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Welcome. The vision for this Blog is to allow an opportunity for our Psychic Advisors to offer helpful guidance to improve your present and future life. This forum is also an excellent way to be introduced to an advisor if you have not had the opportunity to experience their services.


Meet Your Psychic
My journey began when I was four and my uncle came to me to let me know he had passed. I was letting my mother know when the call came in to tell of his passing. I come from a long line of sensitives. I do use cards as a focus, then allow messages to flow through me to the client. I am clairadient, clairvoyant, and clairsentient. It is a very organic process. I have spent decades opening myself to messages from spirit. I feel that connection can offer clarity during times of confusion. Life is about choices, and sometimes we are not sure which path to take. I truly believe we are all here to learn and grow. My goal is to offer insight through gentle honesty.

Our Connection To Animal Companions

Enter Science has shown that petting an animal companion lowers:


-Blood pressure


-Heart rate

-Risk of heart disease

-Cortisol (Fight or flight hormone good in small doses, but needs to be used in physical activity or it can be detrimental.)

At the same time it raises:

-Immunoglobulin A ( An antibody booster, thus bolstering our immune system.)

-Dopamine (The feel good hormone, it also lowers Cortisol)

-Oxytocin (The hormone responsible for bonding, love and trust)

These are all very positive benefits of our relationship with our pets. I believe that beyond this we share unique spiritual connections with our animal family. And each animal, like each person may have strengths to differing degrees in healing, protecting, psychic connection and more.

I have always felt my animal companions chose me, not the other way around. In fact, on more than one occasion, it has felt like a destined moment. (On a side note, I believe destiny may have a sense of humor.)

I grew up with animals. Any time without them being a part of my life is few and far between.

Years ago, a boyfriend who was an emergency vet tech brought home an unweaned kitten. She was less than a week old and needed round the clock care. I told him if he showed me what I would need to do I would take her on. He told me not to get attached as both he and the vet thought she was not likely to survive. As he tended more towards optimism, I knew it was pretty grim.

So, while I cared for her, I would imagine channelling bright green energy from the Earth, up through my body and into hers. And I would chant to her in my head, "You will be strong as an oak and supple as a Willow." She thrived. And though she was the smallest of my pets, she ruled the roost.

Months later my sister , who is a practicing psychic, came to visit. She said she now spoke to animals. So I asked her to check in with the newest addition to my family. I wanted to see how my kitten, Maya, was getting along with the other cats and dog. My sister said," She has a name for you." This really intrigued me, and made sense; though I had never thought of it before. She said my name was "The Green Lady". That she had shown my sister an image of me surrounded by bright green energy. So I said to my sis, "Well , hello there Doctor Doolittle!"

( I had never shared my healing meditations with Maya with my sister. But it made sense to me that Maya was able to see the energy I channelled. When I have seen ghosts and my cats were in the room, all eyes were on them; both human and feline.)

Another example of psychic pet connection was with my dog, Bete Noire. She was an intense personality, high maintenance would be an understatement. I am not a morning person, snails move faster than I wake. Early one day, I was engaged in a normal dream. Suddenly, whatever not-too-terribly-interesting interaction I was having was interrupted by a vision of my dog peeing. Not only was this totally out of place in the context of the dream, but the image was sharper and more detailed. She was staring at me with hyper focus, willing me to see her pee. It startled me awake, whereupon I found myself staring into those same piercing, golden eyes. Moments later she was outside urinating with the same urgency. Baby girl really had to go!

Some pets are better at communicating, and some people are better at listening; but this instinctive back and forth is naturally happening.

The same is true of the energy that is exchanged between human and animal companion.

Our relationships with them are a cycle of healing, growth and love.

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Once thought common, no longer so.  

( Not to be confused with her distant relation..... Common Sense. Miss Sense, owner of this unfortunate misnomer, has been sought for how this has affected her life. She could not be found at this time.)

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"In a crystal we have clear evidence the existence of a formative life principle, and thought we cannot understand the life of a crystal, it is nonetheless a living being." - Nikola Tesla

Tesla was an amazing mind. Long before I was aware of this quote I felt crystals were alive. Everything is made of atoms; atoms are essentially vibrating/spinning energy. They are mostly empty space. What feels solid to us is the interaction between these energies and their electromagnetic states. If you try to put two identical poles of a magnet together they repel. They haven't actually touched. If you did this with your eyes closed it might feel as if something pushed it away, or it had encountered a "solid" barrier. Crystals are basically atoms that form harmonious symmetry. Because of this they vibrate at precise frequencies. That is why quartz is used in watches/radio/tv/cell phones. They are creating crystal discs now which can potentially be used to store data for 13.8 billion years. Tesla believed the keys to the universe were energy, frequency and vibration. Each human being is basically a unique energy or frequency vibration. We have an electromagnetic field. A crystal has its own EMG field. When we work with crystals we have a larger combined vibratory field.

