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The Sexiest Zodiac Signs

Have you wondered which astrological signs are the sexiest?

All zodiac signs vary in their appeal and appearance to each other, but some stand out more to others due to their personality and presence. Being sexy isn't just about physical appearance, but about tone and attitude. Sex appeal can even be intellectual to some signs!

Unfortunately, Aquarius and Capricorn are the least sexy out of the zodiac signs due to their inflexibility. Aquarians are often loners and experience trust issues. Capricorns can be insecure, and both of these signs struggle with their ego.

There is nothing less sexy than someone with an unresolved ego issue!

All that being said, confidence, just the right amount, can be downright irresistible. 

Roar with a Leo? 

Leos are perhaps the sexiest out of the astrological signs. Their charm and their passionate love of life (as well as themselves) make them desirable. Since they love being at the center of attention, they will be the center of any intimate relationship. Their confidence will drive you wild, and their warm-hearted and generous nature will keep you asking for more.

Swim with a Pisces? 

Pisces are very imaginative and fluid. This combo makes them alluring, like a mermaid calling out to you. They are also known for their deep sense of empathy, so any entanglement with them will be emotionally fulfilling. They can also be a bit detached, making them intriguing to those who prefer the chase.

Feel the sting with a Scorpio? 

So much sex appeal with a Scorpio on all levels! Passion and power are at the heart of this zodiac sign. They have the appearance of a fire sign but are indeed a water sign. Scorpios are filled with mystery, which helps them thrive and makes people want to know them more. But, do be forewarned about that sting! Scorpios aren't ones that fall in love easily, and they hold grudges when the love interest doesn't turn out to be long-term.

Feel the fire with an Aries? 

This fire sign's cheerful disposition and passionate determination make them potent. They will attract lovers from all walks of life. Their impulsiveness can make them quick-witted and very responsive to another person's physical needs and desires. In a relationship with an Aries, you will always feel the fire as they can also be a little hot-tempered. A little friction is good, right?

Experience sensuality with a Cancer? 

Cancerians are emotionally tuned into people so that they will entice you with their vibrational connection to you. They are very nurturing and affectionate, so you will find yourself feeling loved in their presence. A Cancer's sexiness lies within their sentimental nature. Their ability to captivate you is revealed within just one kiss.

 Want to find out if you're compatible with any of these signs? Check out our horoscopes for your sign for more information, or contact one of our psychics specializing in astrology.

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