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Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
I believe my clients are seeking more than just answers; my role is to offer hope and insight when they are unsure, healing when they are hurt and scared, and comfort when things look their darkest. As an empath, I bring compassion and understanding to the table and during each reading, I create powerful bonds with my clients and don't merely relay their feelings to the cards, I share in their feelings. This bond and connection guides the reading as we seek clarity to their fears, desires, ambitions, and beyond. My readings are deep, intuitive, honest readings given with a positive attitude, uplifting tone, and a non-judgemental, empathetic demeanor. I'm a creative clairsentient who enjoys tailoring spreads to fit anything my querent might need, and I use my empathic powers to add an extra dimension of personalization to my readings; I'm able to wear the client's shoes, feel what they are feeling, and combine those feelings with my strong intuition to read the cards in ways which are specific to the client and their feelings. I am dedicated to giving the client the most comprehensive, accurate, personalized reading possible and am capable of supplementing my readings with pendulums and runes to cross-check the answers gleaned from the cards. I always want to ensure that the querent is comfortable and satisfied with their reading, and I use all the tools available to me to give quality, personal readings that are truly meaningful. I like to give people a sense that they aren't alone, that they're understood, and that there is always a solution to whatever challenges life throws our way, even if it might not be readily apparent. I work very hard to provide consistent quality, form real bonds, and offer hope and oneness with all who seek my help, and I take great pride in my ability to read the cards well.

Relationtips: Keeping Communication Interesting

​Good evening, friends, and welcome to the first post in a series on love and relationships that I like to call "Relationtips", and in it, we're going to discuss some of the most important aspects of romantic love, how to keep things interesting, and some tips for how to make it last. Today we're going to discuss what is often called the most important part of a relationship:  communication, and how you can keep having interesting conversations and talks with your partner for years to come. 

Active Listening and Showing Interest

One of the most important parts of communicating with your partner is actively listening to them when they talk and showing interest in the things they talk about. Active listening is a great tool to make the person you're speaking with feel heard and understood, and it's not just limited to romantic relationships; you can use this with your kids, your friends, even in your work, and it's pretty simple to do. As you listen to your partner talk, pay attention to their body language and take note of the most important parts of what they're saying; when the conversation pauses to give you a chance to speak, paraphrase what your partner was saying and if applicable, ask for more information about one aspect of the discussion. Let's look at an example of a conversation where active listening is being used to get a better idea of what it is and how to utilize it:

Claris is listening to her husband, Robert, talk about a dispute he's having with a lazy coworker. She is making direct eye contact, nodding periodically to indicate her understanding, and engaging with him during pauses

Robert:  It's just absurd, Clare, every time Beth refuses to do her work, the bossman comes up to me and asks me to do it! Just goes to show that being good at your job and giving a 110% gets you rewarded with doing everyone else's work too. It's incredibly frustrating.

Claris:  Of course, nobody wants to work hard while everyone else does nothing, I completely understand why you're frustrated; anyone would be, dear. It's not like you're getting part of her check for doing part of her work. (note that she is paraphrasing what he's said and offering her understanding of his feelings to make him feel like he isn't alone)

Robert:  And the boss gives her special treatment because he's flirting with her! Meanwhile, I bust my butt every day in that place and I haven't seen so much as a promotion in years! I don't feel appreciated.

Claris:  You don't feel appreciated because they don't show you any. You've been treated unfairly at work and you feel like they just pile other people's work onto you instead of being concerned about your sanity. Maybe it's time to consider a new job? (here, she's validating his feelings and again paraphrasing what her husband says, but this time she offers a bit of advice)

In this hypothetical situation, we can see that poor Robert is being treated unfairly at work and in this conversation with his wife, she not only comforts him and agrees with the things he's saying, she offers her own perspective on what he's going through and gives him a small bit of loving advice. She reminds him of his worth by pointing out that this job isn't good for him and that he's being taken advantage of, which is uplifting to his self-esteem, and validates his feelings by reinforcing that the situation isn't right. The outcome of this is that he will feel heard, understood, and possibly bolstered to make a change in his workplace or to find a new one. 

