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Meet Your Psychic
I have over 30 years of experience as a practicing occultist, Wiccan Priestess, astrologer and tarot reader. I am a fourth generation mystic and witch and practitioner of the Western Mystery Traditions. My purpose is to help you improve the quality of your life by discovering solution oriented ways to utilize tarot to assist in solving any problems you bring to the reading. I am an empath and I am highly inutuitive. I rely on my knowledge of the cards to give accurate and down to earth readings. In my experience the tarot cards never lie.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Reading: Part 2

In part one of this blog series, I talked about the importance of being able to formulate a very clear question or intention, to begin your reading with. In this part of the series, I'm going to discuss what happens if you don't.

Some of my worst experiences as a reader has been trying to do a reading for an individual who wasn't even sure they wanted to be there in the first place. The scenario goes something like this. The client walks in, wanders around the store and asks if I'm doing readings. Then they contemplate a minute and they usually say something like, "I'd like to get a reading, but I'm not really sure if I should or not.... (wander around a little more)... "I'm not sure if I should, I mean I guess I could......I guess I'll just do it"

Then typically the client sits down to the table with me, and still hasn't formulated their question. They are still stuck on whether or not they should even get the reading in the first place. Reluctantly they shuffle the cards, mind still wandering all over the map... and the cards get laid out.... and …....I have no idea what they are saying. The cards are all over the map as well. This is because the cards are reflecting very accurately the state of mind of the client I'm working with. So what happens is I try to do the reading as best as I can, and I see mixed messages and contradicting perspectives. Soon the client begins to get angry and lash out at me for not making any sense and for giving a lousy reading.

Every bad experience I've had (and there have really only been a small number of times over the years), with a reading, has begun in this same identical fashion. It took me a few times around the block to understand this and see a pattern when I first started working with clients face to face. Finally I learned that when a client is uncertain if they even want the reading, its best to just encourage them to think about it some more and come another day when they are more certain about what they want to know. It's just better for everyone, and for a paying client, you get a higher satisfaction out of the experience if you come into the reading certain that you actually want one to begin with.

There are a few reasons people may be uncertain.

First and most common, they already know the uncomfortable truth about their situation but they are in denial and they don't care to hear it. If they push on for the reading anyway in this state "hoping" for a better answer then the one their gut already knows is coming, then it becomes an issue of, the client is usually just looking for a reason to be angry and lash out, or stay in denial and lash out. That is exactly what will happen if they don't get the better answer they were hoping for. This is the type of situation where a person isn't looking for help or insight. They are looking for a lie so they can continue to avoid the real problem without having to face it.  They may cope by finding blame in everyone around them, including their card reader because they are not manifesting what they wanted.

Second, a person may honestly have no idea how to proceed. The situation may still be so unconscious that they haven't consciously formulated any clear thoughts on how to even ask the questions or begin to tackle the situation, whatever it happens to be. This is perfectly natural and okay. If this is the case, then a couple of things can happen. One. We can move ahead with the reading and I can assist in formulating the question after some dialog. Or two, we can move ahead and ask the cards to reveal what is unconscious about the situation that the client needs to know and go from there.

Third, a client may have had a very bad reading which frightened them by a previous reader. I've done a few "damage control" readings where I have had to discuss a previous reading and it's context with the client which required some explanation for them about the proper meanings for certain cards in light of the proper context. Basically I spend some time doing an old reading over again and re-framing the experience to dispel the anxiety it caused. This has to be done before you can go into a new reading, so that the client can feel safe and confident with me. If they still don't feel safe, I will not proceed. I've had to deal with individuals who were told by other psychic's that they were "cursed" and of course for a "nominal fee" the curse would be removed to the tune of several hundred dollars. I've had to re frame readings where the client was in fear that one or more of the cards and its image may have had too literal a meaning for them. They may have left the reading thinking something awful was going to happen to them and so they carry a great deal of anxiety from that time forward that needs to be healed and banished. This is what normally happens when a card is not interpreted in the proper "context" of the question or topic of the reading. This is not always malicious on the part of the reader when this happens. An inexperienced reader can easily make these types of mistakes without realizing it. For new readers who make innocent mistakes it can be a learning curve to develop the people skills necessary to facilitate, in addition to learning the cards. 

