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Scorpio and what this month holds

​Scorpio and what the month holds for them as a sister of two scorpio’s Myself  and a parent I would like to share some insight with all scorpio’s as this is a very important year and month for them .. with that being said I’m gonna dive right into it .

Jupiter  will be spending its last full month in Scorpio and will not be returning until 2030 this cycle last’s 13 months the current cycle dates are  October 10th 2017 till November 8th might ask  what does this mean for you as a scorpio well this past year has probably been a struggle for the scorpio as Jupiter  has caused set backs and the Scorpio is left feeling unbalanced and feeling misunderstood ....there’s good news this month pay’s off for the scorpio.. as Jupiter is leaving. and this is allowing the scorpio to feel new and up for anything.... with Jupiter gone and it becoming the Scorpio birth month there is so much the Scorpio can achieve and so many new beginnings... this is your month Scorpio take advantage of it. and all it’s possibilities... because you won’t have your destiny and faith aligned like this again until 2030..with all this positive energy putting out  Jupiter all is possible for you Scorpio...let go of those fears Jupiter has caused you to have all year 

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