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Meet Your Psychic

A Channeled Message to Ease Your Mind

Certainty is clarity. Clarity is everything. Everything is energy!

Energy is communication that is immortal. Unspoken words can cut through even the thickest misspoken ones. Fear is born from a lack of clarity. Thank you, fear, for showing us when we have a tendency to freeze. We release both now. Fear is learned. With enough certainty, we can unlearn it. We are born energetically wealthy. Our confidence is a family heirloom that we polish and protect.



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It takes two to Tango

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my first time and returning readers.  Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing.

I want to talk about our Master Contracts versus our Survival Scripts. There are two levels: Survival mode (lower Chakras) and Thriving, (coming from an open and loving heart).  

The Survival Scripts that we write will include these statements:

I need this to happen for me.

Why can't I find a meaningful relationship?

What's wrong with me?

I want this to happen now.

I will get attention, even if it means from negative validation.

I can't do this alone!

I need people to support me.

I will try to succeed this time.

The Master Contract says:

I am and know my abundance.

I have a fully open and loving heart.

I am happy when others are successful.

I achieve.

I commit and follow through.

I am grateful for all that I have.

I move easily into every aspect of my life.

The Survival Script goes something like this:

I need to be successful, and I want to have support in this.  If I could just get closure from the situations of the past my life would be better.  When I get this, I will be be happy.

I feel that I always just scrape by, when will things get better for me?  When will my relationships improve? How could I be so naive to believe them?

Associated emotions:  Hope, fear, anxiety, stress, anger, animosity, blame, shame, guilt.

Here is a Master Script Example:

I am grateful for everything that I receive.  I am success and abundance, and I know that I have already connected to the series of events that lead to a successful and abundant life.  I forgive those whom have harmed, and send them healing energy so they would find themselves transformed.  I see that I do have control over my life and the achievement of my goals.  Rather than limit myself I look to endless abundance.  I celebrate the success of others, and do my personal best rather than compare myself to them.  I know that closure comes from me, and my ability to forgive. I manifest a beautiful day, everyday, and my heart is open to loving everyone unconditionally. I take action, and act from a place of Wisdom rather than react and permit lower emotions control me.  I am connected to Divine Source, and accept all the gifts of the Spirit.

Associated Emotions:  Unconditional Love, Gratitude, Belief, Honest optimism, kindness, living ethically, 

I love you and I believe in you.  Reside in Love.  You are more powerful that you know!

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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I am an Empath - Here's how I Work

​Hi friends! I thought this week I'd tell you a little bit more about my abilities as an Intuitive Empath, Clairsentient and Clairvoyant. So, what does that mean?

I was born Empathic. This wasn't a "talent" or skill, it is literally part of what makes me who I am. I can feel (Clairsentience) and see (Clairvoyance) the energies that are produced by the emotions of most things animate (people and animals). I also receive energetic information from places with long histories or strong vibrational signatures. I can and do clear homes and businesses of energy signatures regularly. My presence also attracts these energy signatures who are actively seeking dispersal - in layman's terms, nearby spirits come to me for release into the next life.

As a "psychic" and one who does distance energy readings, I pickup on your energy through our connection, whether via phone or chat, or written text. Based on what I see in your energy, I relay the information as it presents its self, whether a visual image of the past, present or future, or a sense of "feeling" towards the question and object of interest. Sometimes the feelings are not clear enough to translate into our limiting language, so Tarot cards or rune sets help me give a clearer message to you. Anyone within your energy sphere can be read for, but when we start going from 1st person (you), 2nd energy (your object of interest), 3rd energy (a person or situation attached to the 2nd energy) etc... well, the energetic signature fades. When I tell clients not to worry about a 3rd party, it is because the 2nd party has absolutely zero energetic connections showing up!

I most often relate messages with the words "I feel" or "I think" and this is sometimes misconstrued as my opinion. In reality, these are the limiting verbs that I have to use as a human to translate what is essentially an energetic message. Only the Light Language transmissions are free of my human limitations, but that is a specialty area that I wouldn't use unless requested to do so.

