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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope - September 18, 2021

Prediction Dates & Love Compatibility for the Sagittarius Zodiac Sign

Date RangeDualityElementQualitySymbol
November 22–December 21 Masculine Fire Mutable The Archer

Today's Sagittarius Horoscope

  • How frequently do you review long-term goals, or when was the last time you did? If somebody encourages you to do so or, better still, offers helpful advice, now is the time to look to the future. You could be reminded that thinking about what you want to achieve isn't nearly as helpful as committing goals to paper. But there are benefits to revisiting what fires you up and ways to increase future stability.

Today's Sagittarius Love Horoscope

  • Recent romantic developments may encourage you to re-evaluate your approach to love. However, even if you deal with passionate or intimate forces you don't understand, there could be no harm in seeking advice from a close friend. They could have helpful knowledge backed up with a dating history that might reveal your circumstances aren't as unique as you think they are.

About Sagittarius Sign

Always the philosopher, the Sagittarian is always on the quest to understand tomorrow, today. Flowing through life like a river allows the Sagittarian to be on the constant move to discover where the wind will take them. Their kindness and constant giving make them a fantastic friend to have in your circle. Trying to tie them down in a relationship however, is a bit more challenging. Sagittarians are much too free for commitment. They truly are expecting tomorrow to be completely different from today and are excited about that reality. Looking for the Sagittarian in a group? Simply listen to the most dynamic and laughter filled story. You will have found who you are looking for! Boredom does tend to cut their projects short of completion, although the work that they do is very proficient. Regardless of the task, they are good at it. When the pressure is on, the Sagittarian always rises to the top with creativity, versatility and self-proclaimed luck. An open book, what you see is what you get with a Sagittarian. And although they have little time for tact, they are easily offended by others direct remarks. Sagittarians are so much fun to be around that everyone simply accepts that their word means little and that irresponsibility and recklessness simply come with the territory.

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