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I have a degree in counseling an a few specialized certifications and licenses in healing such as Massage Therapist, Esthetician, Native American Medicine Wheel, Tarot Card teachings, Reiki Master and Distant Healing. But its my colorful life experience and the profound knowledge provided by the Universe that leaves me to believe that I will be able to give you the wisdom and guidance that you seek. Using crystals, pendulums, cards and more I let the Universe tell me what is is that you need to hear in the moment.

Are we supposed to have mystical experiences?

​A Mystic is a person who seeks by contemplation and self surrender to obtain unity with absorption into the deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths beyond the intellect.

We all know meditation leads to mystical alignment. This is true in science, spirituality and even religion is you view prayer as a form of meditation. "sitting in silence to listen to God". The idea is to vibrate from your pineal gland, putting your kundahlini to use for communication with higher power in the quantum field.

Its about getting to a place that our physical being does not understand, it is a deep knowing to demonstrate that we indeed are spiritual beings in a physical body and not the other way around. That we are physical beings for a purpose. 

We are here to find and create balance and harmony. Therefore, we ARE supposed to experience mystical , mind expanding, spiritual growing experiences. However, when you are wanting to experience these things you must be aligned to do so. If you are in a space where you do not understand the intent for what you are doing then you may feel unbalanced or freaked out because there is a lack of understanding and the Universe want you to understand the reasons you are doing what you are doing or know the desire for the experience you seek.

For example: Jane is taking a tantra class to expand her sexual experiences and  has desire to have out of this world sex. Who doesn't want that right? normal to want and desire. But, Jane did not have full understanding of the purpose she was wanting to experience this. So, every time she got to the brink of the (outer body) feeling. She seized up. completely froze and could not move forward. Jane was not ready for the full experience yet.

You need to be in biological, physical and spiritual alignment with what you are attempting to do.  Meaning dethatched from all disbelieve or doubt that you  may have about they mystical experience. Dethatched  from any and all distractions really. Focused on communication with higher self , higher power, higher dimensions to be able, willing and READY to reach the desired goals. If you are freaked out by mystical experiences you are not in alignment and are not ready. There is no real danger in moving forward its just not a comfortable place for someone who is not educated and confident in the growth.

The reason mystical experiences exist is because those of us that are awakened and wanting to expand are supposed to experience them. Any thing that stimulates you to a greater expectation is an advantage. If you are prompted to expand its for a reason. When you clue into these things you become better than you were before. The open paved mind is always better than the closed off one, 

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Don't have to be a push over to be a spiritual person

​I wanted to clear up a misconception from my own point of view about spiritualist having to be kind and humble ALL the time. No one is kind, sweet and loving ALL of the time. that wouldn't be real an actually would be annoying because everyone would know its fake. 

Essentially people who say that spiritualist who get upset or show any form of anger are not spiritual because they have done so are saying spiritualist are not human. Emotions are human nature. We ALL feel hurt, sadness, anger, frustration, happiness, joy, freedom. An we all have the right to express emotions accordingly. Some spiritualist choose to respond to others in a more calm manner or not respond at all because of this misconception. 

I personally, believe that it doesn't matter if you are an elder, my mom, my dad, my brother, neighbor , best friend, child, or a stranger. I will treat you with respect and give you all the love I have. UNLESS you cross me. If your treating me poorly, treating me with any form of disrespect or disregard, rejecting me or undeservingly flipping out on me. I will respond with equal energy to let you know you are not allowed to disrespect me and that we are all human. This place of rage is not coming from a place of ego on my part. it is more of a defense to my spirituality. Spiritualist are NOT  push overs or victims of bullying. We have the right the ability and courage to stand up for our selves, our beliefs and everything we stand for. 

For Example: Driving on the freeway in rush hour traffic. I attempt to switch lanes as iam gearing towards my exit. I did manage to safetly squeeze in.. However, I see this lady in the rear view mirror. whaling her hands at me, flipping the bird and her mouth just flapping.   I have no idea what she is saying but I don't need to know I can tell she is angry and projecting negative words in my direction.

This has no direct effect on me what so ever. Iam not upset that I got into the lane I needed to be in for safety purposes and so I didn't have to cut someone off unsafely last minute before my exit. Iam not upset that she is upset with me. Clearly this is an issue with her internally. I actually feel sympathy for her since she doesn't realize there is another way to process her emotions. Or that all Iam doing is driving and switching lanes as Iam supposed to. Immediately after feeling empathy for this person I send her loving energy and ask her guides to show her how she looks and sounds when she behaves like that. Im sure im not the only one she has reacted to in this fashion, I did not respond kindly to her being mean because im a push over , naïve or feel threatened by her. I respond this way because her ego must have felt hurt by me entering her lane. An she must have some unresolved traumas and heartache baggage that she feels the need to take out on others. Since, hurt people.... hurt people. An she was trying to hurt me via her own hurts. As a natural born healer. I wish for her to get the healing she needs and to one day show love and compassion for the person trying to safely switch lanes to get to exit in timly manner. This is all with no words exchanged.

Mind you, if this same person were to have gotten out of their car and start banging on my window. I would definitely have a different reaction. im not a cop caller so that's not going to happen. She would learn my boundaries in  a real quick hurry. I pack a loaded 45 Kimber, know how to use is and even if I didn't.... I know how to scrap. So this person would realize with the quickness how far she jumped over my personal boundaries. An how much respect I demand in a situation like this. Again, this reaction is not out of ego for me this is out of self respect and acknowledge that this road rage person is trying to bully me out of her own ego & fears. I'm not one to sit around an just let someone push me around because im a spiritualist and supposed to be kind and loving all the time. There is no way im going to be unauthentic with myself or others to please this persons bruised little ego. I will not repress my true feelings and emotions about this person coming at me side ways. 