My first real spiritual experience with a crystal was decades ago. It was a mahogany obsidian pendant given to me as a gift when my mother was dying of cancer. I wore it every day. My mother was terrified of dying; it was her greatest fear. Because of this I never acted as if I was afraid. I never cried when I was taking care of her. I never got angry when she would lash out in fear or pain. I concentrated on feeling calm and peaceful. I wanted her to feel the safety I felt when she had been at my side when I was ill or frightened when I was little. This took real work. I had to focus on finding courage through facing my fear of losing her, and joy in the lessons of sorrow and helplessness. The crystal had originally been opaque with stripes of red-brown; after wearing it for months my sister asked what my new crystal was. I was confused by her question. I said it isn't new, it is the same one. I never took it off, even while sleeping or showering. I removed it and looked at it. It didn't look like the same crystal at all. It had become completely clear and golden. I did not know at the time that mahogany obsidian simultaneously protects against negative energy and grounds you as you go through change. It gives strength in times of need. The energies of what I was processing had transformed the crystal. On the night my mother passed away our house was filled with family and friends. A cousin had taken my sister and I to the movies, to get our minds off the terrible waiting. But, my sister and I felt the moment she passed like a cool wind had blown through us. When we returned I was not surprised at how still and quiet everyone was. There was a heaviness in the air, I knew what they were going to say. I remember thinking ...  don't cry. I was afraid of letting go in that moment in front of so many people. I heard a ringing noise, like a bell or a chime, and I passed out. When I came to my family told me they saw the crystal break in two before I fell. You may choose to think that it happened for scientific reasons. Maybe my energy overloaded the crystal to a breaking point. But I clearly recall two things that made me believe there was more to it. The sound of the breaking was hauntingly beautiful. And , in what was the most lost I have ever felt, came a feeling that I was deeply loved. This love felt pure but "other".

I still have that crystal. It helped me find inner strength and peace through a tumultuous time in my life. Our energy fields interacted in a way that changed us both. Someone once asked me why I didn't throw it away; it was a broken pendant. I told them , events may change our shape or alter our purpose. My singular pendant became something new, but it was not  "broken."

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It occurred to me that all of the truly powerful positive things we feel are interactive. Things like hope, love, and joy. Like an Ouroboros, these things are in a synergistic feedback loop. A loop of creation.

We can be stuck in a detrimental loop, or a vicious circle; where sadness leads to sadness.In this state we can begin to feel helpless or hopeless. It isolates us. We can turn inward and turn against ourselves. How can we break free?

 Through circumstances beyond my control I was homeless in my twenties. I had managed to get a job but had no place to sleep at night. I didn't let others know about my situation because the people in my life that should have cared did not. So how could a stranger care when my own family had turned me away? Shame and distrust had made me feel that I was truly alone. I was just surviving.

I worked many hours in a warehouse with concrete floors. One of the women I worked beside was older, her hands were arthritic. The job we did was repetitive. We worked nights, it was so cold that my hands ached too. I figured she must be in excruciating pain. So , as we worked, I would take bags from her pile and work both. That way by the end of our shift she would not be suffering as much. She was a lovely woman, and I enjoyed listening to her stories. If she needed anything from her locker, I would run and get it for her. Months passed, and my shoes had worn out. It was basically bone on concrete. My feet ached so bad that I was limping. I tried to walk slowly so that it wouldn't show. One night, she asked me to fetch a box from her locker. When I returned she asked me to open it. It was a pair of new shoes with thick padding. She told me they were for me. I am not sure that I can accurately put into words the joy and love I felt. I was so happy that it hurt. And it made me see that kindness begets kindness.

This was not the only moment of kindness I experienced. Because a desperately shy girl was forced by circumstance into interaction with other human beings; I found hidden beauty and I found hope. I think that is why stories of animal rescue touch us. We see one being in an act of selfless kindness; for no reason except another being is in need. Just one random moment of kindness, big or small, can exponentially grow. It is light, and like a bird, can fly from one soul to the next imbuing both with the feeling of flight. 

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Reach Out

When I was in my early twenties I lived in Santa Cruz, California. On this particular day we were in the middle of Indian Summer. The weather was perfect, the sky a clear deep blue. I remember sitting in an open field, shutting my eyes, and meditating. In my mind's eye I radiated out becoming one with the earth and sky. I felt warm, relaxed, happy and loved. When I opened my eyes I was covered in butterflies. They were so beautiful I laughed and thought how lucky I was to be alive. Even today, so many years later, it was one of the happiest moments of my life.

Then, in the warmth of the sun, I suddenly felt cold. My energy came crashing down. I felt heavy, deep despair. I wanted to die. This frightened me. The feelings didn't make sense. I had been so happy and content. These emotions felt like they belonged to someone else. My sister came into my mind, I panicked and rushed home. I needed to call and make sure she was okay. I kept calling, but she didn't pick up.  I just felt so tired, I had to lay down. 

