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See it, believe it, and achieve it. Are you living in a space of lack?  When you see abundance in all forms, it is easy to attract more into your life. Learn how to focus on your current abundance so that you can attract more of what you desire. Start a new path of success today by taking advantage of this free and amazing psychic guidance.

In order to manifest what your heart desires, you must claim your desires from the Universe. To attract your desires into your physical reality, you must claim your desires in physical form. As any psychic reader will tell you, one of the most effect... Continue reading

Hello, and Welcome! I am Psychic Empress. If you are new to my blog, blessings, and salutations! For my wonderful returning clients and viewers, thank you and know that I appreciate you very much. Be always blessed! I am here to spread positive empow... Continue reading

The real power of belief is as awe-inspiring as looking up to the stars for the first aware moment of our lives. This will be something I repeat throughout my posts and messages. I will never give up on passing on a message that empowers people to li... Continue reading

Who doesn't need a pick-me-up from time to time? We all do. It is vital to coach yourself during challenging times, new transitions, and higher positions and through changes. Often we doubt our abilities or second guess our capabilities. This only br... Continue reading

As we all know, the universe is an enormous force of space and time. We can never know all there is to know of the laws of the universe, but the goal to learn as much as we can is so exciting! The law of attraction is a potent tool to help obtain the... Continue reading

Do you believe in the power of manifestation? If you do, then it is crucial to understand how to have an abundance mindset. How you think shapes your world because how you think shapes your behavior and the actions you take every day. Every decision ... Continue reading

Vision boards are an excellent tool for manifesting. You can make them using various materials to speak to you and help you visualize what is you are hoping to manifest in your life. Here are 23 inspiring ideas to help you create the best vision boar... Continue reading

You have the ability to manifest everything you want.You can manifest a lot of things, but not everything. When you put forth the energy to manifest, be realistic with your intention and desires. This doesn't mean to think small with your ideas. It m... Continue reading

Raise your vibration.Raising your vibration should be your first step before you begin to manifest as you will need to clear out any negativity you have. The more work you do to let go of what no longer serves you, the clearer you will become on what... Continue reading

AngerAnger will block you in insidious and unsuspecting ways. It can be the trigger that sets you off in making decisions before the timing is right and forcing you to fail and learn a painful lesson. It can be the catalyst that drives off the people... Continue reading

What happens when we chase money? Did you know, a vast majority of the population are chasing money? What happens when we pursue something? It implies that another thing is running away. In the same way, we track a relationship, and the other person ... Continue reading

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