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Family can be the most rewarding experience of our lives and sometimes the most challenging. Regardless of your experience, you are not alone.  Our truthful and honest psychic advisors have offered their thoughts, wisdom, and advice to help you achieve the happiness you deserve. Enjoy!

How often do you strive to forge forward, but you don't seem to get very far? Do you have a family who unknowingly is holding you back from becoming your most refined version? Family dynamics are strange at best, and whether you realize it or not, yo... Continue reading

Whether it's your child at school or a coworker at work, bullying is never a fun thing to handle. It can create an emotional rollercoaster when it keeps happening with no end in sight. Sometimes the most challenging people who come into our lives do ... Continue reading

It is not unusual for siblings not to get along while growing up, and sometimes that rivalry can continue onward into adulthood. Our siblings can be a challenge for us as they are the ones who we deep down feel that they should know us the best, but ... Continue reading

It's hard when there are broken bonds and animosity among family members. Whether you're in the center of it or not, it's not a comfortable place to be. Even if you want to distance yourself from the situation, it may not be the best option for maint... Continue reading

Past trauma that takes a lifetime to resolveIf our childhood is filled with traumatic events and we don't have a supportive family to help us, we will most likely spend the better part of adulthood trying to come to terms with that to heal. Healing c... Continue reading

Keeping peace and avoiding family drama can be tricky at times. We are all born into a specific family at birth. Sometimes we wonder why this family and not that family. Why were we not born into fortune and fame instead of a middle-class family or e... Continue reading

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