Now let's talk a little bit about showing interest in what your partner is talking about, as this is another big part of both active listening and successful communication. Let's say your girlfriend is talking about her new hobby, let's say she's just discovered the power of tarot cards, but you are indifferent to this new hobby and it doesn't really grab your attention. That's OK, you don't have to share all the same interests as your partner (and it's better that you don't, you each need to have your own things), but in order to not crush or quell her excitement, you need to show some interest. While you might not be interested in her new hobby itself, it's important that you are interested in how her new hobby makes her feel and interested in her happiness. How can you do that without feigning the interest? This is where your active listening skills come in. Instead of looking at your phone as she talks or nodding and waiting for her to stop, engage your active listening and watch in amazement as what would have once been the catalyst for a fight becomes an opportunity to better connect with your partner. Let's look at another example of how this exchange might go:

GF:  Hey honey, I just bought this new deck of cards and the art printed on them is gorgeous, I think it really fits me. Would you like to take a look at them?

You:  Sure, I'm glad to see this hobby is making you happy, I think it's good for you. *Flipping through the cards* Yeah, I think I see what you're talking about, these cards are beautiful, and so are you! 

Think of the difference in how this conversation will make her feel versus how simply replying, "Not now, I'm busy" or "You know I'm not really interested in this stuff" would make her feel. By showing interest in the happiness she gains from this new hobby, it makes her feel like you care about her, about what she does, and it's very encouraging. If you were to respond coldly or uninterestedly, it might hurt her feelings, make her feel like you don't care, crush her excitement, or make her feel like it's pointless to bring her excitement to you because she knows you aren't interested. Even if what your partner is discussing with you is something you don't really care about, get engaged with them and show them that while their hobby isn't for you, you're interested in THEM and interested in their happiness and are more than willing to hear anything they might have to share with you. Keep in mind when someone comes to you with something exciting that they're trying to share their feelings and part of their life with you, and if it's a person you care about, you should be interested purely in the joy they derive from engaging in that activity. If you really are busy and don't have time to talk immediately, instead of saying, "Not now, I'm busy", say something like, "I'm sorry honey, I hate to cut you off, but what I'm doing requires my full concentration. I want to hear you though, so is it OK if we talk about this once I finish? I don't want my attention to be fragmented while I talk to you, you deserve my total and complete focus and I can't give it to you while I'm doing this." This response is polite enough to not hurt feelings and implies that you aren't putting off this talk because you don't care, but because you can't give them your full attention and they deserve your full attention. In this way, you're telling them you care enough that you don't want to hear this while your focus is fragmented because you don't want to miss anything they have to say, and that will make them feel important to you and appreciated. 

Closing Words

By practicing your active listening, I think you'll discover a whole new dimension in your relationships and you'll find that communication causes less conflict. The most important part of a relationship is sharing our wants, feelings, wishes, desires, and plans with each other, and if you don't listen to your partner with interest, they may begin keeping things from you, and that's a recipe for disaster. Be open and honest with your feelings, listen to what the people you love have to say, and engage with them. Put your phone down when they engage you, pause what you're watching, look them in the eye, and make them the sole focus of your attention while they talk. It'll bring you closer together and create a warm, supportive environment in which your relationship can grow up happy and healthy. You will never run out of things to talk about when you're putting your all into listening to what your partner has to say. 

Until next time, with love and light,

Psychic Rachel 

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Creating Your Ideal Human Experience: 10 Tips

​When I do life's purpose readings for people, one thing that often comes up is the pure experience of being human. Quite often I'll tell my clients that they need to decide what things are vital to their experience as a human on Earth and to do them, because nobody wants to sit on their deathbed and only be able to say, "Well at least I made everyone else happy". But what does this mean, and in today's increasingly busy world, how in the world can we create our ideal experience as creatures with limited time on this beautiful planet? Today we're going to talk about how to do that, how to ask yourself what you want and how to fulfill those desires, because our lives are nothing if not a long series of experiences and in order to make the most of it, first we have to know what we want out of it. 

What Do I Want?

I've had numerous querents ask me this one before, "Can you tell me what I want?". I might be able to read the cards well and give you some spookily specific details about your life, but even I can't know what you want; you're the only one who can know, because you've got to put in the time to figure it out! Nobody can know what you want out of life except you, and now you've got to figure out what that is. This is no small task, and it's not easy, but I'm confident that with a little work, some guidance, and maybe a push in the right direction, you can get on the path to realizing what makes you happy! Here's ten tips to help you figure that out:

1. Make a list of things that you could do forever and be happy. These don't necessarily have to be marketable skills, you're just taking stock of the things that you enjoy here. Think of hobbies, jobs you would enjoy, any activities you could do daily until you die and still be happy. 

