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The Value of Your Love Number

If you're looking to find the secret to having a relationship running smoothly, understanding your love number may help you in existing and new relationships.

When we seek to find our soulmate, we yearn to connect with someone who fulfills us in every way. A healthy relationship is one that is created with the foundation of openness, acceptance, and honesty. If we treat relationships as transactional only, we will lose sight of the magic that they bring into our lives and the love that is offered.

Using Numerology to help guide us on the insights we need on how to approach a potential relationship. By looking at your date of birth, you can learn how a person thinks and behaves as it describes personalities. Awareness of ourselves and others helps us better understand and communicate with those around us.

Your life path number is key to understanding various other numbers related to your date of birth. One of these is your lucky number. Another is your love number which we will discuss further. 

What is Your Love Number? 

Essentially, your love number directly correlates to your life path number. You can calculate either number by adding up all the numbers in your birthdate until you reach a single digit.

For example, if we were to calculate the love number of Pete Davidson, we would add up his birthdate of November 16, 1993, until we got to a single number.

1+1+1+6+1+9+9+3 = 31 … 3+1=4

Love numbers help guide us on to how we shape, pursue, and value our relationships. With a love number of 4, Davidson is focused on building a foundation with his partner. Relationships are highly valued by him, and he takes them seriously, so he will not commit to someone lightly.

Numbers 1, 5, and 7 are, not surprisingly, the analytically minded numbers. These are the people who look at every angle and like to review before fully committing. Often, they will find their mind getting in the way of their heart and making decisions for the heart based on logic rather than how they feel.

Numbers 2, 4, and 8 tend to be leaning towards business and career focus rather than relationships. Even though they may be dedicated to the relationship and making it work, they may set their sights on other ambitions and aspirations.

Numbers 3, 6, and 9 tend to yearn for art, creative ventures, and humanitarian endeavors. In relationships, these people give all of who they are to make them happen even if they fall apart the next day. They live life to the fullest and will often be more forgiving of others.

The Braveheart Number 1 

Your life path number corresponds to leadership, and in love you like to run in and take charge with a brave heart. When it comes to choosing a partner, you are very focused and have a hard time taking no for an answer. You are rarely shy and often make big grand public displays of affection once you've set your sights on someone. Loyalty and courage are at the center of your pursuit, and you endure to find a lover who is just as brave and passionate about you as you are about them.

Best matches: The Joyful Number 3 or the Discovery Number 5

The Polite Number 2 

Your life path number yearns for peace and harmony, which is why you are incredibly civilized and thoughtful while dating. Being polite is how you give and receive love, so it is not surprising that this is your love number. You think twice before you speak and apologize when needed. Everything you do, you take into consideration your partner or potential love interest. Love to you is all about finding a sense of within each other.

Best matches: The Charming Number 6, The Brooding Number 8, or the Genuine Number 9

The Joyful Number 3 

Your life path number speaks volumes about who you are and what you want in a relationship. Your love life is filled with joy, as is your love number. Sharing the highlights of your day, your passions, and your needs helps you feel connected with your love interest. At the same time, a sense of joy and purpose propels your relationships, and people can't help but feel a sense of happiness when they are around you. One of your best traits is your good listening skills, so you are so gifted at communicating. While dating, it is hard for you to be subtle as you enjoy expressing your feelings by showing public displays of affection.

Best matches: The Braveheart Number 1, The Discovery Number 5, or the Brooding Number 7

The Foundational Number 4 

Your life path number includes paths that lead to carefully constructed ideas about relationships and how to pursue them, and the shape they must take. Love is about foundations, as is your love number. You believe in building a solid foundation before seeking a long-term relationship and value taking your time in getting to know someone. Although you may enjoy romantic gestures such as the occasional chocolate-covered strawberries, you value someone's attention and time more. You are by far the most trustworthy number when it comes to relationships. Anyone interested in being with you should get a secure feeling the moment they meet you. No matter the relationship, you provide a sense of safety while establishing the boundaries you two will share.

Best matches: The Brooding Number 7, The Polite Number 2, The Pragmatic Number 8

The Discovery Number 5 

Your life path number is in pursuit of freedom, so it makes sense that your love number seeks to discover love and romance everywhere you go. In relationships, you take pleasure in the discovery portion of getting to know someone and dive deep into their psychological depths and don't mind sharing your own life story, even if perhaps a bit too early in the relationship. You enjoy being challenged mentally while also bungee jumping into a relationship with all your vulnerability. Nevertheless, you are fun-loving and easy to get along with overall. The process of building a relationship with you is all about the journey itself, and you find the process rewarding.

Best matches: The Joyful Number 3, The Braveheart Number 1, or the Genuine Number 9

The Charming Number 6 

Your life path number is all about nurturing others which makes your love number charmed when it comes to love and romance. Everything is all about providing love, warmth, and security for each other from the first moment you meet. You enjoy a traditional type of dating where you and your person of interest enjoys candlelight dinners together. Getting to know each other is of extreme importance as your goal is to settle down and be with your soulmate for the rest of your life, and that is the attitude you approach in every romantic relationship. Whether you're a prince or princess, you can charm your way into anyone's heart by just being the loving person you are.

Best matches: The Braveheart Number 1, The Polite Number 2, or the Genuine Number 9

The Brooding Number 7 

Your life path number is centered around introspection and analytical thinking, so it may not be a surprise that your love number is a bit brooding. Sure, this is great while you enjoy scholarly pursuits, but you find yourself bored easily when you are starting to get to know someone. Sometimes you come across as self-centered because you say the wrong things, and then you overanalyze and overthink about situations later or perhaps not at all. Gaining more self-awareness might help you seem less cynical and help you get in touch with your heart and out of your head. Learn to live in the moment and enjoy someone else's company, and that is how you will meet someone that will connect with you.

Best matches: The Discovery Number 5, The Polite Number 4, or the Genuine Number 9

The Pragmatic Number 8 

Your life path number is focused on manifesting your every need into being, so you are very pragmatic about your love life. You look at everything as if it were a business deal with no public displays of attention. As much as you yearn for romantic relationships, they may seem transactional to you and your partner. Pragmatism will only get you so far in life. Lean into your heart-centered action and allow yourself to be. You have a natural ability to attract abundance, and you can be happy in your relationships if you expand your expectations and boundaries.

Best matches: The Polite Number 2, The Foundational Number 4, or the Charming Number 6

The Genuine Number 9 

Your life path number is all about serving humanity and making the world a better place to be. When it comes to your love number, you are the most genuine number out of all of them. You have learned from life and are patient and passionate about any partner you become involved with within your life. In relationships, you tend to be clear and kind, and people always know that they matter to you. Love emanates from you with every interaction you have, and you inspire others to be better just with your presence.

Best matches: The Charming Number 6


In Numerology, there are multiple uses for understanding your date of birth and the value of your full name. For instance, birthdates are used for life path numbers, love numbers, and lucky numbers, whereas your full name is needed to find your destiny number. Our love number helps us understand how we are in relationships and how others see us. This knowledge can help us better prepare ourselves for being in relationships and meeting the love of our lives.

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