Fourth and lastly, the individual may be interested in having a reading, but may be struggling with some religious programming that has them unconsciously convinced that this sort of thing is "evil" or "of the devil". For these individuals, there is often a struggle of being in limbo, in between religions. They have become very unsatisfied with their orthodox religion and are on the brink of wanting to move into something different and a little more metaphysical or spiritually liberal. Consciously they know they want this, but unconsciously they still struggle with the fear of spiritual evil that has been ingrained into them, no matter how irrational it may seem. For these individuals, there is no reason to rush. It is not recommended to force the issue. If you are afraid, just don't get the reading.  Work through your fears first.  I let those individuals think about it as long as they need to, or ask me as many questions about what I do and what my philosophy is, what I believe and so forth, so they can get comfortable with the idea that nothing "evil" is going on here. Only when that sense of safety is established would I even consider moving forward with a reading for a person in that predicament.

It is important to realize that readers are not infallible. We are not all seeing Gods. We have good days and bad days just like every other normal human being. We don't always get everything perfect. So it is important to approach your tarot reader, realizing this fact. Reading is an art that takes a lifetime of practice and a continual effort to perfect.  I've often had to study readings in hindsight to learn more about the cards and the various contexts in which they surface.  This is especially true if the situations the client brings to the table, are situations I do not have any direct life experience in myself. 

It is also important to decide for yourself which "type" of reader you prefer. Some readers rely on their intuitive faculties and abilities alone. Others like myself rely on data provided by tarot cards or astrology charts. Some may be use a little bit of both. Some readers are a little more new age and read with oracle or angel decks. Others are a little more occult, and use more old school traditional tools and tarot interpretations based in the Hermetic sciences. Some readers simply state what they see or receive as information, and others are more along the lines of spiritual coaches who will help move you through a process or problem.

Don't be afraid, as a new client, to take the time to figure out which type of approach you will feel more comfortable with. If you are just transitioning or still part of an orthodox religious tradition, you may feel a great deal more comfortable with an "angel reader", who can speak your religious language. If you are a yoga practicing vegan, you may appreciate the distance reiki healer or the person who can read your aura and chakras. If you are pretty comfortable with down to earth conversations, then a conversational coach, astrologer or tarot reader may be your thing. You have to get a feel for what it is you think you would benefit the most from. We as readers are as vast as religious traditions, in our approaches and our philosophies.

Hopefully this article will assist you in making an informed decision about how you would like to proceed to receive the assistance you may be looking for.

Light In Extension


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Dream Interpretation

My dream interpretation readings are unique in that I have learned how to combine the Jungian and archetypal language of the  symbols that our unconscious minds speak, in such a way that not only helps you to understand the message of your dreams, but that integrates that information with path working on the tree of life.

Qabala is an ancient doctrine with it's roots in the Old Testament. But for the mystic and the occultist, it is much more then a doctrinal study, it is a living and evolving process of spiritual growth that practitioners can utilize for their personal evolution.

Because the Qabala is such a quantum and universal symbol, it taps us directly into the great collective of all that is. It contains, our personal unconscious, our collective unconscious and our super conscious. It is the container for our genetic memory, and for the Akashic records. Qabala is "everything". It is a map of creation which gives us a two dimensional pictorial symbol of a multi-dimensional changing universe.

As such it is a brilliant tool for dream interpretation because all universal and collective unconscious symbols can be applied to the Qabala in a very practical way.

When you receive a dream interpretation reading from me (via email request), you will receive not only insights into the personal nature of your dream and the messages it is trying to tell you, but you will also receive practical advice for working with the dream content in a way that you can experience personal growth. As your dream is superimposed into the matrix of the tree of life, you will get intuitive insights as to how you can categorize your dream experience into the experience of conscious integration of path working. This may include suggestions for incorporating certain myths or archetypes which may be active in your psyche and trying to express themselves. You may receive meditative exercises or suggestions for moving forward with the dream content and interacting with it in a conscious way. You may also receive additional insights as to tarot or astrological correspondences that are applicable to any given aspect of your dream content.  

