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It takes two to Tango

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my first time and returning readers.  Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing.

I want to talk about our Master Contracts versus our Survival Scripts. There are two levels: Survival mode (lower Chakras) and Thriving, (coming from an open and loving heart).  

The Survival Scripts that we write will include these statements:

I need this to happen for me.

Why can't I find a meaningful relationship?

What's wrong with me?

I want this to happen now.

I will get attention, even if it means from negative validation.

I can't do this alone!

I need people to support me.

I will try to succeed this time.

The Master Contract says:

I am and know my abundance.

I have a fully open and loving heart.

I am happy when others are successful.

I achieve.

I commit and follow through.

I am grateful for all that I have.

I move easily into every aspect of my life.

The Survival Script goes something like this:

I need to be successful, and I want to have support in this.  If I could just get closure from the situations of the past my life would be better.  When I get this, I will be be happy.

I feel that I always just scrape by, when will things get better for me?  When will my relationships improve? How could I be so naive to believe them?

Associated emotions:  Hope, fear, anxiety, stress, anger, animosity, blame, shame, guilt.

Here is a Master Script Example:

I am grateful for everything that I receive.  I am success and abundance, and I know that I have already connected to the series of events that lead to a successful and abundant life.  I forgive those whom have harmed, and send them healing energy so they would find themselves transformed.  I see that I do have control over my life and the achievement of my goals.  Rather than limit myself I look to endless abundance.  I celebrate the success of others, and do my personal best rather than compare myself to them.  I know that closure comes from me, and my ability to forgive. I manifest a beautiful day, everyday, and my heart is open to loving everyone unconditionally. I take action, and act from a place of Wisdom rather than react and permit lower emotions control me.  I am connected to Divine Source, and accept all the gifts of the Spirit.

Associated Emotions:  Unconditional Love, Gratitude, Belief, Honest optimism, kindness, living ethically, 

I love you and I believe in you.  Reside in Love.  You are more powerful that you know!

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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Closure is Self Realized

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my returning and new readers.  Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing.  It is a joy to share Sacred Space with you.

The topic of closure comes into readings at least 80% of the time.  

If they would only apologize, explain themselves, ask for forgiveness, in the years that I have done this work, it is the same thing.  

Closure, real closure, comes from a place of self-reconciliation.  You can have your ex apologize, beg for forgiveness, and it still will not bring you closure unless you are ready to let go and move on.  It takes a tremendous amount of energy to hang onto a grudge.  It eats up your energy, zaps your creativity, alienates friends and family whom are tired of hearing about it, and erodes your work performance.  If you are so focused on "they owe me closure!" how can you progress and evolve yourself?

The fact is, that dating and relationships take two people actively engaged in the process of growing together.  When one starts to go missing , the relationship will start to falter, and then go flat.  Leaving the other to wonder, what happened?!

If you are looking for closure or a sincere apology from a narcissist, it simply does not happen, unless it is serving them.  

Closure comes from you learning how to let go and move on.  Often times it involves forgiving yourself for having invested so much energy into the situation.  If you are not receiving closure, the logical thing to do would be to walk away and stop giving your energy over.  The emotional self says, "hey maybe if I invest more of my energy, then they will see what they could lose, and apologize to me or make amends!"  It does not work this way, the more energy invest, the more closure you will need, Stop yourself before you are frustrated, angry, resentful, and  bitter!   

Let self regulation enter. This is no different than smoking cessation in that it is an addiction to a relationship or a person.  You replace the habit of investing yourself with something healthy such as working out at the gym, gardening, meditation, or doing something oriented to you.  It is a simple matter of the reassignment of energy.  Yes, it takes time, but each day gets easier and easier, until one day you wake up, and you have closure.  You no longer wake up thinking about them, wondering what they are doing, who are they with, do they miss you, will they ever really apologize, or regretting having hurt you.

You wake up and stop asking WHY, and realize how much has passed you by because of your obsession with the need for closure.

A dear friend of mine, let's call her Jill (whom has given me permission to share this with you, thank you!), had her husband abruptly pass away several years ago.  It was devastating to her, as she and he genuinely loved each other.  In the past few months of their marriage he had been less talkative, and seemed to be drifting in his energy.  She was to learn that he had missed several critical doctors appointments, feeling that he had time to address his heart issues.  In going through the bank statements, she noticed several charges to a women's store for things that had not made it home,  She found herself deeply upset with him, and was unable to get closure for this.  With Joe being gone for  several years, she sought professional help to get the closure that she needed.  It took some time, but she was able to let go, and know that Joe really did love her and only her. Recently, she ran into their God daughters whom thanked her and Joe for the gifts that he purchased them for their birthdays just days prior to his passing.  They shared how deeply they cherished these last lovely gifts.  The irony is that the closure was achieved prior to her finding out that it was innocent, and he had purchase them and given them to her sister to give to the girls on their birthdays.  

