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What Not to Do When Getting a Psychic Reading : Advice from Psychic Pomba Gira

So, you've decided you want to get a psychic reading but have never gotten one before?

It's okay to be nervous, curious, and even skeptical. Anything new or unknown to you is going to be a little frightening at first.

Take time to do your research, speak with others who have already talked with psychics, perhaps even speak with a real psychic or two before actually booking your online psychic reading so you can be prepared.

Psychics help people with many issues in their lives. They can even assist you with your life path and your destiny.

As a psychic reader myself, I've put together some helpful information on what not to do so you can have the accurate psychic reading that you deserve. 

Don't quiz the psychic. 

Psychics are genuine, hardworking people like you; however, we just work harder in the spiritual realm to provide you service. We are here to enlighten you, not impress you. You wouldn't go to a general practitioner and expect them to guess information to help heal you, now would you? The same applies to psychics. Asking your name, birthday, zodiac sign, or relationship status isn't to pry information out of you. It's to better connect with your energy and interpret better whatever Spirit is showing via intuition, visions, tarot cards, or whatever other divination tools are being used.

Don't close yourself off.  

Do you know how difficult it is to build a romantic or platonic relationship with someone emotionally unavailable and closed off? It's like no matter how hard you try to connect with that individual, they just won't let you in. That's what psychics experience when clients refuse to open up energetically to allow us to serve them. Sometimes this is due to a client's fear, shame, or skepticism. Remember, psychics are not here to judge you, so there is no reason for fear or shame. However, if you're new to or skeptical about psychics, simply try giving things a fair chance. We are here to help!

Don't come with the answer.  

People make a common mistake with psychics coming to us with their decision already made or their question already answered. In other words, they're looking for confirmation and not guidance. This is how most psychics are wrongfully discredited and sometimes unfairly related. If you find yourself doing this, ask yourself if you genuinely already knew the answer(s), would you be speaking to a psychic? Psychics are here to provide wisdom, truth, and healing. Therefore, we will never tell you what you want to hear if it doesn't serve you.

Don't seek psychics if you don't believe in psychics.  

As psychics, we already know who does not believe or value spiritual work. Therefore we are not going to take it personally when you tell us. However, to diminish negativity from within your space, simply stay away from psychic readings if you don't like them. As for us psychics, we are going to continue to heal others.

Psychic Pomba Gira can be reached online at MeetYourPsychic at extension. 1177 

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