In a slightly different spiritual arena, I am also able to assist you with questions, and offer other insights as a consultant, regarding a number of disturbing types of sleep and other phenomena including the following: 

  • Sleep paralysis
  • Out of body experiences
  • Lucid dreaming
  • False awakenings
  • Repetitive Dreams
  • The abductee or "watcher" phenomena.
  • Religious or cult mind control trauma and exploitation.
  • Negative or disturbing occult experiences and encounters of various kinds.

Some of these experiences may or may not include physical or sensory experience which can be alarming.

I have done a great deal of research into many of these "X-file" type of topics over the course of many years. These are experiences that if they are "genuine" can leave an individual feeling very isolated, with few people to be able to talk to about them. I am open minded. I've seen and heard it all just about, so nothing is really too far out for me. 

I'm a very practical individual with a touch of healthy skepticism and I will always make it a priority to cover all of the bases from your mental health and physical safety first. This may include recommendations for more orthodox or professional assistance if applicable. After addressing that level I will assist in investigating the more genuine or controversial metaphysical implications of your situation. Sometimes these experiences can be a product of one, (mind / body health) or the other (genuine metaphysical phenomena), and sometimes a little bit of both.

Philosophically speaking some of these experiences are very controversial in nature, and can border on the edge of "conspiracy theory" type of topics, which is also another reason why it can be difficult to discuss.  If something is beyond my scope, I will tell you up front, as a response to your email order, and I will take the time, to do my best, to research possible sources of information for you that you may find helpful even if I cannot help you directly.

As a Hermetic practitioner, and a massage therapy and Reiki practitioner, I integrate science with metaphysics and neurological, physiological and occult (chakras) anatomy. I will address all levels of the experience you may be having where applicable, from spiritual and paranormal, to mental, emotional and physical. I will draw upon my thirty years of study in the occult sciences and a broad spectrum of perspectives, from physical and mental health to paranormal research, to assist you in any way that I can. 

Disclaimer I am not a mental health care provider, nor a doctor.  I will not provide medical or mental diagnosis, but I may suggest you consult with another healthcare provider if I sense any concerns on a case by case basis. Bear in mind some types of sleep or paranormal disturbances may have physical or endocrine health or anxiety issues as a component to the disturbance. 

Blessed be


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Pet Communication

I grew up in the country my entire life, and for about as many years as I've been studying metaphysics, I've been a ranch girl. I grew up riding horses, as an adult I worked in the horse industry for many years, with race horses and jumpers. My grandparents were dog breeders and my parents were horse people as well. All of that to say that pets were a staple in my life. I've never been without a pet, be it a horse, a dog or a cat.

Because I was metaphysically inclined it wasn't a big leap for me to enter into a holistic health care field for both people and animals. I was an assistant to an animal chiropractor for seven years and became a massage therapist for people. I became acquainted with the idea of pet communication a long time ago and although I never actively practiced it initially I had a high regard for the psychics who did.

If you are an animal lover it is really important to be able to read your pet in a way that you can guarantee your pet's optimum happiness.

I discovered how helpful the creative process could be when I began to create my own tarot spreads for my readings. This gave me the freedom to create tarot layouts for just about any situation I could of, and most recently it occurred to me to add pet communication into my repertoire. I have two situations in which I do readings for pets. One of them is for my "Oracle Of The Dead" reading, where the cards can become a medium for communication with a deceased pet so that an owner can come to terms with the loss and move forward. And the other reading I offer is a basic pet communication reading for your living pet.

Pets speak a different language from us, and they are incredibly emphatic. Sometimes we just don't understand what is going on with them. Perhaps there are some behavior problems, or even some health problems, some of which may have intimate ties to the energies your pet may pick up from you. For example in my years training horses and working in the horse industry, I can't tell you how many times I've seen horses suffer from nervous types of disorders or repeated illnesses, because the owner was going through traumatic emotional challenges, or because the owner existed in a chronic state of anxiety, essentially smothering their horses on a daily basis. People will tend to do this when they are incapable of maintaining human relationships. In such a case pets become surrogates for human relationships for their owners. I've seen this lead to illness in pets because the pets are trying to come to terms with the unhealthy co-dependent energy that their owner is emanating on a daily basis.