When you book a reading with me, the messages you are getting are coming straight out of your own energetic field, which means in many cases to change your situation you will have to change something within yourself first. This isn't usually fun or easy, but the outcome is always worth it.

On a final note, I cannot do readings for Pets because the non-verbal language of animals means I have to be present with them to understand their energy!

I hope this was interesting and informative. Remember that we all channel messages in different ways, so if my style doesn't work for you, it doesn't mean that ​no​ psychic will. Keep an open mind, and your energy will remain open, too. Love and light!


Psychic Holly

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The Psychic Process

​Bright Greetings,

Welcome to my new and returning readers. It is a genuine pleasure to connect with you!  Thank you for liking, sharing, and subscribing.

I want to talk about the Psychic Process.  As an intuitive (which I prefer over psychic),  I receive information in a variety of ways, I hear it, see it, smell it, feel it, see it in small movies, get a word, I have even tasted it, and have palpably touched and felt the energy field of Spiritual Energy around me.  

Many Psychics use cards, and other divination tools to enhance their readings, and this is an accurate and viable form of intuition. Each card carries a vibration or an energy. Each number/image carries an meaning and energy,  and when the cards are shuffled, the cards are being triaged specifically FOR YOU.  Any reader worth their salt, does meditate, pray, call in healing, protection, and asks to connect to your guides, guardians, Divine Source, and Angels.  I personally book end my day with this I open with meditation and prayer early in the morning around 5 a.m. and I close out my day by offering gratitude for you, all of my Meet Your Psychic Family, for Divine love and support, and for the abundant blessings in my life.  I close the door on my day, so that I can get adequate rest for the next beautiful day.  

I receive a great deal of my inspiration from my dreams, downloads, Spiritual upgrades, and healing to my body, mind, and spirit. 

During my morning meditations, I ask for any information that I will need for the day, any messages that are going to be passed forward, and any family or friends that are with those with whom I am blessed to work with that day.  I found that asking for the majority of the download in the morning, making a note of the messages, that it is more efficient, and the path for your reading is paved ahead for you.  

I work with God, Divine Source energy, Archangels, Guardian Angels, Guardians, Guides, Ancestors, and Animal Allies.  I have been strongly connected to my intuition all of my life, and even though it was rough at times, for not all things that I see as an intuitive are happy and joyful, I am imminently grateful for this life.  I have seen Spirits since my earliest memory, and strongly connected with Gaia (Mother Earth).  At age 13, I began working in direct apprenticeship with my maternal grandmother, a well known psychic and healer, and the rest is history!  46 years later, I am still feeling like a kid in a candy store and loving the sweetness life has to offer.  I love hearing that sigh of relief from you during a reading or healing, and feeling your energy shift from anxiety to joy.  Seeing you coming back to connection with Divine Energy truly lights my day and life, and I feel deeply honored to have been witness to at least part of it.

Being Psychic is a lifestyle, but does not mean that you are plugged in and randomly giving readings to every Jane or Joe that you bump into throughout the course of your day. There are boundaries!  When , in a reading, you ask about someone else's spiritual path or life, and I get a wall from Divine Source (saying stop!), it means that you are not meant to know their path, for it is theirs and theirs alone.  Just as yours is confidential to you.  

Many years ago, I came up with what I call "the psychic HIPAA", meaning that your information is private between you, myself, and Source...period.  Unless I have specific permission to share in my work or teaching, it stays between us, so all that is revealed during your reading stays private.  I have a strict rule in my personal life that I do not refer to, speak of, nor share any aspect of my work. My friends and family refrain from asking out of respect and regard for you.  This also helps to draw a line between professional and personal life, for as was stated earlier, boundaries are important!  There is a Sacred Contract that is entered into between us, and I take this seriously.

When I hear, "tell me the truth, I can take it!" that is usually a cue that you are afraid to hear what Spirit has to share with you, but please know, that all of my readings come from a place of deep love, empathy, compassion, regard, and from an honest perspective.  I give it as I receive it!  My Divine support comes from the perspective of love and kindness rather than a dark, harsh, or negative reading.  My question each reading?  Where is the healing needed?  

