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Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
I am an Intuitive Healer specializing in Chakra Balance Numerology Cosmic Energy Forecast Readings. I work with crystals, pendulum, your birthdate and chakras to help you gain clarity, reset your energy and raise your vibration. During Full Moon and New Moon I offer ritual readings, chakra balance alignment, energy cleansing.

Are You Feeling Stuck?

Is there something you want and no matter what you do, you just can't seem to manifest it Hi Psychic Angel here, I would like to help you clear the blocks and allow the energy to flow into unlimited pathways. How can I help you?  I can help you connect with your Chakras with One easy step.... A Chakra Balance Alignment. Are you ready to attract and receive that career, intimate relationship, good health, wealth, vacation, new home and much more? Then book a reading today, call and ask for Psychic Angel, I am your Chakra Balance Therapist ready to help and support you to manifesting your BIGGEST desires. Call Now!

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What's One Thing You Want To Manifest

​Are you ready to manifest that one thing you desire? What's standing in your way? Book a Cosmic Energy Reading to help clear your path and realign your energy with manifestation. Ask for Psychic Angel

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Is LOVE In Your Forecast For August

​Is Love in your forecast for August. As we move into Mercury Direct and shortly Jupiter will follow, Jupiter the planet of LUCK and GIFT, It may be your time to find LOVE however there maybe something blocking LOVE from coming in. Book a Cosmic Energy Reading to help clear your energy and raise your vibration so you can be in perfect alignment to all Jupiter has to offer you. Book your reading today! Ask for Psychic Angel to gain clarity, reset your energy and raise your vibration.

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New Moon Intention

Are you ready to set your New Moon Intentions? Take time to write in full detail your desires and speak them out to the Universe. Remember to ASK,BELIEVE AND RECEIVE! To help clear your energy and raise your vibration to be in perfect alignment for all your desires, book a Cosmic Energy Reading with Psychic Angel. Happy New Moon! ​

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The Next Four Weeks Most Helpful

​The next four weeks are most helpful to launch your BIG ideas. Are you ready and align to your Perfect Career. This is the time to Reset your Energy and step into your PURPOSE. When you're happy in your Career, you're happy in your relationships. Book a Cosmic Energy Reading Now, to Reset your Energy and step into Abundance in all areas of your life, Career, Love, Health, Wealth, Relationships, Marriage, Family. When booking your reading ask for Psychic Angel.

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Card Reading for today!

I pulled two cards in honor of The Partial Lunar Eclipse Full Moon Energy. The guidance that shown up for you was Transformation and Patience. Begin to trust the process and open yourself to letting go of what no longer serves you so you can make space for all that does serve you. As you practice patience you allow yourself to heal. Take time to sit quietly and zoom in on your Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra to begin to let go of guilt, worry, insecurity, lack, frustration, disappointment, anger and sadness and open your self  up to feeling enough, peace, joy, forgiveness, love and compassion. Visualize bringing Balance into your life as you go though your Transformation. Blessing Psychic Angel.

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Are you feeling the ENERGY?

​We are now in Eclipse Season, the Gate Ways are open and it's your time to transform. Are you ready? or do you feel confused, lost or at a crossroad not sure which way to go. Book a reading with Psychic Angel, I promise you, you will walk away with Clarity, feel your energy reset and feel a vibrational shift. Call Now! I look forward to helping you TRANSFORM!

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Are You Align With Your Life Purpose?

​Do you know what your Personal Energy is for 2019? Do you know your Life Path number? Does Your Career Provide you with the four Ps (Purpose, Passion, Prosperity , Power)? Book a Cosmic Energy Reading to help realign your Chakras and raise your vibration to live your best life NOW! Call and ask for Psychic Angel.  

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Do YOU feel Stuck?

​When you feel stuck that may mean one or more CHAKRAS are blocked. When a CHAKRA is blocked that slows you down or prevents you from creating your desires in LOVE, CAREER, RELATIONSHIPS, HEALTH, WEALTH, TRAVEL and MONEY. Ask about a Chakra Balance Healing Treatment during your Reading to help CLEAR your Energy and Vibrate at a higher frequency! Book your reading today. I look forward to helping you heal. Ask for Psychic Angel.

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Let's Talk Numbers

​What is your Personal Energy for 2019, What is your Life Purpose? What is your Achievement Number? By knowing Your Numbers, it can help you get on the right path and manifest your deepest desires. To book a Numerology Forecast connect with me on Monday, June 24th from 8 am - 12 noon est. Ask for Psychic Angel, I am here to help you live your best life now. Schedule a Cosmic Energy Numerology Forecast Reading today! 

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Let's Get Clear

​Are you at a crossroad in your life and not sure which way to go? A Cosmic Energy Reading can provide you with clarity, help reset your energy and raise your vibration. When you are feeling stuck one or more of your Chakras may be blocked preventing you from making the right decision. I can help you unblock and clear your path so you can begin to live your best life. Book a Cosmic Energy Reading and begin to feel your vibration flow. I  I am excited to help you move forward. Blessings Psychic Angel

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How Are You Feeling Since Full Moon?

​Now that the Full Moon energy is behind us, how are you feeling? Did you have a chance to journal all the things you want to let go of and then journal about your desires. I would love to help you bring your desires into your reality, all it takes is clarity, resetting your energy and raising your vibration. Let talk Chakra Balance. Balancing your Chakras is essential to manifesting your desires. Should you have one or more Chakra(s) blocked that will delay your process of manifestation. Book a Cosmic Energy Reading today to help align your Chakras. I look forward to helping you live your best life now and manifesting your deepest desires. Namaste Psychic Angel 

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What Is Your Personal Energy For 2019

​Are you interested in learning what Personal Energy you're in for 2019 and how that can and will impact your career, health, relationships and money. Schedule a Numerology Cosmic Energy Reading today. All you need to know is your birthdate. During your reading you will learn where your energy is flowing and how to reset your energy and raise your vibration to be aligned to all the Universe has to offer you. Should there be any Chakras that are blocked, during your reading, I will provide you with a Chakra Balance Alignment. Many experience the effects of this alignment within one to three days. I look forward to helping you Live Your Best Life Now!

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Full Moon Ritual

​Looking for Love, Money and Health, Let me help you. During your reading, I will light a candle in honor of your desire and emerge the light within you, to help you vibrate at a higher level to receive your blessings. During your reading you will experience a Chakra Balance Alignment and feel your energy shift within the time we spend together. You will walk away with Clarity, I look forward to our connection. Speak with you on Wednesday night. Light, Love and Hugs Psychic Angel

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Full Moon in Sag, Cosmic Energy Readings

As we approach the Full Moon, I am here to help you align your energy with the Full Moon while raising your vibration to connect with your perfect partner, get your dream house, have a purposeful career and live your best life. Call today to book a Cosmic Energy Reading..

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