Some people have difficulty separating their human experience projections about abandonment, violence, abuse or inability to bond with people, from their pets. The pets become the center of their life, to the degree that it may at some times become unhealthy for the pets themselves. But pets being the loving creatures that they are, continue to try and please their humans and try to comfort them as best they can even at the expense of their own well being because they are full of unconditional love and affection for their humans, and they are loyal blessings and gifts to us on this earth.

My pet communication spreads can assist in clearing up some of the air space between you and your pet, and allow you to take a look at what sort of emphatic problems your pet may be picking up on from you, which might be deeply affecting the quality of your pets emotional life, or physical life in some rare and extreme circumstances. This spread will give your pet an opportunity to speak through the quantum airwaves using the tarot as a translator, so that you can finally understand what your furry friend may be trying to convey to you.

So if you'd like to get more insight into the nature of your pet, feel free to request my pet communication spread, and we can explore the mind of your beloved furry child together to help problem solve a situation if necessary.

In terms of my technical expertise, with regard to injury management and healthcare and training issues, I have the most experience with horses. When it comes to horses I am capable of giving you a lot more advice on how to proceed with working with your animal if you are troubleshooting behavioral, training or possible health problems, we can work with that in the tarot communication process a little more specifically. With dogs and cats, my technical knowledge (in terms of vet care or training and behavioral issues) is more limited, but we can certainly explore the psychic levels and the emotional state of your small pet, and the boundaries that exist between you and your pet which may need some clearing.

Light In Extension


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What Is Self Care?

Just the other day I had a client here on this site, ask me what self care was. I was unfortunately running out of time on our reading session to really explain it to her, so I decided this would make a nice blog post.

All too often we put off our own "self care" in order to take care of the needs of others. This eventually leads to burn out and resentment. So if you are in fact experiencing burnout or resentment, then this is your first clue that you have been not been treating yourself as well as you need to be.

What is self care exactly and what does it look like? Self care is anything you need it to be as long as its healthy. Self care represents those things that you need to do, that are good for you, in order to survive your circumstances or just make it through your day. This can include an entire list of different things, depending on your resources, your circumstances or your emotional needs.

  • When your body is tired, self care is allowing yourself to take the time to sleep.
  • When you are overwhelmed, self care is letting yourself have some quiet time away from your family and friends even if only for fifteen minutes.
  • Self care is setting healthy boundaries and learning to say no to other people now and then. You don't have to carry the world on your own shoulders. It's OK if you don't want to go out with your friends to a party. Its OK if you don't want to cook dinner every night of the week. It's OK if you don't want to fix and rescue that one person from "yet another" drama that isn't your problem. Learn to say no when you need to, and let other people be accountable for some of their own crisis and problems now and again.
  • Self care is a bubble bath with a candle and a good book, a beverage and a piece of chocolate.
  • Self care is a quiet cup of tea at your favorite coffee shop, as you retreat for sanctuary
  • Self care is a yoga class, a dance class, or a walk in the woods.
  • Self care is starting an exercise program for your health and well being and staying consistent.
  • Self care is eating clean and healthy.
  • Self care is pursuing your dream regardless of what other people think.
  • Self care is setting boundaries with your boyfriend or husband so that you can do many things on this list when you need to do them.
  • Self care is speaking your truth and stating your needs as assertively and as kindly as possible.
  • Self care is journaling and meditating.
  • Self care is cooking a complete meal for yourself and setting the table even if its just for one. Just because you eat alone or live alone doesn't mean you have to live out of a can.
  • Self care is buying the really good shampoo that doesn't damage your hair.
  • Self care is scheduling a massage.
  • Self care is buying organic when possible. Yes it costs a little more, but you'll have less medical bills at the other end of your life if you are mindful of what goes into your body. It still costs less then medical bills do.
  • Self care is saying no to drama.
  • Self care is being discriminating about who gets to spend time with you, and for how long. You are allowed to purge friends and experience a social upgrade if the people that you are surrounded with are negative, or in general abusive or unsupportive.

This list goes on and on, but this will give you a very good idea of where you might need to start to begin your own self care regimen. You cannot continue to go through life giving to everyone else from a completely empty cup. This will only ruin you in the long run. It ruins your health, your well being and your mental outlook on life. So take care of yourself and begin to give yourself the message that you are worth it, to invest in your own health and well being.