When I slept I had an incredibly vivid dream. I was a knight in black armor and my sister was dressed as a Lady. I was talking to her beneath a tree. A strange knight rode up and told me to step aside, he was here for the lady. I refused and said he'd have to go through me. We both drew swords and began to fight.He was much stronger than I was and each blow that struck me knocked a piece of my armor away. Each strike hurt, and through the holes in my armor white light shone out. I felt the pain in my bones, but I was afraid that if I stopped my sister would die. At the end of our battle I was only white light, my armor was gone. The knight said that because I was brave he would spare my sister, but that it would come at a price. I said I would pay it. Then he removed his helm and I saw only a skull. I screamed which woke me. Now I was really afraid for my sister. The dream felt so real and my body ached. I was disoriented because it was night now, and I called her again.

She lived in a tiny studio in Los Angeles. It was so small she shared a mattress on the floor with her roommate. Her roommate answered the phone and I asked," Is my sister there?" She said yes, she is asleep beside me. So I hung up. I felt relieved and a bit foolish. My sister had never been the depressed sort. I told myself I had been silly to worry. 

The next morning my sister called. She asked why I would ask for her, find she was here, and then just hang up. I told her to forget it, that is was nothing. And then she said in the strangest voice, "Tell me." So I did, from the butterflies in the warm sun to the call that woke her roommate. She began to cry. She told me that in the early evening she decided to kill herself. She went to the top of their apartment building to throw herself off. And, as she tipped out over the edge, she felt a hand grip her shoulder and pull her back. She said she heard a voice whisper my name in her ear. I started to cry and told her I loved her. That I am there for her, she is not alone. That she can tell me how she feels.

So why am I writing this? The way my own story played out may be unusual, but the lessons are not. Suicide has been in the headlines and is on the rise in the United States. Trust your feelings. Share your feelings. If you are worried about someone you care about contact them, tell them you love them. Sometimes we can be surrounded by people and activity and still feel isolated. Reach out.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

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The Healing Garden

Humans evolved in nature. Our senses are holistically attuned to respond to its stimuli. Our responses to it are instinctive and instant, like breathing. Like breathing it does not require conscious thought. 

Studies have shown that merely looking at a picture of nature lowers our blood pressure. The simple act of sitting or walking in nature reduces anxiety and stress. Many modern hospitals have a garden because it has been shown to increase patient healing, decrease the need for pain medication, and boost our immune system. 

For myself, I have found gardening restores my sense of well-being. When I am on edge or overwhelmed, tending my plants soothes me.  I regain a feeling of calm balance. I am rewarded for my nurturing and care with sustenance for body, mind and spirit. All life is governed by the cycles of life and nature; gardening taught me to honor this. 

Living is about progressive and enduring change. By opening to giving and receiving in time with the seasons, life made sense. Our modern world is often erratic and out of sync with our bodies needs. The natural world grounds us with a steady change. Communing with nature strengthens our intuition. It is a communication involving all six senses. Beautiful to behold, my flowers fill the air with butterflies, birds, and the soft hum of bees. I have fruit and herbs that nourish my family. I arranged the planting so ,as you meander through it, you brush against the plants. Each soft touch releases the gentle aromas of fennel, lavender, rosemary and lemon balm. There is an ebb and flow to the wind, the sound, the light the smell; like a pulse.They say the heartbeat of the Earth (7.83 Hz) corresponds to the low alpha and high theta frequencies in the human brain. These are the frequencies that have to do with creative thought, day dreaming, and intuition. Our brains resonate to this frequency. The dissonance of our hectic lives is washed away by attuning to the harmonious rhythm of our planet. Every moment spent there is a meditation in motion. 

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Messages In Nature

Our guides send us messages in many ways; through dreams, the natural world around us, or through quiet miracles that can get lost in our often noisy world. A sensitive is a conduit of a message that is in need of receipt.

For example,I hike regularly with a good friend. My friend does not have a fear of squirrels; but twice on this particular day she jumped, screamed, and grabbed my arm. I looked over, expecting a mountain lion ... and saw a fluffy squirrel. Both times we were discussing the two possible love interests she needed to make a decision about. It was crunch time. She was at a crossroads. One of the two would require a relocation, she would have to uproot her family. The other man was local.

Squirrels are the gatherers, they stockpile what they need for a future winter day. If the energy is reversed they can hoard things in fear. When they are at their best they recognize that the truly rich gather love and peace into an untroubled heart and mind. 

So I asked her which of these two made her feel a sense of peace. 

As she was about to answer, a family of Killdeer crossed directly in from of us stopping us in our tracks. It was a mated pair and their small chicks. They had their young brood carefully placed between them as they passed in front of us and disappeared into the brush. 

I asked, " Is the partner you would have to move for the one who makes you feel safe and at home?"  

In making her decision she had been anxious because the man who was closer seemed the easier choice.  Her life is hectic. She is the sole caregiver to her family. She was responsible for more than just herself. How could she make a decision that would affect her whole family? She is a natural giver, not a gatherer. She was anxious and doubting herself, so she couldn't receive her own message.

She knew in her heart, in her own gut, that the right choice was the one who was farther away.

She answered quickly, a solid and calm, "Yes."  

She had her own answer. I had simply relayed the message she needed to achieve clarity.

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