they are looking for in both the short and long term and whether or not you fit the bill. While balanced, this personality is also highly ambitious and may look for someone with the same values and loses energy in those who don't very quickly.

Personality Number 9 

Charming and appreciating the finer things in life, Personality Number 9 emanates Leo's energy with a dash of Cancer. They come off as arrogant and have higher expectations of others, but are very forgiving and nurturing. Dating them will be filled with sensual and compassionate experiences on all levels.


Although the dating world is complex, you can use tools such as Numerology and astrology to help determine your relationship compatibility with a potential soulmate. Using numbers such as a birth date, for example, can give you insights into a person's personality and life goals. Many websites offer advice and guidance on Numerology, but none as good as MeetYourPsychic.

Are you wanting to learn more about how Numerology can help you in your love life? Speak to one of our expert psychics on our website today to find out more. 

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