Blessed Be


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How To Get The Most From Your Reading: Part 1

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Reading.

Part One

I don't know what the percentage of "newbies" is on psychic hot lines, but in my personal practice I see a lot of people who have never had a tarot reading before, and they often don't know what to expect or how to approach their first reading.

Obviously I cannot speak for other psychics, but for my own part, here is what I recommend if you seek a reading with me.

Because my readings are more of a spiritual coaching style, I encourage interaction and conversation. It's not mandatory, but I don't care to spend a lot of time trying to read people's minds or play the game of being "tested". I'm here to help you solve a problem. To do that it is necessary for you to participate in your own process because you are the co-creator with your higher self to manifesting the positivity in your life that you are looking for.

When it comes to matters of fate and free will, my philosophy is this. Karma is the direct result of your choices. Some choices serve better then others. Karma, if it prolongs itself in a series of repetitive bad choices, over a long period of time eventually becomes fate. So choose well. You can choose to take some responsibility for owning the part you play in the outcome of your life, or you can choose to let someone else dictate what you should do, and relinquish your participation in your own life. I tend to encourage personal empowerment, which is not always easy to achieve.

My tarot coaching style is suitable for people who are really going through some tough personal times. I find myself doing a lot of readings for people who are often experiencing personal challenges and difficulties, or who have even just gone through tremendous losses. This can be anything from deaths in the family, broken marriages, the loss of a pet, lifestyle changes, mid life crisis, and the list goes on and on.

For the new individuals who has never had a reading with me, your first task is to formulate your question properly and clearly. Decide what it is you want to receive insight about. Are you in crisis? Is there a problem in your relationship? Are you having trouble maintaining your relationships? Are you having financial problems? Are you having personnel difficulties at work? Are you working in a job you hate? Are you looking for your purpose in life? The more clear your question is the more clarity you will get from your tarot reading. The tarot cards reflect unconscious images and processes which tends to mirror back to you exactly what the client puts into the question.

I recommend only dealing with one question or problem at a time. It is possible to ask more questions, but it tends to muddy the cards up a little if there is too much going on. So if it's clarity you want, focus is the key. Because Meet Your Psychic operates on the basis of the pre paid appointment for a set time for your sessions, I'm going to offer some guidelines for the kinds of readings I can offer you that are compatible with the various time frames that are available to purchase. I have several different card spreads that deal with a variety of issues and problems or scenarios. So below please refer to my recommended menu of reading templates.

My suggestion is that you read through the menu and then pick a template if it resonates with you, then purchase your session and the length of time accordingly. When I connect with you for the reading, you can then tell me which reading on the menu you are interested in. If you are not finding something here that is resonating for you, I can work around it but the guidelines below will expedite your session a little more efficiently if you choose to follow them.

Ten Minute Reading Template

Relationship Reading: New Relationship/ Will It work?: This is a Shortened four card spread of a longer reading template. This reading will cover the very basic aspects of the nature of the individual you are interested in. It will specifically address his or her attraction to you and whether or not this person can provide for your needs in a relationship or not.

Relationship Reading: Stay or Go: This template will help you move in the direction of a decision to stay or leave a relationship that you are already involved in, by weighing the pros and cons of either choice. This is a fairly quick little reading that can easily be done in a shorter amount of time.

Problem Solving/ Trouble Shooting. This is a short little quick and dirty reading consisting of only four cards. It will help you identify the problem and troubleshoot ways that it can be turned around.

To Illuminate A Situation (Short Version): This four card spread will address underlying roots to the problem you present, what you need to know and how you might be encouraged to proceed in a positive direction

General Question, Yes or No Decision: This reading will look quickly at the pros and cons of any situation that you need to come to a final conclusion on, and help you reach a decision about which way you are leaning in your particular circumstance. I allow you to assess the pros and cons after I have described them, and then offer practical advice for moving forward.

Fifteen Minute Reading Templates

To Illuminate Any Situation: This is a nice "general" reading that can cover just about any topic within a fifteen minute period of time. If there ends up being more to talk about, then you can always extend your session, but the majority of the time this one can fit within this time frame.