Please know that whomever you are reading with, that you are connecting to another human being, a person just like yourself.  This is a Sacred Contract, and reciprocal respect is important.  It is sometimes easy to have transference occur during the reading, as in, placing your reader in the stead of the person with whom you are out of sync in your life.  Please know, that space is being held for your best and highest good each and every reading.  I love to paint and many years ago I painted a sign for my home "Nice Matters!" as a way of reminding the family that we are to respect and love each other. Nothing less will do.  

If you feel that you want to work on expanding your innate intuitive abilities (which I believe we are are born with), please give me or one of the other amazing readers on the Meet your Psychic site.  It is our joy to work and connect with you and your Spiritual entourage.

I love you and I believe in you.

Make today the best day of your life!

I look forward to working with you!

In Divine Love and Truth,

Shira <3

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Portals, Programming, and Patterns, Oh My!

​If you have a tendency to delve into the more meta-physical side of Spirituality, you've probably head phrases like "Twin Flame Portal", "Ancestral Patterns" or "Old Programming" tossed around. These meta-physical ideas are rooted in the idea that we are, from birth, indoctrinated in a certain way of seeing and acting (patterns and programs) and that we experience on Earth heightened times of Spiritual activity and growth (portals, among other things). There have been many prominent scientists through the centuries who believed that these changes and activities could happen on a cellular level, and although the name "meta" physics reminds us that this is an exploratory area, not backed up by scientific proof, it is important to understand how we are affected by these ideas, and how they also affects the world around us.

Portals - they happen every month, at the very least, like moon cycles. And also like moon cycles, they can have a profound affect on our energy, emotions, and sensitivity to inner and outer changes. The monthly portals fall as such-











11.11 (The famous Twin Flame portal)


The June 6.6 portal was a powerful portal for ushering a new era of love and light, especially for those on the Twin Flame, or Divine Soul paths. The 6.6 portal will have given those who asked a crash of new programming downloads, which is one of the most important parts of portals - they are where the energetic veil between the 3D and the 5D (and beyond) is very thin, allowing humans a concentrated influx of ascension energy. This is particularly helpful for Twin Flames. So what is this programming? Well...

Programs - Also called "templates", these are the codes written in our DNA that cause us to be a certain way. These Spiritual and meta-physical programs are the 5D equivalent of whether a person is, say, lactose intolerant or not. Have you ever met someone with an intolerance to lactose, but they still eat cheese or yogurt? Changing your gene programming isn't easy, it takes work and it CAN be painful, but often we have no other choice. If we are programmed to stay in the lowest vibrations of fear and ego, changing that programming is they only way we can rise out of it. Awakening new programming in out DNA can also tell us if we are an Indigo Child, Starseed, or other meta-physical Lightworker.

Patterns - patterning is similar to programming, but it is more deeply tied to the Spiritual rather than the meta-physical. Patterns can be the result of thousands of past lives karma left unresolved. A deep fear of something irrational (say, dying at sea on a sunken ship) can be the patterns that have been retained through karma. I personally experienced this - my very first recollection of a past life was the sinking ​Titanic​ which I began talking about when I was five. Terrified my parents, but this is a normal expression of karmic patterns. Ancestral patterns are tied to the men and women in your family line who came before and after you. If toxic situations continue to be repeated (poverty, lack of education, loss of children/parents) then they are more and more densely written into the Akashic Records, and into your own patterning. When people celebrate "the first in his family to attend college" or "the first in her family to leave the neighborhood" they aren't just celebrating an accomplishment, they are celebrating the breaking of Ancestral Patterns that will continue to be a source of pain if not stopped. Both types of patterns can only be released by the soul's understanding of what patterns it experiences, and the sheer will to change. Breaking old patterns takes much more clarity and mental strength than changing old programming, but both are essential to our ascension process.  

These metaphysical things can get complicated, so just remember - ​portals​ download new ​programs​ which help break old ​patterns​. If you need more help, book a reading with me, and ​I can teach you how to be open to the new downloads, and how to integrate them once you have them!


Psychic Holly

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