2. Write a few short paragraphs about what your idealized life looks like. What would you like for your life to look like after you've done all the work necessary to get there? Remember while you're doing this that life throws plenty of curveballs and to temper your expectations. Don't be afraid to dream big, but stay grounded and realistic. 

3. Pick a goal you can conceivably accomplish in the next five years. Write it down, then underneath you should write all the steps you need to take to achieve that goal. You can do this for long-term and short-term goals, and it is a good way of keeping track of progress towards achievement. 

4. Make a list of things that are absolutely VITAL to your experience on this Earth. If it's vital to your time here that you read 1000 books, make a plan on how you could reasonably read 1000 books in your lifetime. The goal here is to identify what matters the most to you and, just like with your other goals, to make a plan to achieve them. Whatever experiences you desire, from reading 1000 books, to going on the trip of your dreams, to raising a child who goes on to be a great success and beyond, if you feel like you can't die happy without it, it belongs on this list no matter how big or small. The possibilities are practically endless. 

5. Deny your desires for excess. Everyone can get a little greedy from time to time, whether it's with money or at the Thanksgiving table if you're like me, but greed can destroy a person from the inside out. Greed turns us from empathetic, kind creatures into warped, selfish versions of ourselves; to protect yourself from that, consider your needs and just a smidgen more for your own comfort. There's nothing wrong with wanting nice things, but wanting in excess will only lead you down a dark path where the destination is isolation, sadness, and an empty spot in your heart. Money and possessions can't buy happiness, and there are homeless people out there right now who are genuinely happier with their life than some millionaires. Don't look to cash and material possessions for your happiness, share your bounty with others less fortunate and you'll find yourself far richer in soul and spirit than you would be with those few extra dollars in your pocket. Keep this all in mind as you make your lists, it will help you keep your expectations realistic. 

6. Meditate on it. If you're into meditation like me, you probably saw this one coming. Meditation empties your mind of all the trash it's filled with throughout the day, garbage like undue stress, advertisements, annoyances at work, fights with loved ones, etc, and allows you to think past the trash. Before you start, get comfortable and focus on the question at hand:  "What do I want out of life?". After that, it's all you to choose how you want to meditate and to seek that enlightenment.  

7. Make a list of all the things you're good at, whether you're good at them innately or because you've polished a skill. I don't just want you to make a list, though; there are two other things I'd ask you to do with this list. First, I want you to feel very proud, whether you have three things or thirty on your "list of things I'm good at". Every talent and skill, every capability you have, is something to acknowledge and be proud of, and acknowledging your accomplishments and skills is a great way to raise your self-esteem. Next, I want you to mark each of those things you're good at that you fully enjoy with a star, and I want you to think of three jobs you'd like to do which use that skill or talent. 

8. Connect with your spirituality. Is there an aspect of your spirit that has yearned for something for years but you just haven't pulled the trigger and done it? Free yourself and take the plunge! For those of us who are religious or spiritual, those wishes are signs that there is something missing from our life. For me, I'd always been interested in Tarot cards and divination but growing up Christian, I was afraid for years that learning the cards was wrong. After I got older and started exploring my spirit, I decided it was a calling for me and I bought my first deck. If there's something nagging at your heart and soul like that, meditate or pray on it if you're still unsure, and do it! 

9. Be true to yourself. Who are you? What parts of your personality are the most crucial to the person you are and the person you want to be? If something is vital to you being you, do it, even if other people think it's weird. As long as you aren't hurting anyone else, who cares what they think? They aren't the ones who matter at the end when you're reflecting on all the things you've done and all the things you always wanted to do, the only thing that matters then is you. Make sure you're staying true to who you are, otherwise you'll have a very hard time figuring out what you want from your life. Whatever matters to you matters most, and your actions should reflect that. 

10. Finally, and most importantly, do not push yourself too hard. When we do emotional or spiritual work of this nature, it's very easy to get burnt out or exhausted. Never forget that we all have a finite amount of spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional energy, and that you have to avoid totally depleting those resources. Be honest with yourself  and others when you've had enough, treat yourself when you put in the hard work toward self-betterment, take breaks when you need them, talk it through with a spiritual authority you trust to get guidance, and continue to engage in the things that you love. In anything and everything, always care for yourself first and don't exhaust all your own resources. 