When a response like this is given some people think spirituality is not being done right. But, in reality being your authentic self is one of the biggest parts of being spiritual in general. So... yes spiritualist get upset, yes spiritualist use cuss words,  yes spiritualist stick up for themselves and yes spiritualist fight back. Spiritualist are still human with individual personalities.  Not one are the same.

I cant speak for everyone. All I do know is that I like most other spiritualist that I have met cannot have healthy relationships holding up a façade. Pretending to be something we are not. Setting boundaries and not repressing is very healthy in the spiritual world. An where negativity (resistance) occurs there are lessons on our individual journeys to be had. An opportunity to raise vibration is present. A chance to perfect things that are not balanced within ourselves. 

it s important to spread love and try to be kind to unkind people as they need it more than the rest. Yet, DO NOT allow yourself to be bullied or a push over.

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Success- Go Get It!

Every individual has a special purpose in life. An there is one purpose that every human shares an that is joy. Whatever you do, wherever you go, whatever you encounter do it with JOY. Even when you have hardships and setbacks. there is purpose (lessons) in that too. There is another purpose that most humans want and crave. which is freedom. The path of least resistance actually is a blueprint to your freedom. The term "follow your heart" means exactly that. trust what you want and follow that. If there are too many struggles and obstacles in the way of it. It MIGHT not be your path and / or steering you on a different path to get you to where you really need and want to be. This is where you will thrive. This is where you will expand the quality of your life.

We have all pondered... What am I doing here? looking upward. Asking... Isn't there more to life than this? If we get caught up in trying to find our purpose in life, searching for what am I here for? it becomes a chore. Sort of a quest for happiness kind of thing. The last thing we need as adults is another chore. It is natural for us to think we have to put more work and effort into a goal or purpose. An I believe this is where we get it wrong. Sacrificing happiness and freedom to do what others think needs to be done to please them to get you where you think your going is just more work and essentially holding you back from your truer self.

Make JOY your purpose, Freedom is taking accountability and responsibility for your own feelings without any outside influences worry or care of what others think is RIGHT for your own life. Have you ever noticed that friends, family, co-workers will give you advise about what they think is best for you? An because these are people we care about and surely care about you. We tend to take there advise before we even check in with ourselves? That is not freedom and could take from our joy because now we are living in accordance with what others want for our purpose and freedom. Its their life for our purpose. opposed to what we actually want for ourselves. Opposed to what would actually cause joy and freedom in our own lives.

You are a receiver of all things good. The Universe LOVES you. The Universe wants you to have all the things you want. The Universe desires the same Joy and freedom you want for yourself, Its up to you to align with the Universe and start receiving all that there is for YOU specifically. You may not know this because of how others have influenced your thoughts on how it should look or how it should be. The truth is, they don't live there life for you. Only you live your life for you. If for any reason you have been feeling STUCK. It might be a good idea to stop fighting or doubting what is really meant for you and your life. just let things happen with out self conflict or outside influences. Look for the signs of things reminding you of your own Joy and freedom. Pay attention to your surroundings. In other words, count your blessings when you start to doubt or forget that your whole life purpose is to be happy. Think about that... YOUR purpose is to BE happy. not talk about being happy but be about being happy. There is Always at least! 3! things around you that you can be grateful for. When you are grateful for your life you automatically are blessed with joy. The more your grateful you are the more your joy expands and your freedom becomes more steady. Think thoughts that feel good, remember them, Nature is a lovely place to start finding things to be grateful for. 

You are not going to find the joy and freedom in the traumatized relationships, your not gonna find it in those old past hurts that are bogging your mind and soul. Your not going to find things to be grateful for in places your not grateful. These are things that need to be forgiven nd let go of during the process of finding , seeing and feeling your joy. Things just seem to flow when your happy. An when you are happy and joyful you have successfully found freedom and freedom is success. 

Go get yours!

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Single and craving Love

​Fall in love and love will follow. Most people think they need someone or something to feel love and that's not true. You can be in love with a memory, a place or yourself. You can imagine the love you desire. feel what it would be like to have that person. essentially imagine or meditate on what feels good an what feels right. 

If your focused on all the things you are lacking or don't have that's exactly what you are attracting to yourself. An that's exactly what you will get. Everything you don't want like loneliness, or the emotionally unavailable partner, or the right vibe with the wrong person. 

What im taking about is KNOWING in your heart what you do like, love and resonate with. Hold on to that like a really good joke that you cant wait to share with everyone. That sky high feeling that you don't want to come down from. Go to that place within your soul and know that you have it in you and it doesn't have to come from another person but would be amazing to SHARE with another person.

Happiness happens when you are in that place in the most opportune moment. Happiness is when something "accidental" happens to you that causes you to realize this is a good thing and no accident at all. This happened because im in alignment with my higher self. 

There is no real coincidence. EVERYTHING happens for a reason and when you realize that you are powerful and loved by the Universe  and YOU are the creator of the Love you attract YOU are the creator of the Love you seek, YOU are the creator of the Love you will have.

Think, Feel, Fall in Love - without a someone first. Then when the someone arrives you will KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that this is the love you have created for yourself.

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