Life is simply too short and too precious to hang onto negative emotions and increase our stress.  It takes away from the joy, gratitude, and recognition of the small blessings that we have in our lives NOW.  Right now, 

If you find yourself seeking closure, know that it comes from you giving yourself permission to let go.  Every time that you think about it, let it go, replace it with something that does serve your life.  Offer gratitude that you are moving on, and finding your way back to happiness in your own life.  

The messages that I get from the other side are around forgiveness, love, kindness, compassion, and most importantly, that unless we receive closure here, in physical human form, we carry it over into the afterlife.  Yes, we are intended to clear our lessons here in this life! Right Now!  Today!  

Carrying unresolved issues into the afterlife slows down our soul's evolution.  I am involved with a group that works with ITC, basically using technology to verify messages and energies from the other side (life after life). Here are the most common messages:

I love you

We love you

Do not fear

You are loved and supported

Learn your lessons now

Appreciate the life that you have now

Love crosses with you

On my Mother-in-laws birthday, she said my husband's name, and then it was followed with a "We love you" in her voice.  He was able to receive this validating message from her that she knew that she was loved and missed, and return the sentiment in real time, this was from and EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomenon..  (I do not recommend this work for everyone,if you are the least bit afraid, I would not suggest it until you were feeling confident in your connection to the Spiritual Multiverse).

Thank you for sharing this time together.  

I love you and I believe in you.

Please do ask for closure in your prayers and meditation time Dear Ones. You will surely receive it.

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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​Want to know his or her intentions and feelings? Psychic Ariel is an intuitive spiritualist specializing in love and relationships. Allow her guide to provide you a sense of direction, clarity & solutions towards your personal questions and concerns with prophetic in-depth details.

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Your First Tarot Reading - No Questions Asked

​Let me preface this by saying that what follows has only been my experience when reading tarot for someone who has never had a tarot reading before.

When I was about 11 or 12 years old I got my first tarot card reading from a man, sitting in a decorated camping tent at my older cousins annual Halloween bash. My mother cautiously walked in with me after speaking her distaste for tarot (and other tools like ouija and dowsing, etc.). She only relented on the condition that I didn't take anything seriously and only thought of what was being said to me as fancy - it was the readers rule that any persons under 16 had to be accompanied by a parent during the reading.

So we went in and sat down, we exchanged pleasantries while I shuffled the much-too-big-for-my-hands deck of ornately drawn Rider Waite Smith cards. Now, I don't remember what I asked of the cards or what of the 4 or 5 cards were drawn other than the 8 of Pentacles as this was well over a decade ago - I now record most every reading I do for myself as reference. However, I remember thinking "This is telling me nothing about my future it's only telling me... about me. I already know this stuff." So I walked out of there a little disappointed, but having had fun none the less. It didn't deter me from going back the next year (and every year able since) to have my tarot cards read. However, it wasn't until I started reading tarot myself about a year or two later that I realized a pattern.

Now, at the time I was just starting High School and was only reading for friends and classmates during home room or between classes, so it was common for me to be giving a tarot reading to someone who had never had one before (I even did a reading for my bus driver one time, but that is another story). And the pattern started showing up that the cards kind of introduced themselves to the querent, by reflecting themselves back at the reader, rather than revealing tidbits of information about their potential future as they did to me during my first reading.

The way I interpret this is my or my querent's higher self is channeling through the cards as if to say "I know this about you as you currently are so this is why you should take what I have to say to heart." It wouldn't matter if the person I was reading had a broad or very specific question to ask, the cards just always came up to read the personality. In a way this also set the tone that my readings would take for that person in the future, blunt, more mysterious, casual; the cards would often pull in a similar language to that very first reading only now revealing a potential path for the reader.