The Ferryman/ Transformative Personal Changes: This is a short little four card spread, but I like to give it a little more time to work with it because it is suitable for people who may be going through a very hard time, and who may need a little time to talk and download as we work through the reading. This reading will identify the nature of a deep wound and some of the emotional challenges or states of mind that may need to be shifted to develop better coping skills.

Spiritual Guidance: This is another very nice "general" reading template that can be done in a relatively short amount of time. It has the potential to go over the time frame if there is a complex issue that is up for discussion, and again you have the option of extending your session if necessary.

Thirty Minute Reading Templates

Relationship Reading: New Relationship Will It work (Extended Version). Whereas the shorter version focuses mostly on the potential of the other person to be attracted to you, this one will additionally go into the nature of your attraction for the other individual and what you are looking for and what you need in a relationship. This spread will explore compatibility issues or challenges that may come up and if you or the other individual can realistically provide what the other is looking for to make the relationship work or not.

Why Can't I Find Love? This reading will deal with the unconscious and self sabotaging patterns that are at work in your relationships. It will offer guidance for self care, self healing, and for releasing blockages to love and learning how to install new behaviors and qualities within yourself has you heal, so that you can begin to attract better relationships to yourself.

Conflict Resolution Relationship Reading: This is suitable for addressing difficulties in an established relationship. Are you on the brink of divorce or break up? Are you at an impasse with your partner? We can explore the nature of the core problem and how to compromise and explore ways to heal the rift, or alternately make hard decisions about the relationship. This is also suitable for business relationships or friendships that are not necessarily romantic.

Oracle of the Dead (For Pets and People): This reading will assist you in getting closure with deceased loved ones. You will have a chance to hear communications from them and understand from a karmic perspective what the relationship you had with the individual was meant to teach you while they were alive. I've done this reading successfully for owners who have lost their pets as well. Due to the sensitivity of this reading and the feelings of loss it can bring up, I like to give this one a longer time frame to work within. Tears may flow and it can take a little time to get through the conversation.

The Oracle Of Hecate: This is a problem solving reading that will help you understand things you may not actually have any knowledge about, or that remain entirely unconscious. This template is based upon the story of Hecate who was the only one who actually saw and knew what happened to Persephone when she was taken to the underworld. I've modified this to a modern day problem solving template. So if you have a problem you just haven't been able to get a purchase on, this is a good reading to consider, in the event it can tell you something you need to know that you did not consider, or that you have not been able to understand.

The Celtic Cross Reading: This is the classic tarot spread almost every reader uses. This is a ten card spread that can be utilized for any question and any situation. I would advise allowing for a half hour to an hour for this reading depending on how much there is to talk about and how complex your question may be.

The One Hour Reading Template

Shadow Work, Trauma and Grief & The Underworld Quest: This is a very special card layout that I have created to reconstruct a pseudo shamanic or underworld journey through the mythical Greek Underworld. This is a thirteen card spread, and it delineates many aspects of the healing or mythical "quest". This reading will take you on an adventure through the landscape of Hades and its rivers, what is necessary to face your fears. You will receive ancestral guidance, advice from the Gods, and much more. This reading is most suitable situations requiring very deep healing of traumatic events. I've used this reading to address childhood abuse and trauma, sexual trauma, and other more deeply seated issues that may be chronic and ongoing. This reading will help to bring up unconscious aspects of the problem and give you ideas for installing new coping skills and new ways of perceiving the world around you so that you can return back to the light and actually HEAL.

I'm always looking for new and creative ways to build new readings for various subjects. So at some point I will be adding to this list and bringing some more diversity to this menu. Please remember that any of these readings can be extended if you want more time at the end of the session. I would not however recommend trying to shorten any of them. I have listed them within the minimum time frame that I've been able to get through them in actual practice with previous clients.

Tarot is an excellent tool for problem solving because it encourages you, the client to think about things in news way that may never have occurred to you before. I've often had clients walk away from these kinds of reading being amazed that they came to realizations about things they didn't even realize were relevant at the start of the reading.

To recap: Be sure to consider carefully your question. Take a look at the menu and see if anything resonates for you, if you don't find anything on the menu I can improvise. If you do find something on this menu you would like to use, please state the reading template by its name for me when our session begins, so that we can begin with the proper template quickly.

Light In Extension


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