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What Exactly is Divine Timing?

For many people, having trust in divine timing is a challenge. In order to have absolute faith in the universal rules guiding our life paths and destinies, we need to have confidence in ourselves first. If we don't believe in our potential and worthiness, how can we expect the Universe to respond in kind? The Universe's timing is divine timing, and we cannot assume dominance over it. Life occurs in certain moments, and things happen in their own time.

Diving timing isn't just about what we desire, but what we are ready to receive. If we aren't prepared, then the right timing isn't there just yet. Once we are ready for something or someone to come into our lives, we need to be patient for precisely the right moment for universal timing to do its magic. Our faith in ourselves and the Universe is what creates this magic and makes it all the more sacred and satisfying. 

How Does Destiny Work? 

Believe it or not, everyone's destiny is different and flexible. We may have come into this life with a specific goal or mission, but that doesn't mean we don't have the freedom to alter or stray away from that plan. Our choices create new opportunities and pathways that expand or retract our lives.

Destiny is not set in stone, but is predetermined prior to our births. We come into each life with an ideal outcome of how we'd like things to unfold, but reality settles in and changes our timelines with every decision we make alongside the decisions others make as well. We may be destined to meet specific soulmates in our youth, but may not meet them until midlife due to decisions altering that projected timeline.

The only way to get off track is to force people, events, or opportunities to happen before the right timing is there. When we assume dominance, we are losing control of our ability to be at peace with the present moment. Once we do this, our intended purpose is an unwelcome outer force on the part of the Universe that is allowing us to receive divine timing.

All of life is a matter of choices that we respond to in our own time. Once we have a better understanding of how free will plays into our life path, we stop feeling that we are losing control of our goals and mission and start being present with the people and opportunities set out for us to receive and engage with overall.

What is Free Will? 

Free will is our ability to make choices that shape our lives. This includes choices that are from our past lives and future lives. Without free will, we would be set on a determined path with no hope of ever experiencing real growth or personal transformation.

Most of our lives are guided by our subconscious thoughts and beliefs, and these can alter our free will in ways we may not be consciously aware of at the time. Learning to understand our patterns, especially unhealthy cyclic ones, can help us break free from our toxicity and take reign and responsibility for our free will and our destiny.

Once we have self-awareness, we begin to realize how many people do not understand their own free will and that they can make conscious choices to improve their lives and set themselves up for success rather than failure.

Valuable Tips for Getting in Sync with Divine Timing 


If you are a Type A personality, patience will be an ongoing struggle for you. The most difficult rule of divine timing is the level of calm expectancy you maintain during your waiting period. The more restless you are, the less likely you will receive what you are hoping to manifest into your life. The truth is that the more relaxed you are, the more likely you are to receive the right timing for what you want. Patience is all about the ability to release control, especially when it comes to mundane tasks and mundane events. Allow yourself to sit within uncomfortable areas and pay attention to your surroundings. There are signs all around you trying to guide you on your path.

At the heart of divine timing is the need for patience. When we arrive at the present point, we are no longer living in the past or the future. Our mind, soul, and body are in one place, and the Universe responds to that vibration. Once we arrive at our point of patience, we have achieved our alignment with our higher self and our greatest good. We are the center of the vibration for gratitude, where abundance comes into play. Patience is the key to receiving this level of abundance through our undivided attention and mindful presence.

Redefine Your Understanding Of Time

When we think of time, we automatically lend ourselves to feelings of impatience. Impatience is the lack of gratitude and takes us out of the present moment. The moment we step into mindfulness and appreciate our surroundings and what we have, we live for today and not tomorrow. Reconsider how you view the construct of time by placing yourself at the moment instead of worrying about what will happen next and when. Waiting for time only forces us to be held back even further than we already are.

Seeing time as linear forces us to stay in a state of rigidity. Our concept of time is flawed because we live in a linear existence where we are obsessed with the past or future and refuse to live in our present moment. If we let go of these constructs, we can find ourselves floating within the concept of time and be one with the vibrational flow of the Universe. This is the vibration where divine timing resides.

Become Less Attached to Set Outcomes

If we seek to receive a specific outcome without accepting different opportunities, we shut ourselves off from many possibilities. The vibration of openness allows the Universe to bring forth what we can take advantage of within our grasp and make the most out of it. The less attached we are to things happening a particular way, the better we get at seeing opportunities come our way that we may not have been able to see otherwise. These opportunities are at the heart of Divine Timing.

Universal timing is a combination of many forces at work. Once we realize that some things are just out of control and move into a state of acceptance for what is and not fretting over what might be, we allow ourselves to be more present. Ironically, allowing ourselves to be less attached to outcomes will enable us to receive what we need at precisely the right moment when everything is in tune, not just ourselves.

Learn to Sit with Uncertainty

Learning to sit with our discomfort is one of the hardest things we must master in life. Uncertainty forces us to deal with uncomfortable emotions and even asks us to deal with the consequences of our actions, if we sit and think about it for a while. Most people want to go and seek the reward without any understanding of what will happen. Sitting with uncertainty allows us to meditate on our decisions and choices, and of course, be more present at the moment.

When we examine our discomfort, we look inward and become aware of our obstacles. Self-awareness helps us to arrive at our divine timing. If we force things, we lose sight of the perfect timing and end up with more challenging lessons to learn, the biggest ones being patience.

Be More Fluid and Less Time-Centered

When things happen in a randomly seeming nature, embrace it. Being in a state of fluidity and flexibility allows us to focus less on divine timing and more on the present moment. New ideas and inspired action will happen when divine timing is in play. When our state of patience is activated, we are open to being more creative and find solutions to our problems. Fluidity allows us to stay in the moment and go along with time flow instead of fighting against it.

One of the best outcomes of fluidity is stumbling upon the right person or opportunity at the moment when you aren't actively seeking it. It comes to you from out of the blue. The rush you get from it, the feeling of connection, this is the blessing of divine timing at play. All you have to do is just allow yourself to be. Pay attention, be open, and the Universe will provide.


Free will plays a crucial role in our life path as well as determining our destiny. Divine timing fluctuates due to many factors, but is vital in our ascension and life purpose. Being patient and letting the Universe unfold its plan before you is critical in being in tune with how divine timing works. Developing an attitude of gratitude and fluidity will allow you to enjoy the journey as life works its miracles before you.

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