So, if you're considering having your tarot cards read for the first time, don't be too disappointed if they don't answer your questions, instead be open to their introduction. You might not learn anything new about yourself necessarily, but pay attention to the language and tone that the cards are presenting themselves in - this will likely be similar for any future readings you decide to get. This very initial reading is just as much you being introduced to the imagery, tone, and language of tarot as it is your higher self or spirit guides having the chance to learn how to speak with and guide you more succinctly through this tool. When the reading is over, just give it some time, ponder the cards and what they said - because they still said something, and come back and get another in a couple of days; you'll probably find that the cards will be much more likely to address your concerns.

Spring Blessings,


Korvina has been reading tarot for over a decade and has expanded her interest in other divinatory practices such as runes, pendulums, and dowsing, and the smallest bit of palm reading.

If you'd like to schedule a reading with me, please, remember to leave an honest review at the end of our session. They are the best thanks that I can get!

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Wisdom to my Younger Self

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to both my returning and new readers!  Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing.

The other night I had a vivid dream where I was shown the Wisdom, at least part of it, that I have accumulated over the years. It felt like I was being given the opportunity for an in depth Life Review for the benefit of my future self.  These are things, which had I know them, I would have considered in my younger years.  Spirit has given me the green light to share them with you.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. More patient with my family.  In the days of youthful impatience, it came off as disregard for my parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.  Seeing the value of the Wisdom imparted by them now makes me wonder what else I could have gleaned to live a more productive and loving life.

2  Step away from narcissists:  While they are charming, and engage you at first, in the long run, they drain your health, your self esteem, sometimes your bank account, and act to separate you from your friends and family.  Remember it is all about them.While this acted as a springboard for my 20+ years of research and treatment of narcissism, and I have been able to assist others, it was a hard earned lesson.

3. It is all about unconditional love and acceptance: We are born with the ability to love unconditionally, but over time, judgement, criticism, and fear creep into our lives.  We learn it at school on the playground, from our family and religious organizations, and from advertising media, trying to sell us what our lives should look like.  Residing in unconditional love means that we open ourselves to the abundance of the Universe/Divine source.

4. Gratitude:  Having Gratitude for the smallest kindness and, rather than for the grandiose gestures and gifts, helps us to evolve Spiritually and to stay open to Divine flow.

5. Marriage or Commitment: Not everyone's Soul Contract is for marriage, but we are lead to believe that it is expected in our society and culture. Looking at your reasons for wanting marriage, and determining if it is for you, or because your family and friends expect it can help us to narrow it down to our authentic Soul Contract.

6. Settling to fit in: Learning to settle, rather than hold out for what we REALLY see as our life vision so we don't feel left behind, is one of the bigger life lessons.  We are so eager to keep up that we forget that we each grow and evolve into our gifts at different rates.  Follow your own timeline, and honor your intuition rather than let other's hold the keys to your life,

7. Needy friends:  Another heavy hitter!  Having needy friends, where you end up taking care of them, takes you away from your life path and goals.  What I do believe that we support and love each other, taking away another's growth and life lessons is a disservice to them.  It is enabling them rather than empowering them.  Rule of thumb?  If you must have needy friends, restrict yourself to one at a time only.  That one takes 10 times the effort that a more equal and reciprocal relationship does.  They can not only drain your bank account, but your creative energy and your health!

8. Be financially responsible:  Money is not just about money, it s one of many currencies!  If you are careless with your cash, it can indicate slackening in other areas of your life.  Think about your reasons for spending. Are you feeding your emotional self or are you spending from a place of healthy self image and boundaries.  

9. Invest in your body and health:  Do yoga, walk, run, work out, dance, swim, staying physically active leads to a healthy aging brain, and you are less prone to injury as we age.

10. Neuroplasticity:  Do exercise your mind!  Put away the calculator and use your mind, do crossword puzzles, challenge yourself with learning something new each day.  Keep your mind young!

11. Connect to a Spiritual Center or Meditation Group::  While it is grand to be praying and meditating alone, having friendships with other on this path cultivates your empathy and encourages you to  be a better person.  Having the inspiration of these warm and loving friendships creates a Spiritual Accountability that can grow us exponentially.

12. Sleep:  Get enough proper rest, and make your bedroom a serene place to rest and wake up each day. Getting enough sleep is far more important than we know, and is connected to us making wise decisions and having tremendous energy for our lives.

13. Celebrate and play more!:  Having fun with those whom you love, taking vacations together, stepping away from the office, make you a happier and healthier person.  You also lay a foundation for growing the healthy relationships that you do have in your life.

14. Love the life you live:  And if you don't love it and cannot be 100% invested in it, make changes so you are fully engaged.  You will be far more successful, and your life will flow with amazing ease.

15. Make promis

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