Closing Words

Finding yourself and your purposes for this life are not simple tasks, but with a little headwork it can certainly be done. Examine where you've been and where you want to go, don't be afraid to ask for help, and keep track of how to get where you're going, and you'll find the task of nailing down your purpose much easier than before. You deserve happiness in your life, and I hope that my little blog post has brought you at least one step closer to attaining it. Your life has a purpose, you are here for a reason, and one day you will certainly figure out what that is, but until that day, never give up. You're worth the work it takes to get where you want to go. 

As always, with much love and light, 

Psychic Rachel

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Developing Your Empathy

What is it like to truly wear the shoes of another? What does it feel like to, for at least a short time, BE a totally different person? Empathy can give you those experiences and most of us are born with it built right in, and although we're each born with a different capacity for empathy, I believe that nearly everyone can expand theirs and develop the ability to honestly and truly feel with someone else, even a stranger. This is quite a valuable skill, as it allows you to pick up on subtle cues that would have gone over your head before, offer a greater amount of help to others, better understand the intentions of others, and form more meaningful connections with those around you. It also gives you this sense where you pick up on strange vibes and energies; this may be one of the most important aspects of being an empath or developing your empathy because it could save your life one day. You might notice something is off before walking into a dangerous situation and be better prepared to handle it, or that feeling inside might be strong enough to stop you from encountering the dangerous situation entirely. I've been there, many others have too, and building your empathy strengthens that intuitive voice inside that tells you something is wrong. Empathy is far more than simply putting yourself in someone else's shoes, but that's where the whole ride begins.

We've all probably watched a show, a movie, or heard a story and thought, "Wow, if that were me, I would...", which is a good exercise, but I think there's another question we could also ask. "Wow, what on Earth must that feel like?". Here's a good way to practice: first, get into the state of mind to get completely sucked into a story. Meditating on feeling what another feels is a good way to go about it, but you do anything that gets you in the zone. Clear yourself of troubles and worries, as you're about to take on the troubles and worries of another. You need to find an emotional, dramatic story; I personally enjoy watching those murder shows for this exercise, but anything that is an account of what someone other than you has experienced is fine, even if it's fictional, so as long as you care. If it helps you relate, you can find a story with similarities to your own experiences before projecting yourself onto someone completely unlike you. Then, when your program starts, I want you to try truly connecting with the speaker or the protagonist; feel what it's like to be them, try to understand the way their mind works, get inside their head a little bit. As the story goes on, you should feel yourself ratcheting up an emotional roller coaster; if you've properly engaged, you should be understanding the story from the speaker's point of view. Now that you've done that, here comes the hard part: try to do the same but for the antagonist this time. This is the truly difficult part, especially if you've watching something very upsetting and the antagonist just seems too far gone for you to understand. If you feel like this, don't be discouraged! There are going to be people so foreign to our nature and everything that we stand for that we find it hard to empathize with them, but I want you to try. If you can empathize with people who are different, even people who you may consider your enemies, you can better understand them and this can help you diffuse difficult situations.

Another important building block to growing your empathetic power is the understanding that emotions are not a weakness. I think we can all agree that there are plenty of times they're inconvenient and intrusive, but there is no reason to be afraid of your own emotions; all of us have them, from the most stoic cowboy in the west to your local empaths, and it's nothing to be ashamed of. Having strong emotions might sometimes make life a bit tougher, but the love you can show to the world and your people is unrivaled once you finally open up and let others know how you feel. In order to feel with others, you have to understand your own emotions and you can't be afraid of them. Don't hesitate to feel things fully, feel them deeply, to let them flow over you like water instead of fighting them back and trying to hide from them. Building your empathy means confronting emotions, especially the unpleasant ones, head-on so that you can feel as many things as possible and enrich your human experience.

The last thing I'd like to say about this today may just be the most important part of all of this: rest. If you're expending a lot of mental or spiritual energy, you're going to need to rest up. It can be very exhausting to feel so many things so strongly, especially if you're helping a lot of other people, and it's important that you take some time to replenish your energy. I usually do baths, good meals, or naps, but whatever leaves you feeling rejuvenated is what you need after you've spent a lot of energy feeling things. You have to take good care of yourself, otherwise you risk getting burnt out and that's a very uncomfortable feeling.

Until next time, with much love and light,

Psychic Rachel 

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